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RuPaul's Drag Race s8e08
Book Ball • 25 April 2016 

Last time on RPDR we saw the top six work in pairs to run against each other in shady political commercial spots.  Then the runway was B&W realness, inspired by Detox at her season’s finale.

Bob The Drag Queen & Derrick Barry won the challenge by excelling in the TV bits.   

Kim Chi & Naomi Smalls were safe middle, even though they had terrific runway looks.

Chi Chi DeVayne & Thorgy Thor lip synched to

Jennifer Holliday’s “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going”

and Thorgy Thor ended up leaving the competition.

Purse first!

There’s a mini challenge:  Reading with puppets!  

While they are choosing fabric to do up their puppets, Derrick starts laying in on Naomi.   Weird.   I know they all enjoy reading each other, but Derrick is in Ken Laurence territory.

"Nobody asked for your opinion.
Turn off the computer and go away."

Bob reads puppet Kim pretty well.  No surprise.

Kim reads Chi Chi alright enough.  Okay.

Derrick seems to go over the top.  If she would add a little love, respect or humor to the reads, they would come off a lot better, don’t ya think?

Naomi brings it back in reading puppet Derrick.

Chi Chi hits all the notes with puppet Bob.  

In fact, Chi Chi won the challenge!  No prize is mentioned.   You know that means Chi Chi will be in charge of something down the road, or maybe get extra time/materials to do something.

The main challenge:  Three runway looks:  Baby drag, Mother drag and a couture creation made entirely out of books.   They are to make their looks, these aren’t looks they brought with them.

While they get to work, Derrick just seems to be too sensitive, and is throwing too much shade.

And Kim Chi ate imaginary popcorn.

On the Ru-thru Derrick is reminded that he needs to bring something other than female realness (the only makeup he has done.)

Is that a subliminal message that they put Derrick's work station over by the RuPaul racing dolls for the eliminated queens?    Not that subliminal, World Of Wonder, huh?

Chi Chi isn’t worried about the challenge, she’s used unconventional materials before.  Ru reminds her never to be ashamed of being ‘country.’

Ru reiterates to Bob TDQ Michelle’s command to go full on glamazon this week.  Bob explains he sweats on stage, and that’s why he hasn’t worn so much in the past.  Bob shares about his mother being sick.   Whenever they show pics from the past, it makes me think they are getting an edit (they either win the whole thing, or go home.)   However MANY get a full on edit, so it’s hard to tell.

“That’s right, it’s hard to tell I might be the next go to!”

“Who are you?”   “I’m Naomi Smalls.”  “Yeah, that’s kind of vague.”

Naomi explains she is one of 12 children.  Ru praises her for coming from behind a few episodes ago, to being a real contender.  Ru tells Naomi to keep impressing them, to keep giving it her all.

Kim Chi has a clear vision of what she wants to do.  Kim let’s Ru know that her mother has never seen her do drag (she has no idea.)  Kim shares that she doesn’t want to be vulnerable in front of her mother, because she won’t be proud of Kim.

Bob The Drag Queen interviews that, in theory, she knows Kim Chi on a deeper level, and that that ain’t right.   I almost agree.  It’s a shame, but I don’t blame Kim Chi.   If she thinks that, she might be right about it, don’t ya think?

Ru throws the inevitable curve ball at them:   They are to present a dance bit at the beginning before the runway looks, in honor of Amy Sedaris (remember “Strangers With Candy?”) and since Chi Chi won the mini challenge, she will choreograph.  Now, Chi Chi IS a dancer, so this will be interesting.  (Often, a NON dancer ends up being in charge, and that person goes home.)   So, we kind of know Chi Chi is staying, right?   Right?

During the morning of the dance and runways, Naomi helps Derrick paint in a new way for her, but in a more ‘draggy’ way.   Clearly the hurt feelings are more on Derrick’s side.  Derrick picks on Bob for being ugly.  (She ain’t, but she’s not trying to do the same thing that Kim is trying to do, or Chi Chi, or Naomi, etc.)

Joining Ru on the runway are Michelle, Ross, David Sedaris and Amy Sedaris.

I can’t say that anyone is horrid on the dance segment.   But, can you pick a favorite as far as them all looking like Amy Sedaris as Jerri Blank?

Kim Chi

Naomi Smalls

Bob The Drag Queen

Derrick Barry

Chi Chi DeVayne

Michelle noted the Kim Chi had a strong story line between all three looks.   The judges are quite complimentary, as they should be.

Ross beams with pride about Naomi aiming high and achieving.

David was underwhelmed with Bob’s baby look.  Michelle thinks Bob got “most” of the way to glamazon.   She is incredulous that Bob didn’t use any pages from the book, only book covers and cardboard.

Ross & Michelle acknowledge that Derrick is indeed listening & trying, but Michelle thinks it will be a long journey till she is good enough.  Yeeouch.

Amy loves that Derrick tucked impeccably.

Ross is over the moon for Chi Chi's last runway look.  David praised her line "I'm just a country girl with dreams."

Chi Chi is complimented.  She’s safe.

Kim wins the challenge!  She also wins a $2,500 gift card from Fabric Planet.

Naomi is told she is safe.  What, no compliments?   What up wit dat?

Bottom two are Bob & Derrick.   

They lip synch to Sylverster’s classic 1978/1979 “You Make Me Feel Mighty Real.”  

That’s 1978 for the dance and soul charts, and 1979 for the pop chart, dearies.

Derrick places 5th for the season and is eliminated.

“Ya know, placing #5 isn’t a bad thing.”

Can you tell who will be eliminated next?   I’ll be crushed if it is Kim Chi.


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