Friday, April 15, 2016

RuPaul's Drag Race s8e06
Wizards Of Drag • 11 April 2016 

Last time on RuPaul's Drag Race the
contestants appeared on Snatch Game!
The runway was to feature a Madonna look

Bob The Drag Queen brought out both
Uzo Aduba & Carol Channing.
She easily won the challenge.

Bottom two were Naomi Smalls and 

Acid Betty, with Acid Betty being eliminated.

The seven remaining contestants have a mini challenge!  Ru introduces Marc Snetiker of Entertainment Weekly.   They introduce the mini challenge:

The library is open, it's time to read each other.

Bob The Drag Queen wins the challenge, and also $1,500 in drag jewels.  (Does that mean costume jewelry?)

Ru then presents the main challenge:  Being paired with a Little Women of L.A. (a Lifetime show) cast member,  they are to be heavily inspired by a character from The Wizard Of Oz.   The biological ladies were already assigned their inspirations, and choose their queens.

The Little Women do not bring any drama, which surprises me.   I never saw the show, but I thought it was Lifetime's take on Bravo's "The Housewives of Orange County," et. al.

I guess the big thing to grab onto during the work time is that Naomi didn't know what interpretive dance was.  Ru added that to the runway bit, not at the last minute, but not immediately upfront.

Chi Chi finished early and called it a day.  Derrick and Thorgy were not amused.  Actually, I think ALL the other contestants were none too pleased.

During the last few moments some of the little ladies admitted they were able to bond with gays (in general) due to experiencing discrimination.    Hmmm.   They DID play very nicely with the contestants, I give them all that.

Joining Ru, Michelle & Ross at the runway stage are Todrick Hall and Marc Jacobs.

Chi Chi DeVayne

Bob The Drag Queen

Naomi Smalls


Robbie Turner

Kim Chi

Thorgy Thor

Chi Chi is admonished to push things further.  Michelle has trouble with Chi Chi's presentation of the girls.

Rob The Faux Queen is praised for looking so great, and like Glinda The Good Witch, too.  Bob The Drag Queen seems to have forgotten that SHE was the one competiting.

Some of her competitors enjoy the moment of Bob getting picked on.

Ross praises Naomi's outfit.

All of the judges seem to agree.

What a turn around from last week, huh?

Todrick is sad that Derrick's output was so safe and tepid.

Michelle still hates Robbie's hair line.    Robbie blames it on being surrounded by big haired Christian women.   (What?)

Michelle volleys, "Even Jan Crouch found a way to blend."  Ha!    Michelle reminds Robbie that she isn't 'bringing it.'

The judges love all of what Kim Chi has done.   The critique goes way too fast!

Thorgy Thor pleased the judges, 

but Ross deems it unmemorable.

Ru asks who should go.  Chi Chi, Bob TDQ & Naomi all say Derrick.  Derrick, Robbie, Kim Chi & Thorgy all say Chi Chi, the last two because she didn't put all her time into the work.

Naomi Smalls wins the challenge,
and lots of spa treatments,
for her and her cohort.

Bottom two are Derrick and Robbie.   Derrick is more animated and involved in the lip synch, so it is fairly obvious that she will stay, and she does.

You knew it was gonna be Robbie leaving all along, didn't you?

"I would be so angry if Robbie Turner went home!"

Well, Ross, I'm sure there's a group out there for you to deal with all of that rage.

What happens next week?   Politics?


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