Saturday, April 2, 2016

Project Runway All Stars s5e08
Once Upon A Runway  31 March 2016

Last time on Project Runway All Stars the 9
remaining contestants created evening resort wear. 
Each was given a mandate,
a certain kind of fabric they could use. 
After Mood purchases, they had to switch,
so no one worked with what they had picked.

Dom beat out Ken for her first All Stars win.

And the judges, certainly not Bunim-Murray, couldn't be them,
broke our collective hearts when Valerie was sent home. 

Layana had been bottom two for a second week.  Wow.

“She’s using my technique to get to the finale, don’t ya think?”

Maybe, except you didn’t make it to the finale, remember?

“Oh, yeah.”

At the time I thought the judges got it wrong.
But now, thanks to remembering some
PR contestants of the past, and some PR judges,
boring never wins over too busy.
Too many ideas always wins over something too safe.

"Damn straight!"

W   A   R   N   I   N   G
Folks, the source for most of my pics is HORRIBLE this week, plus I'm sick
(allergies again, or maybe the plague) so this will be short if not short and sweet.

The challenge this time is to design a modern runway look based on the original literary description of fairy tale characters, and not the later Disney interpretations thereof.

My God, that one *does* look like Alyssa, huh?

Broadway's Finding Neverland's Laura Michelle Kelly reads the descriptions and allocates the inspirations.    Wait, Alyssa says they are their clients?   This is gonna be rough.


And, didja notice that that Broadway show is spotlighted every single season?  Why?

They get $200 at Mood, and one day.  Only one of the challenges this season was a 2 day challenge, huh?  Yeah, one of these years a season is gonna come along where the challenges are only 1 or 2 hours long.  I just know it.

At break time Kini & Sam are ***still*** at it.   Ken only now finds out that Kini made Sam’s top for the team challenge, week #3.   Aw, that's cute, ain't it?

Zanna time!

Oh, what the hell, does Zanna ever say anything the contestants or the viewer don't already know?  Bitching about her outfits is the most exciting part of it all, eh?   Now, I don't blame Zanna, per se.  I blame the shorter edits than Tim gets over on regular PR.

Tim never wore hole-y jeans now, did he?

Joining Alyssa, Georgina and Isaac is our beloved Brad Goreski.  No Rachel Zoe, though.  Oh, and Ke$ha.
“Say it right.”

Say it right?

Say it right.









Here's how they placed:

     1. Asha
     2. Dom
     3. Kini
     4. Ken
     5. Emily
     6. Sam
     7. Layana
     8. Alexander

Clearly they didn't use the 'three strikes + yerrowt' rule for Layana, like they did for Mitchell Hall on s6.    I would've given Dom the win, but Asha did good work, too.  Sam's execution was horrid, but I liked his idea.   I would have been okay if he had left, though.  No, wait, his design was far more interesting than Alexander's and Layana's.

Let him stay to spar with Kini another day.  At any rate, another talented designer is gone, this time it's Alexander.

Maybe I'm sick as a response to missing Valerie?  I don't know.   No, it's the horrific pollen.  I gotta move to the Majove Desert or something.


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