Sunday, April 17, 2016

Project Runway All Stars s5e10
Rebel With A Cause  14 April 2016

Last time on PRAS the contestants created 'athliesure.'

Kini beat out Dom for the win.

Ken supposedly almost quit the show.

Or, went home to sleep a little early.

Take your pick.

Ken was bottom two, but Layana beat him out for the auf.

On the runway, Alyssa brings out Yvonne Niami, the founder of N:Philanthropy.  Part of their net profits are donated to fighting pediatric cancer.   The girl that their line designs for is modern, sophisticated, and a bad-ass, living life to the fullest, or, 'rebel with a cause.'   The new challenge is to create a Summer look that is sophisticated, with a bad-ass edge.  The winning designer will work with them to create another look, and all the profits will go towards fighting cancer.

It's a one-day challenge, and they have $250 at Mood.  When Zanna comes in for the mentor-thru, she brings along Vyonne Niami.

Emily wants to do new spin on a power suit.  She has a structured vest and a flowy skirt.  Zanna finds it heavy for a Summer look.   Yvonne thinks it is busy, she wants it simplified.

Asha has a busy top and a longer skirt.   Yvonne immediately sees Fall/Winter, not Summer.  Zanna wants it more light and upbeat, not heavy.

Dom wanted a silver dress and a brocade/texture up top.  Yvonne agress that the length is too long for Summer.   Zanna wants to see more edge from Dom.

Kini wanted to create a genie pant.   Zanna sees too much everywhere.  "Less disco banana, more sophisticated, cool girl" quips Zanna.

Ken loves to dress a bad ass, sophisticated woman, so he is excited for this challenge.   He is worried about the top.   Yvonne is worried there isn't anything edgy.

Sam wants to create a glamorous jumpsuit.  Zanna is worried he is repeating himself.   Yvonne calls it too safe.

In an effort to be less banana-y, Kini dip dyes the jacket.  I don't know, it reads too '60s, too 'warm' (a jacket for Summer, I mean) and too 'uncool,' meaning fashion backward.   Later he ditches it altogether.  Whew!

Let's cut to the runway, joining Alyssa & the messy dog on her shoulder are Georgina, Isaac, Debi Mazar and Zac Posen!







Isaac loves a reinterpretation to seersucker.  Georgina wants more movement from the top pleat.   Debi loves the flat shoe.  Zac calls this a save of a 2nd look.  Uh-oh!

Ken wanted formal meets rebellion.   Debi sees medical.  Zac does not see it being fashion forward.  Isaac hates the long length, which was purposefully done.

Asha used Josephine Baker as an inspiration.  Georgina thinks JB is more playful.   Alyssa likes the dress.  Isaac does not see Summer.  Debi thinks it is old looking, and that she tried too hard.

Emily wanted a Summer show stopper.  Alyssa likes the masculine/feminine play. Georgina applauds the skirt length.  Zac thinks the shoe is too much.

"정말 좋아했다.

"If you can make me feel like an old geezer, you've done your work."

Isaac sees the wrong side of aluminum foil in Dom's look.  Yeeouch!  Debi wanted more thought at the center.  Georgina thinks the bottom is too heavy.

Kini was inspired by a girl who sits by the pool.   Zac likes the '50s throwback, Debi likes the sides.  Georgina is perplexed.  But, she is glad Kini took a risk.

"Fabulous insect!"
Yeah, when she said that, all I could think of was
the avant garde looks like above.

"I'm a fabulous insect!"

Here is how they all place:

1.  Emily
2.  Kini
3.  Sam
4.  Ken
5.  Dom
6.  Asha

Did you order them that way?  Me, neither.  

And, not just because I thought
Peytie's fabric was gonna save the day.

Tune in next week for ... the avant garde challenge!

Sam'll be inspired by a Pride float?

Oh, and Ken rips on Sam, in some manner.

"I am *not* singing that again!
Let go of 1984, why don'tcha?!"

"I wish someone would talk to me about 1984."


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