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Project Runway All Stars s5e05
Birthday Suits  10 March 2016

Last time on Project Runway All Stars the contestants used items associated with the police, fire and EMT personnel.  Yes, it was an unconventional materials challenge.

Ken & Valerie were in the top 3,

but Sam edged them out for the win.

Alexander & Asha,
the two who won of the previous challenge,
were in the bottom three.

However, it was Stella who was eliminated for her outfit.  She abandoned her first idea and went home for something she wasn’t able to spend much time on.   

I miss Stella.   And, Fade.  No, I won’t let go of that.

Yeah, I even miss Daniel.   

I just read for the first time today
that he was on Ville Alegre.

"Where've you've been?"

The remaining contestants meet up with host Alyssa Milano and a bunch o' nekked people.   

Is it to create uniforms for Target employees?  No.
Is it a makeover challenge?  No. 

It’s a Winter wear challenge.  They don’t mention it specifically, but everyone makes a few pieces, not merely a coat.  They keep stressing that the models are naturists, and, while I agree with Alyssa that it good to celebrate all different kinds of people, I don’t think it bears any weight on the challenge.   They must make the model look great, and create something fashion forward, and well constructed, eh?   Same as always, right?

Wasn’t it cute that Ken and Kini were embarrassed?  Adorable!

What is interesting is that the contestants are the ones picking from the button bag.   THAT is the way to nip the complaints that it is producer-rigged.   Except, blind me never sees a NAME on the buttons.   Are they there?   Yeah, only when I got on the computer could I see 'em.

Let’s jump to the runway.  This is my way of saying that the Zanna was presented this week, it had very little in the way of great advice.  I know she is capable, so I suspect editing.

Joining our regular three are newbie Aimee Song and returnee Naeem Khan.











Alyssa calls out Ken, Asha, Layana & Alexander as safe and sends them out back.

Georgina calls Emily’s work expensive looking and successful.   Naeem wants the pattern repeated in other places.

Isaac and Georgina are underwhelmed by Sam.  Naeem sees that the bottom hem is not even.  I can hear Nina saying there's no 'there' there.  It's quite under-designed.

Alyssa is beaming that Mitchell did so well.   Georgina is glad that Mitchell didn’t go overboard with ideas.   Isaac likes the jacket better buttoned.  Naeem likes the cool scarf that can be removed or attached.

Valerie’s model wanted to be covered with a big blanket.   She went with that?  Aimee sees too many ideas, Neem, too much volume.  Isaac was spot on with the pants looking like pajamas.  Georgina thinks it is unsalvageable.  

The judges notice that Kini’s jacket didn’t quite fit.  Isaac hates it, the other judges would like it if the fit was there.   Otherwise, they like what he created.  Isaac calls the work gorgeous without the coat.

Dom did a modern take on a pea coat.  The model loves it.  Actually all the models like what they wore.  Georgina calls it expensive.

Aimee wants it for her imaginary boyfriend.  Ha!

Alyssa lets on that four had high scores, and two, low.

Dom & Kini are safe!

Top two are Mitchell & Emily.

Emily wins her first challenge.   It’s about time, huh?

Bottom two are Valerie & Sam.   Alyssa mentions that while they both missed the mark, that their clients were happy with the results.   On that note, they keep both of them in.  Isaac tease scolds them to run before they change their mind.

As best as I can make it out, this is what transpired at the end, after Val & Sam left the runway to meet the others out back.

SAM: Ha!  We’re good, safe, good, both safe.
LAYANA: Both of you?  What?
SAM: Both of us, yes.
???:  Both are safe?
MITCHELL: What did they leave you with?
VAL: They felt like we were both really good designers and they felt like we both just lost our way.
SAM: This garment — 
MITCHELL:  Didn’t measure up.
SAM: Was, it wasn’t like all star quality. I didn’t feel confident.
ALEXANDER:  Yeah, well same thing with Stella
KEN:  I agree.
???: Yeah.
EMILY:  She was an awesome designer, Fade didn’t have that opportunity.
DOM: He was amazing
SAM: I’m not, I’m not ungrateful for it
MITCHELL: It just sounded like you were.
SAM:  No, not at all.  You were in this position—
MITCHELL: Yeah, I was, and I was very grateful.
SAM: Okay
ALEXANDER: Maybe we should all flirt with the judges, then.
SAM: I need ta, I need to use the bathroom, I’m sorry, bye.
VAL: That was a low blow guys.
KEN: No it wasn’t, this ain’t Summer camp and somebody should have went home.
SAM: (In interview) Should I have gone home today? Maybe. it was a bad garment.  But it’s not mitchell’s you’re only here because you flirt with the judges, that’s nasty.  I’m gonna kick all their asses.  I’m gonna knock them all one by one, and I’m gonna be very polite about it.

Confession:  I damn sure miss Fade and Stella.    I did think Sam deserved to go home.  But, I pray to God I never act like Alexander and Ken, and maybe some others.   Until I am a judge, there's no need for anybody to know what I think.    Whining that other people are getting extra favor does not make me a better person.   It does take energies away from what I actually SHOULD be doing.  Yeah, already, all I can think of is the past love for Mondo, Anthony Ryan, Seth Aaron and Dmitry, and how some got preferential treatment.   I see it.  I’m still not a judge.   My opinion is a wasted use of my time and effort.

Okay, I’m over my rant, a little bit at least.   So, do you think that Sam has it in the bag?  Or does Kini have a chance at all?

There’s a correlation to how things are going these days at presidential campaign meetings, but I am not sure that I am able to state it accurately.   Nobody asked for my opinion, yet, so it's just as well, huh?

Tune in for next week's episode when
they have to make outfits for horsies!


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  1. Thank you Gianni for mentioning Villa Allegre! I had all but forgotten that show but as soon as I saw this I immediately started singing "La lalala lala la la la lalala la Villa Allegre!" Funny how those things persist! Oh, and by the way, great recap as usual and I agree about the behavior.