Saturday, March 5, 2016

Project Runway All Stars s5e04
Fashion 911  3 March 2016

Due to illness and lack of brains, this will be a much shorter recap.

Let's start with the runway, and then see where that takes us.  Joining Alyssa, Georgina & Isaac was Katy Perry stylist Johnny Wujek.

Emily • Safe Middle

Mitchell • Safe Middle

Layana • Safe Middle

Asha • #10

Kini • Safe Middle

Sam • #1

Dom • Safe Middle

Alexander • #9

Valerie • #3

Stella • #11

Ken • #2

• When I saw Ken's look, all I could think of was Stella's ACMA red carpet look from last week.  I don't get how his mistreatment of the girls could get him up to second place.  I think the light underside of the textile reminded me of Stella's.

• How was Dom's dress not top 3?  I guess the coat brought it down?  Alright, way down, maybe.

• Not to harp on poor Mitchell, but he *must* have been eighth, eh?

• I wanted to hear what they thought of Layana's, maybe she was fourth?

• Was I the only one who thought of this when dear Alexander's model walked out?

• I did see that Mitchell & Sam made up.  Or maybe the prior discordance was trumped up a bit much?

• Good on Ken for making a love connection, eh?

Next week they body paint nude models?  
And, Alyssa models for Target?
Wait, do they have to create looks for a box store to sell?

Well, no, it's a Winter challenge, and I bet that

it ain't as good as the Oz one from PRAus s1e6.
God I miss Henry.   And s2 Anthony.  And s4 Christina.
Oh, hell, and ALL of 'em.

Well, maybe not ALL.
Unless he got rid of the headglasses,
and now wears clothes that fit.

Oh, yeah, and in the back waiting room next week, Alexander muses out loud about flirting with the judges in order to get a decent score.   Sam walks out of the room.   (I presume Sam flirted again, and got a high score.   Now I'm confused, because he has proven before that he can get a high score, and he can flirt.  But, has he truly *relied* on the one to get the other?)

And where's the Ken brawl we were promised, eh?  Stop being mature, Ken!   Wait, may I take that back?

In general, I agreed with what the judges said, but I would never have guessed the order that they scored the 11 designers this week.  Never.  Well, maybe in 39916800 tries, eh?


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