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RuPaul's Drag Race s8e05
Supermodel Snatch Game • 4 April 2016 

Last time on RuPaul's Drag Race the contestants sang
live in early '80s inspired new wave / punk band trios.

Robbie Turner redeemed herself,
going from second worst the prior week,
to winning the challenge in the punk trio.

Chi Chi DeVayne was in the bottom,
for both of her outfits.

However, Naysha Lopez was the axed queen.
She is one of the few queens to be eliminated,
come back, and not go out immediately on the same challenge.
So, she left the following challenge.

"Big whoop."

When the queens go back to the work room after Naysha's 2nd elimination, why is Derrick so unnerved and disrespectful to the others?  Naomi apologizes to Derrick for how she dragged her name down on the runway.  The apology seems genuine.  Why does Derrick continue buggin'?   And why does the slightest word from Bob The Drag Queen annoy the HELL out of her?   I get that working hard on the show is indeed stressful, but I don't get why good manners and behavior are optional.

The next day Ru comes out to the girls in the work room, so to speak.  She informs them that they have to create road kill critter couture.   Don’t you want to see that happen over on PR?  Maybe they can kill animals in Central Park and create head to toe fur looks?

But, I digress.  And, yes, the very idea is grossing me out, to use the technical term.

Ru was merely teasing.  It’s Snatch Game!

Both Bob The Drag Queen and Naomi Smalls want to do Whoopi Goldberg.  Ruh-roh!

Soon enough Ru is back for the mentor-thru.  Chi Chi will do Eartha Kitt because she has two cats at home.   Wait, really?   That *has* to be an attempt at humor.  It HAS to be.  Right?

Kim Chi is deciding between Pearl (Pearl!) and Kimmy Jung Un (a drag version of Kim Jung Un.)  Ru doesn’t care, as long as they make Ru laugh.

Derrick will do either Brittany Spears (what she does for a living already) or Laura Bell Bundy (Broadway country artist.)

Thorgy Thor will do Michael Jackson!

 Ru dares to ask, “How are you going to make Michael Jackson funny?”

Are you kidding me, Ru?  

"That's ignorant!"

Ru admonishes TGT for overthinking things at times.

Ru shares with the group that the runway after Snatch Game will be Night Of A Thousand Madonnas.  Or, eight Madonnas, I guess.

On Snatch Game, during the introductions, most of them volley back something passable, except for Robbie Turner as Vogue’s Diana Vreeland.   What’s up with Robbie, he is an ACTOR, he should have all these ACTING challenges all sewn up.   Something is amiss here.   I can’t tell you exactly what, but there’s a story here.

During the show, Acid Betty’s Nancy Grace, Robbie Turner’s Diana Vreeland and Naomi Smalls’ NY Tiffany Pollard are pathetic, the worst of the bunch.

Chi Chi DeVayne’s Earth Kitt, Thorgy Thor’s Michael Jackson and Bob The Drag Queen’s Uzo Aduba slay the challenge.

At the end, Bob TDQ switches over to Carol Channing, and is wonderful at THAT one, too!

“Almost as good as ME!”

Oh, and Ru threw in Charo at the last minute.
Good on him!

While they get ready for the runway Naomi shares that she was one of 12 children!, and was adopted, too.

On the runway it's Ru, Michelle, Carson, and supermodels Gigi Hadid & Chanel Iman.

Thorgy Thor

Kim Chi

Derrick Barry

Naomi Smalls

Acid Betty

Robbie Turner

Chi Chi DeVayne

Bob The Drag Queen

Ru calls out Kim Chi and Chi Chi DeVayne as middle safe.

They head out back and whine about how hungry they are.

Thorgy Thor aced both the runway and Michael Jackson on Snatch Game.

Bob The Drag Queen wasn't able to gush over Thorgy along with the judges.

Acid Betty’s runway was nice, but the Snatch Game was a complete miss.

Michelle thought it was just her (Acid Betty.)  Then Carson gave a better Nancy Grace imitation!

Robbie Turner did alright with the runway, but Gigi notes that she had to go further with the Diana Vreeland.

Robbie tries to convince the judges it was her losing her voice.  Ru schools her, they could hear her just fine, she just didn’t do a good job.  What the hell are you doing, Robbie, lying to Ru like that?

Michelle clocks Naomi for coming out in the same kind of outfit every single runway.

Naomi is embarrassed by how poorly she did on Snatch Game.

Michelle LOVES Derrick’s Britney on Snatch Game.  

No word on her Madonna runway, huh?

Bob reminisces about Michelle getting a cease & desist from Madonna in 1990 for copying her long blonde pony tail look (even though Michelle was doing it FIRST.)  Ha!   Carson is amazed at Bob's padding.   Behold, the power of foam?

Bob is praised for his Madonna 2013 GLAAD ceremony, and for both of his Snatch Game looks.  Michelle picks on him for showboating.

During Untucked, Acid Betty gets a video message from her sister.  Very sweet.

Thorgy Thor & Bob The Drag Queen are top 2.

Bob The Drag Queen wins $7,000 worth of handbags and wallets from Lux de Ville.

Isn’t that the perfect prize for she who always enters a room purse first?
Good on you Ru, for the timing.

Derrick places third!  Is he on an upswing trajectory?
(Middle safe Kim Chi & Chi Chi DeVayne were 4th & 5th.)

Acid Betty is in the bottom two, as is Naomi Smalls.

That means Robbie Turner placed 6th.  Robbie, that was a gift, being safe like that.

During the lip synch to Madonna’s 1987 #2 hit “Causing A Commotion” Naomi seems more into the song, and is doing more, without doing too much.  Or, maybe Acid Betty just isn’t doing much of anything?  Either way, Naomi gets to stay, placing 7th.  Acid Betty is 8 out of 8, and is sent home.

No death drops, no cartwheels, no runway gymnastic feats.   Boo.

Did you ever think Acid Betty was going to place 8th for the season?  Yeah, I had it in my head she would be much closer to the top.  Silly me.

Did you think Ru got it right?  Okay, of COURSE she did, she always gets it right.

“Not always, bitch”

Tune in next week for TWOO?

Or maybe some Tin Man fun?   Mmmmmm.


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