Wednesday, March 16, 2016

RuPaul's Drag Race s8e02
Bitch Perfect • 14 March 2016 

Last time on RPDR we met 12 new
contestants competing for the crown.  

Kim Chi beat out Acid Betty for the win.

Laila McQueen was in the bottom two but Naysha Lopez was sent home for her poor construction skills and hiding in her photo shoot.  Such a shame, she was gorgeous, eh?   But, there's more to winning the race than merely beauty.

Hey!  It’s a new day, and the mini challenge is a dance off to A.B. Soto’s “Cha Cha Bitch.”

You know, that one.

Kim Chi seems to be the worst, she’s the only one who is shown breaking character.

Ru names Chi Chi DeVayne and Cynthia Lee Fontaine as the winners, and they pick teams for the maxi challenge:  Dance & lip synch to a cappella versions of RuPaul tunes.

Team Lady Bitches seems to work well together, but poor ol’ Kim Chi is drowning in her lack of dancing ability.

Team Shady Bitches?   Well, we get a strong edit of Acid Betty not being a team player, and Dax Exclamation Point not giving it her all during practice.

While they get ready for their performance, we learn Chi Chi came from the streets, and Kim Chi (and others) were marginalized by obesity.  I don't get it, I thought everybody in the U.S. was fat now.

After the performance, which seems to go alright, they walk the runway in “movie premier realness” looks.  Joining Ru, Michelle, Lucian and Jamal is Ester Dean, songwriter & performer.

Cynthia Lee Fontaine

Bob The Drag Queen

Derrick Barry

Laila McQueen

Robbie Turner

Kim Chi

Chi Chi DeVayne

Naomi Smalls

Acid Betty

Dax ExclamationPoint

Thorgy Thor

Ru calls out Laila McQueen, Thorgy Thor, Kim Chi,  Acid Betty, Dax Exclamation Point and Chi Chi DeVayne as best & worst.

Laila seems lost in her dress.  Lucian didn’t get enough comedy from her lip synch.   

Michelle can tell that Kim can’t dance, but praises her for creating a strong character.   Kim is clocked for not actually walking on the runway all that well.

Jamal praises Chi Chi's lip synch performance.   Her runway is sort of basic per Michelle.  

Jamal tells Acid Betty that she was such a good team player.


Michelle's daring Acid Betty to up her game with her looks is crazy.   Acid Betty has delivered as much on her runway looks as she has with the snark & stink eye.  She can handle it.

Dax’s hem is a mess.  So is her butt!  Jamal never saw her commit to trying during practice.  She has lame excuses.   Uh-oh.

Jamal notes he didn’t have to ‘worry’ about Thorgy.  Michelle wants her eyes to be less black.

Over on Untucked, we learned that Cynthia Lee Fontaine inadvertently injured Robbie Turner during practice.   Robbie didn't seem phased at all.   Did CLF miss RT's toes and just hit the shoe?

Oh, and she thought Acid Betty was Acai Berry.  Priceless!

Kim Chi shows some encouragement to Dax.

Bob The Drag Queen helps out Laila.  Good on you and Kim Chi for helping them out.  Very sweet.

Ru awards the win to Chi Chi DeVayne.

Acid Betty shares the best eye stink we've seen in years.

Bottom two are Laila McQueen and Dax Exclamation Point.   Neither gives a stellar performance to Gloria Gaynor’s “I Will Survive.”  To me, Dax seems disengaged, like she can't be bothered.  I see the worry on Laila's face, it reminds me of an emotional Tonya Harding.   At least she is engaged enough to be worried.

You saw it comin’ a mile away, didn’t ya?  I mean, both were lackluster during the lip synch.  I noticed that Laila at least got the actual lip synch correct, so I figured she technically had the edge over Dax Exclamation Point.   But, no, they are both gone.  Sadly, they earned it.

So, Ru called back Naysha Lopez, is?   Seems like a no brainer to me.

Tune in next week for:  Acting!  Oh, and somebody comes back.   Will it be Shangela?


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