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Project Runway All Stars s5e06
Going For Baroque  17 March 2016

Last time on Project Runway the designers created Winter looks for naturists.

Emily edged out Mitchell for the win.

Sam & Valerie were uncharacteristically the bottom two.

The judges decided to keep them both on.

The other designers did NOT like it.

Alexander lightly mocked Sam,
musing that maybe they all should
flirt with the judges, in order to stay on.

Ken just wanted *somebody* to go.
Or to say goodbye to his Grandmother like Carol Burnett.

Sam walked out of the lounge area, to get away from them.
And, that's all we got.

It's a new day in NYC, but somebody slipped.  There's no direct follow up on what transpired at the end of last episode.   Um, continuity?  Is time skipping like on Futurama?

At any rate, the gang is suddenly with Alyssa at Medieval Times.  From the outside I think it looks like they are going to an opulent Burger King.

As Alyssa gets a pony ride at the fair, the designers learn their challenge:  Create a fashion forward gown in two days that has Baroque influences.  They will have $300 at Mood.

No, they don't have to create a look for the horse that is modern, with Baroque inspiration.   =o(

Speaking of Mood, Sam has trouble finding the material for his design.  

He ditches it and gets something for a new concept, one he might make up once back in the work room.

Kini is still fuming that he worked on much of Sam's garment on the teams challenge (three challenges ago.)  

He becomes livid when Dom offers strong advice on how to use his garment, and later, how to incorporate sleeves.   

Amazing, huh?

On day two Zanna breezes by!
I cannot with the jeans, they
are so 1989 with the ripping.

Zanna thinks Ken's girl is going to an actual medieval party.  She wants it more modern.  Ken isn't all that receptive.  Or, is he?

Zanna wants Valerie to have a wow factor.   She exhorts her to not be afraid or second guess herself.

Dom didn't deliver enough 'baroque.'

Emily gets too short of an edit.  I guarantee that she is middle safe.   We hear Zanna say she can see Halle Berry in it.

Alexander is told he isn't modern enough.

Layana's attention to detail is good, but the look isn't sexy enough.   Layana offers to shorten it, but then it's no longer a gown. Uh-oh!

Zanna sees the drama & grandeur in Sam's,  and it is fresh & light.  

 Kini wanted to take a simple silhouette.  

Zanna sees a lamp shade.  God bless you, ZRR.
Although, it looks more like bolts of fabric
thrown at the poor model's legs.

Asha is accused of not being cool, but instead, of being costumey.  Uh-oh!

Mitchell is serving Dungeons & Dragons, not Baroque inspired fashion.   

During model fitting Mitchell thinks his top is great.   I must be on crack, it looks too wonky (poor execution) to me.

Kini's looks funny to me, the bottom bit is studenty to me.   Plus, I am sick of seeing that idea, in his and other designers' work.   I keep thinking of The Fashion Show s1 winner's "vagina" dress, and PR6 Shirin's newspaper dress.  Right, not exactly the same, but you see where Kini riffs on that ALL the time.  I like many of the other outfits, but I don't actually see Baroque in them all.    I wonder how the judges will react?

Joining Alyssa, Georgina and the beautiful Isaac are Coco Rocha and Marchesa's Keren Craig.











Alyssa calls out Dom, Asha, Kini & Emily as middle safe and banishes them to the lounge.

Valerie is safe, placing third.

Top two are Sam & Ken.

Ken wins the challenge, his first PR win ever.
He also gets the opportunity to design
an outfit with Marchesa, woo-hoo!

Alexander is safe, placing 8th.

Bottom two are Mitchell & Layana, and Mitchell is out, placing 10th.  Layana places 9th and is safe.

You saw it coming a mile away, right?   I'm not even getting to the design in his head.  The construction was too uneven, sloppy, and he never delivered much of the gown aspect.

Tune in next time when Kini, Ken & Alexander decide to design & fabricate an entire collection for Sam!


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