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RuPaul's Drag Race s8e07
Shady Politics • 18 April 2016 

Last time on RuPaul's Drag Race it was a
Little Women of L.A. meets The Wizard Of Oz extravaganza!

Now, was that a bit ... unseemly?   I was more upset about that

than I ever was about the SHE-mail incident of a few seasons ago.
Maybe I'm just backward & ignorant.   I hope not, though.

The winner?  Naomi Smalls stepped up her game and earned her 1st win.

Derrick was in the bottom two.

However, Robbie Turner was the one eliminated.

Hey!  The six remaining contestants get a mini-challenge!

With the slightest of a hint, guess which Pit Crew / Andrew Christian model prefers the bottom or the top bunk.

I like how Chi Chi looked at Miles' butt and knew
IMMEDIATELY which side he played for.   Ha!
Wait, is that a skill I am supposed to possess?   

It’s quite edited, so we can’t really count along with the others, but the winner is Derrick, and he wins $2,000 worth of …. something, from Casper Mattresses.

What’s that, a twin mattress and box spring, eh?  

Or should I have said a 'ghost' of a mattress?   

Or a friendly mattress?

Certainly not these, eh?

The main challenge is to smear a fellow contestant in a 45 second shady political ad.  This is sort of similar to what happened in season 4, but this time it’s for a commercial.

No, not *that* kind of smear.

Ru pairs up Chi Chi DeVayne & Thorgy Thor & Chi Chi DeVayne, Kim Chi & Naomi Smalls, and Derrick Barry & Bob The Drag Queen.

The preparation edit shows Thorgy Thor with way too much information.  Did he *really* write 30 pages of monologue for a 45 second commercial?   Wow.

They do get Michelle & Carson to guide them while they are filming.   (They seem to get at least 2 takes.)

During the filming Kim Chi seems to get a lot of correction, and not just about her lithp.   Thorgy Thor is not focused or prepared (even with 30 pages of notes) and halts production, and misses a big hint from Michelle.  Chi Chi, in comparison, seems golden, but, well, she doesn’t look like she brought out her best drag ever, if you can believe it.  Something to note is that they want her to embrace her backwoods Louisiana persona, which she is desperately trying to hide.  More on that later.

“Tick tock tick tock.”

While getting ready for the runway, Kim Chi gets an edit, mostly about her being Korean, even though she was born in the states.    I’m getting nervous, Kim Chi is far & away my favorite this season, but I am not certain she will win, or even make the finals.    Somebody hold my hand while we watch the rest of the episode, eh?

Preferably Miles.

Runway looks are to be B&W movie realness.  Yes, think Detox at the finale of season 5.

Joining Ru are Michelle & Carson, plus MSNBC’s Thomas Roberts and actress Vivica A. Fox.

Bob The Drag Queen

Derrick Barry

Naomi Smalls

Kim Chi

Thorgy Thor

Chi Chi DeVayne

The judges adore the ads that Bob & Derrick did, rightly so, they are clearly the best.  Even if Michelle wants a full on glamour look from Bob, and Carson tried to clock Derrick for only looking pretty on the runway.  (He wants something different next time.)

Naomi didn’t throw enough shade, but seemed to do alright.   That Kim Chi needed a hell of a lot of guidance from Michelle & Carson is brought up.   They even make her cry, for shame!  Didn’t you wanna hug Kim Chi right then and there?  Carson thinks Naomi looks the best on the runway, with her take on Raven.   

Ru admired that she worked in the ubiquitous phrase “no fats, no fems, no asians.”  Those words confuse me to this day, they’re a hell of a lot of fun, honestly.)   Ya know, only Vivica A. Fox complimented Kim on her French clown look, should’t they all have admired it?  Maybe I’m too biased.

Thorgy Thor is raked over the coals for not being focused on the challenge at hand.  She is indeed hilarious, and has good ideas, but she wasn’t prepared, even with all of that going for her.    She barely smeared Chi Chi.  When she DID say her name, she pronounced it DuVayne.  Hmmm.  Her runway is one of the worst, and right here, let me say, nearly every one of them is showing color.  The challenge was to be completely B&W all over, not just wear B&W clothing.

Chi Chi DeVayne was energetic, and she had a decent character.   But, she didn’t smear enough, and she didn’t look like a put together drag queen.   However, on the runway, she looks HER BEST YET.

Chi Chi proclaims that she doesn’t want to be ghetto.  Ru reminds her that being herself got her a plane ticket to get on the show.

Michelle does remind all six that the competition is tight at this point.   I guess that is to make up for making Kim Chi cry.   Yeah, I’m not gonna let go of that, eh?   They can make Derrick cry all they want (like last week) but lay off Kim Chi!  

I love that Michelle thought it was James Brown when Chi Chi first came out.  Whatcha think?

Bob The Drag Queen AND Derrick Barry both in the challenge, and each wins an original couture gown, not made by Project Runway contestants in a few hours, whew!

Naomi Smalls & Kim Chi are surprised that they are safe middle.   See?   The judges were too mean to them, they were CLEARLY safe middle.

All we have left are Thorgy Thor and Chi Chi DeVayne.   They lip synch to Jennifer Holliday’s classic “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going,” a #22 pop hit and #1 soul hit from 1982, not to mention the standout track from the OST of Broadways' "Dreamgirls..

That’s a hard song to lip synch to.  I mean, Jennifer Holliday has such strong control and technique, and such a huge sound.    Ru kept Chi Chi, who was much more believable, and sent Thorgy packing.  She didn't have the right approach.   Maybe it would work for Debbie Gibson, but not for Jennifer Holliday.   No, that was not a read on poor Debbie, not even for stealing Boy George's 1983 hat in 1988.

Do you think that playing through the moment when she broke her jewelry put Chi Chi over the top?  Or was Thorgy Thor's way too lighthearted approach sending her home already?

Next week … the top 5 go to the Book Ball?  Is the winner gonna win a gift card to Scholastic?


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