Tuesday, March 22, 2016

RuPaul's Drag Race s8e03
RuCo's Empire • 21 March 2016 

Last time on RPDR the queens lip synched an a cappella throw down.

Chi Chi DeVayne won the challenge.

Dax ExclamationPoint and Laila McQueen BOTH
went home after their lip synch for their lives.

Oh, and Ru intimated that some queen would return.
I presumed it would be Naysha Lopez.

The contestants enter the work room, and there is banter as to who might be returning.  Instead, Ru enters to present the mini challenge:  Rework a judge's black gown.

Was Acid Betty looking for an exit? a contact? what?

It can't be the Pit Crew, they weren't in the room yet.

Bob The Drag Queen, Naomi Smalls, Derrick Barry, Cynthia Lee Fontaine & Acid Betty.

Robbie Turner, Kim Chi, Thorgy Thor & Chi Chi DeVayne.

I don't think this means Robbie Turner worked on the Trump campaign.
This was filmed before The Donald announces his candidacy, right?

Naomi Smalls wins the challenge.

Then, Naysha Lopez is brought back.  Not a surprise, but I'm glad she is back.

Both Naomi & Naysha are team leaders for the maxi challenge.   Act in parody scenes of Empire.  Acid Betty is picked last, I assume for attitude, not for ability.  What is interesting is:  After parts are assigned, it seems that a couple of pairs of characters have been switched.  It makes sense, but was the switch too late?

Not sure how much time they had to practice.   When they are ready to film, Ru is joined by Faith Evans.

With Team Naysha, Kim Chi & Derrick Barry seem to need more direction, but I can't tell if there is genuine trouble or not.  You know how it goes, almost every single time.  They show 'em all performing badly, but the final cut will be glorious.  Thorgy Thor has the lead part, and it's good that she does, she delivers.

On Team Naomi, Cynthia Lee Fontaine is shown struggling, even though she is energetic and trying hard.    Bob The Drag Queen has the lead, and he is excelling.  Robbie Turner, who kept giving (good) advice during practice, is floundering.   Odd.   She's supposed to be an actor.   Ru utters the dreaded, "We're going to have to work with what we have."  Yeeouch!

While they get ready for the runway (roller derby realness, on skates!) it comes up that Thorgy Thor's mom passes away while he was in college, and he only got the call to come home the morning of the day that she passed.  Wow, that's harsh!

Joining Ru, Michelle & Carson on the runway are Faith Evans and Tasha Smith.

Naysha Lopez

Thorgy Thor

Derrick Barry

Kim Chi

Acid Betty

Naomi Smalls

Bob The Drag Queen

Cynthia Lee Fontaine

Chi Chi DeVayne

Robbie Turner

They watch Team Naysha's bit.  They seem to be all over the place, with Thorgy Thor doing the best for sure.

I would guess Derrick did the least with her part.  But, we hear that he can SING.  Nice, Derrick, good on you.

Then, they watch Team Naomi's scene.    Everyone appropriately overacts, but I would guess that Cynthia Lee Fontaine did worst.  

Still, she looks alright.    Bob The Drag milked the most out of his part. 

Ru calls out Naomi Smalls, Kim Chi, Naysha Lopez & Chi Chi DeVayne as safe.

Thorgy Thor's performance was fantastic!  Michelle is so proud of her.

Derrick Barry's look pleases Carson, but Michelle says the clothes are wearing her, and Michelle wants to see some soul from her.  Faith thinks Derrick was too laid back in the acting.  Ru later muses that when she does her Britney Spears work, she gives it her all, why can't she give it her all with anything else?

Tasha sees a Carol Burnett schizo take on Acid Betty's acting.   It was an MPD, for God's sake.   Michelle clocks Acid for being a one-note in the runway department.  I don't know, it's still wonderful to me, but she is right, he has a narrow point of view.

Bob The Drag Queen slayed the judges with his acting. 

Too bad he couldn't skate for the runway.

Cynthia Lee Fontaine missed so much of the acting possibilities.  The runway look is unpolished, even for roller derby realness.  Later the judges observe that she is funny, adorable and present, but she didn't understand all the nuances of what was going on with the script, and with the other players.  (She was in her own world, to an extent.)

Robbie Turner is defensive when the judges read her for the acting troubles.  I don't discredit what he thinks, but the judges mock him for being a victim, instead of delivering.   Michelle liked the jumpsuit on the runway, but not the hair.

Robbie's peers were incredulous at her verbiage, to say the least.

Over on Untucked Kim Chi got a video message from last season's Trixie Mattel.  (They know and work with each other in real life.)

Bob The Drag Queen is the winner of the challenge,

and he gets $3,500 worth of eyewear.

Bottom two are Cynthia Lee Fontaine and Robbie Turner.

Derrick Barry is third-from-the-bottom safe, but Ru says, "You better work, bitch."   Ruh-roh!

The lip synch is to Faith Evans "Mesmorized."  Robbie Turner does it IN WHEELS.  Wow.  She should stay just for that, yes?

But, at the end, she falls off the stage.  Is that good or bad?

Ru saves Robbie and sends Cynthia Lee away.   So sad, she was funny, a real trip.

Tune in next week for 1980's girl bands!

Or, will it be more like *this?*


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