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Project Runway All Stars s5e11
State Of The Art  21 April 2016
Please pardon the lateness of my posts during these months of recovery from foot surgery.
I'm not able to sit at the computer for much longer than 5 minutes at a time.

Last time on PRAS the contestants created light,
sophisticated Summer looks with a bad-ass edge.
Or, some of them did, at any rate.

Oh, and Ms. Milano's stylist amazed me once again.

Emily won the challenge and the opportunity to work with
Yvonne Niami at N:Philanthropy on a future project.

Kini placed 2nd, his beloved Sam, 3rd.

Ken was next in 4th place, and Dom, 5th.

And, that meant dear Asha was 6th and sent packing.

It’s a new morning in NYC and the last five contestants are walking over to the Agora Gallery on W. 25th.   They meet up with host Alyssa Milano and learn that they are having an avant grade challenge in which they are to be inspired by a particular work of art.  Alyssa stresses that they are to be innovative, experimental and use out of the box thinking.   They will have $400 at Mood and TWO days to execute, because they want really dramatic looks.   The designers jump for joy when they learn Boy George is the guest judge.

And, I flip out when I get a Swatch sighting, quick as it was.
But, I'm getting ahead of myself.

They got to meet the artists, which is quite cool, eh?

Sam is captivated by an owl.

“We’re owl exterminators.”

Actually, the hologram is reminding me more of Logan 5.

If only Sam could send something holographic down the runway.   Ya know, something like this.  Actually, it looks more metallic, huh?   Or aluminum foil?  I mean I wish he could send something TRULY holographic down the runway.

How about this? At least something light, pastel, even if it seems like Katy Perry 4 years ago.  Something to show being inspired by the light, the luminescence.

I’m worried about his explanation of “I saw an owl represented in an interesting manner, so I immediately thought of gay marriage equality, which is a moment of time that I want to focus on.   Therefore, I made a crude kindergarten painted art project.”  It doesn't sound like it's gonna work.  Well, I guess Ken and Kini will be happy.  I mean, wouldn’t that sort of work get Sam axed?  I typed in gay pride owl, merci, Google, and got this above.   All I can see is Kyle's cousin Kyle from out East.

Ken and Kini are shown mocking Sam’s work.   I find it suspect, but the job of the contestant is to work hard on one’s own work, not work hard at mocking peers.  K&K, you ain’t no judges.

On the morning of day two Zanna comes around.    She tells Emily not to be so tied to the art that she forgets to go avant grade.  

Dom has a straight correlation from the artist’s version of a mosaic to her own pattern mixing.  However, Zanna is underwhelmed.

Kini’s work doesn’t look avant grade to Zanna.  She is not buying the ‘mask’ either.

Zanna tells Ken, “Don’t make it too Blade Runner.”   Maybe she should have added "or Grim Reaper," eh?

What do you think?

"What’s wrong with Blade Runner?"

Zanna reminds Sam that he is supposed to be inspired by the artist, not by something of his own (wanting gay marriage.)  She calls his work a gay cliche.  She's right.

Zanna reminds them to give the judges something they have never seen before.

“I find it very disrespectful that everyone else (who)
is in the room is actually constructing garments
and he just drapes (expletive) and (is) hand tackin’ it.”

“I don’t want to be a bully.”

Okay, that's a lie from the pit of hell.   Seems to me like someone enjoys it, and comes to life, when he is bullying Sam.   Kini is at least just quietly stewing in his resentment.    I'm not disagreeing with their assessment of Sam.   I don't believe we are called to voice any opinion whatsoever.  The hatred is strong & palpable.    Any energies going towards that hatred are not going into design or execution.    Isn't there a proverb along the lines of, when the mouth moves, the brain doesn't?   Or, something like that.  Yeah, I know, that must mean my brain is like show-room new, never been used.  XD

I hate this.  I don’t like being in the position of supporting Sam.  Doesn’t he have a right to compete with being harassed by Ken and Kini?  And, maybe, just maybe, he is further along than K&K, since he seems to give less and get more than they do?   I'm not sure I believe that, but I am wondering.

Enough.  Let’s cut to the runway:






This is driving me crazy.  RuPaul wore something very much like Kini’s at some point (minus the head piece) during a runway on his show, but I cannot for the life of me remember which season and episode.  It was the same exact silhouette, but the colors were different.

I guess I need to look through past episodes to figure it out.
I did look through four seasons, but the other five,
I can't find my copies right now, off the bat.

Emily’s is found anemic, as is Dom’s.  Sam’s?  Well, Isaac adores it, the others not as much.  Ken’s is the hit of the evening.   Kini gets a mixed review.

“This was my favorite dress of the evening.”
“Thank you.”    "!!!!!!"     "____"

Actually, doesn't Ken remind you of
Michelle Lesniak's resting bitch face?

Here’s how they placed:

1.  Ken
2.  Dom
3.  Kini
4.  Sam
5.  Emily

No, I don’t agree with the judges at all.   Well, I agree with 1, 2 & 3.   4 & 5 should have been switched.

After judging, before placement, Ken's horrid verbiage towards Sam was quite revealing about Ken's character.   Well, not that we didn't know any of it before hand.   Still, it's another "dear God, please don't let me ever get like that," huh?

And, well, pardon me, Sam did remind me a little of Princess Di's "I'm a free spirit" interview from around 1995.

At this point I think the love-fest from some judges to Sam means only one thing.  Sam wins the entire season.  And then Ken literally kills him.

“What do you mean?  I’m talented, I could win the whole thing!”

Well, Dom, do you really think that this is a talent-based reality competition?   It's a drama about Ken & Kini fighting Sam.  I bet the house you go next, so the three of them can keep on fighting.

I didn't know where to put this, so I'll just quietly post this at the end.


Okay, maybe not.


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