Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Project Runway All Stars s5e09
A Touch Of Style  7 April 2016

Last time on PRAS the contestants were inspired by female icons of children's literature.

Asha edged out Dom for the win.

Layana & Alexander were bottom two,

with Alexander being eliminated.
But, Alyssa did NOT hug him goodbye.

The contestants meet up with host Alyssa Milano and their models at MCU Park (Coney Island, formerly Steeplechase Park.)  The challenge?  Create a high-end athleisure look that can be worn on the runway, at the park, and to dinner.   But, it also has to be able to fit into Alyssa's "Touch" line, as the winning look will be "modified, manufactured & sold as part of the Alyssa Milano "Touch" collection."

I don't know.  I'm looking at her stuff and thinking that all of them would look completely appropriate at any of the McDonald's I've seen.  On TV.   While far away from the set.

They gawk at her line, and sketch at MCU Park.  Then they head over to Mood and all purchase blue, of course, right?

Except for Ken.  He later has a melt down because he can't make his red look blue, and leaves the competition.

No, he merely left early to go to sleep.  But it's edited to look like he's Andrea Katz part II.  Or, maybe more like Sandro Masmanidi part II?

So, all that promotion, and no pay off.   I didn't want Ken to quit, so I am happy, I guess.

Joining Alyssa, Georgina, & Isaac on the runway is Kristin Cavalliari.








Emily is called out safe and sent out back.  So, she placed fourth out of seven.

Ken wanted to make something sleeveless, due to the hot venues he has gone to.   Georgina couldn't tell that it was actually Ken's look.   The proportions are off.  Kristin is complimentary, Isaac is bored, and he finds it all too cheap.

Dom imagined something to wear in cold weather.   The look has a piece to make it longer.  Some judges prefer it shorter, some longer.  Georgina praises her continual use of various prints in one look.

Kini's jacket is admired.   Not much is said of the other two pieces.  Georgina doesn't like the crotch.  Isaac loves Kini's versatility.

Layana's pants are admired, and yet the judges find it discordant with the top.   The proportions are all wrong, it makes her look like she is all leg & hips.

Asha was inspired by a baseball shirt for her skirt, and a sports bra for the top.

The judges do not like her buttons.   Alyssa finds Asha's work not cohesive.

Kristin loves Sam's look for a cocktail party, and Alyssa chimes in she would be ridiculed from top to bottom if she wore it.

Isaac and Georgina actually like it.

Funny how the 'drama' between Sam and Kini continues.

Kini wins the challenge, Dom is 2nd and Asha is 3rd.  We already know Emily was 4th.   Placing 5th was Sam.

Bottom two are Layana and Ken.  Layana is axed, so Ken placed 6th and Layana 7th out of seven.

You didn't think Layana was gonna be 2nd worst all the way through to the finale, did you?


Tune in next week for Alyssa getting punished yet again by her stylist.

Oh, and Asha steals some fabric from Peytie.   Isn't Mood five stories?  How does it happen that they all buy the same thing these days?  Oh, like nearly everyone bought blue this week, okay, I get it.


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