Friday, April 15, 2016

Face Off s10e13 & 14  Sinister Showdown: Parts 1 & 2  6 & 13 March 2016

Last time on Face Off we got the first part of the two-part finale.

Just like last year, the 3 finalists were to create
 two make up looks for a short film vignette.

Part 1 ended with Rob having to make many changes.

Last year, the contestants who had to make many changes
was both praised and denounced for making many changes,
and for having to actually make many changes.

This year, it went quite differently, as Rob won the challenge!

Let's look at what they had to make:  A demon & an ''infected' human.
Jack Blum's treatise was interpreted by three different directors,
so each contestant worked with a different leader,
instead of guest Patrick Tatopoulos like last year.




I was thinking it was going to go to Walter, since he had the same plant theme that winner Nora did last time, and that Walter had hardly anything to change for the film directors.

The only complaint I have is that we have to wait AN ENTIRE YEAR for the next installment of Face Off.  No mid-summer start up.  I assume it will resume in January 2017.   That's like FOREVER from now!

Good on everyone involved for behaving well, or at least better than over on Project Runway.   What a gift we have to see Face Off, if only briefly.


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