Friday, March 25, 2016

Project Runway All Stars s5e07
Bait & Stitch  24 March 2016

I'm on a mini-vacation, and didn't get to see PRAS in the typical manner.

I saw (rather, I *heard*) the runway to the end at someone's home,
and couldn't quite see the fabric because my head was further than a foot from the screen.

Then I heard the Zanna-thru to the end.

Then I saw it on a TV where I am staying, all the way through, but I still didn't truly *see* it.  My head was maybe 2-3 feet from the screen.  Fourth and finally,  I saw it on the computer and I was quite surprised, since I *could* see it.  So, let's see the runway first and work backwards.

Dom • 1

Sam • 3

Val • 9 & Gone

Layana • 8

Alexander • Middle Safe

Emily • 7

Asha • Middle Safe

Kini • Middle Safe

Ken • 2

What did the people that I saw the show with at first say?   "My GOD! What did they do to Alyssa Milano? She looks TERRIBLE!"   I laughed.  I guess I'm used to her being horribly styled.  Weren't the Atkins commercials filmed around the same time?   I doubt she had much different of a body, and yet, she looks WONDERFUL in the commercials.  Let her style herself, I bet it couldn't be worse.

I really called this season wrong, or poorly, what with Fade and now Val going out so early. 

"And me not winning a challenge until now."

Yes, that, too. 

How long will the Kini vs. Sam thing go?  I'm not saying Sam was in the right, but I am thinking that holding a grudge takes effort and energy, and that effort and energy would be better suited towards the actual challenges.

Zanna sure got it right with the 'good goes home' comment, eh?

 I fear the periphery (where I still see some color, is really going to hell now.  I couldn't tell if this was cyan and yellow, turquoise and yellow or regular green and yellow all episode long.  Then, I saw the bit where she hadn't cut it yet.  

CYAN and yellow it was.  Mon pauvre oeil.

I'll add more if there is time over the weekend.   I am packing Saturday, and won't be home in bed till Sunday evening.   So, there might not be time for anything other than to lament the loss of Val, and Fade & Stella, too.  Yes, I liked Daniel & Mitchell, too, but, to me, they earned the auf in episode one.


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