Wednesday, March 9, 2016

RuPaul's Drag Race s8e01
Keeping It 100! • 7 March 2016 

Thank GOD Ru is back, eh?   12 new contestants converge to fight for the crown.  The photo shoot challenge was to stand out while in a group picture with nearly every other season winner.  Bianca Del Rio didn't show, but couldn't they have gotten a cardboard cutout or a wax figure of her, instead of some generic clown?   Yes, I get that that was a read, but, still.   Now I want a cardboard cutout of Bianca Del Rio!  Since they didn't announce a mini-challenge winner, I'm gonna throw all the work together and go from there.

Acid Betty
Money Ball

Bob The Drag Queen
Gone With The Window

Dax ExclamationPoint
Hello Kitty

Naysha Lopez
Drag On A Dime

Kim Chi
Hair Ball

Cynthia Lee Fontaine
Sugar Ball

Naomi Smalls
Float Your Boat

Chi Chi DeVayne
Glitter Ball

Thorgy Thor
Cake Couture

Robbie Turner
Bitch Ball

Derrick Barry
The Queen Who Mopped Christmas

Laila McQueen
Apocalyptic Couture

Ru calls out Bob The Drag Queen, Dax ExclamationPoint, Cynthia Lee Fontaine, Chi Chi DeVayne and Thorgy Thor as the middle safe, and sends them out back with a scolding for being merely safe.

Acid Betty earned Michelle's praise by addressing every inch of her look.  Carson likes how she had a real point of view with the photo shoot.

Naysha Lopez is praised for her gorgeous face, but that's about it.   Carson found it hard to see her with her black hair and black top.

When Michelle and Ross complain about her runway look, Naysha explains that she has never sewn before.   Naysha showed up for a competition involving sewing, but didn't bother acquire the skill.  The rudeness is real.  Ru is curt with her.

Carson and Michelle practically orgasm over Kim Chi's vision, look and face.  Michelle didn't like the walk, but it was a character choice, evidently.   She calls Kim Chi a total nerd, which she likes.

Naomi Smalls channeled 1970s Studio 54 per Nicole.  Michelle clocks Naomi for struggling with having to carry the boat, oh, and for her poor part, too.  Ross loves the photo shoot.  Michelle admonishes Naomi to bring a genuine commitment to the work every time just like she did in the photo shoot.

Robbie Turner provided funny glamour in the photo shoot, but is a blob in the runway look, and she CHOSE the particular category (although she really just forgot and took the last one available.)  

Robbie missed the opportunity  to spin things around, but instead kept gushing over mistakes made  Nicole, you were dead right, telling her to shut it.  Robbie says her personality will carry her.   The judges are dubious.

Derrick Barry's photo is a great success.  Maybe *she* won the mini challenge?  Michelle wants to see something else besides Britney on the runway, though. 

Laila McQueen sewed her own jacket.  Michelle calls the bottom half a cop out.   Carson calls her "Wynona Judd opened the oven too quickly and got burnt on the outside."  Ha!  Ru asks her who is the least put together, and Laila suggests Naomi.

Nothing tragic takes place over on Untucked.  Naysha Lopez is positive she is gonna go.

Kim Chi wins the challenge and $3,000 from whom?   Ha, ha!   Acid Betty places 2nd for the challenge.  Naomi Smalls, Robbie Turner and Derrick Barry are all safe.

Surprise!   Naysha and Laila are bottom two and lip synch for their lives.  They lip synch to Lady Gaga's "Applause."  Neither are going crazy, but Naysha seems to be a little more alert.  However, mid-way through, Laila starts doing some faux splits.   Oh, who are we kidding, Naysha's looks in both the mini and maxi challenge sent her home, there was no way she was gonna lip synch her way to the next challenge.

But, don't you wish there was a Last Chance Drag Queen, like Last Chance Kitchen on Top Chef?  Naysha WAS gorgeous, eh?   She kind of reminded me of Kandy Ho from last year.   Okay, maybe I'm on crack again.  I'm proud of Naysha for being so respectful to Ru as she leaves the stage.  Good on her.

Thorgy Thor reminded me of Skippy.

When Cynthia exclaimed she needed space, all I could think of was the Brazilian Jaguar from Creature Comforts.

When being judged, Naomi Smalls reminded me of Janice, in addition to Michelle.  Michelle really changed her look, huh?   She looks so much smaller and has ditched dressing in drag herself, huh?  Good on her.

Next week they all sing.   This should prove to be interesting, eh?  

I still miss Bianca Del Rio.  I wish she was on TV every night.


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