Thursday, March 31, 2016

Face Off s10e12  Skull Island: Reign Of Kong  30 March 2016

Last time on Face Off the top five contestants
created World Of Warcraft humanoids.

Walter won the challenge,

while Yvonne was sent home.

We open with the final four in an army vehicle, heading up to meet host McKenzie Westmore and guest presenter Mike West.

"No relation."

"Me neither."

The challenge?
To somehow tie in with Universal Orlando's new
"Skull Island: Reign Of Kong" attraction opening:

The task is to create a human hybrid of a
creature they could find on Skull Island.

Or what being has evolved from the inspiration, over time.

No one gets "gorilla."

(Sniff) No one.

The opening edit with only Mel & Melissa talking, and talking, and talking, and especially with Mel (saying Walter is closer to the back of the jeep) thinking she is gonna make it through if someone falls off, well, it's just too much.   Now we know who is winning and who is going home!   No fair!   We don't want to be spoon fed the winner and person eliminated right off the bat!

Speaking of bats ... Walter gets bat-rat, Mel gets a trilobite-like insect, Rob gets dinosaur and Melissa gets something crab-like.

Back at the work room lab,
Rob thinks his mouth is too cartoony.
He decides to add teeth to cover it.

When the Westmores arrive ...

Rob is told to pick what is most important, and stress that, and almost hide the other aspects.  (He has too much goin' on.)

Melissa is told to sculpt a bit of the neck, so they don't have to worry about the costume completely covering it.

Walter is told to avoid peach and stick to a tan skin tone.

Mel's looks too much like a mask.

Mel decides she has to start over.    In fact, she does so again at the end of the day.   In essence she will only have 2 work days on her creation, while the others have three, right?  Ce n'est pas bon!

Ya wanna jump to the reveal stage?  I do.   No guest judges.  Just McKenzie, Glenn, Ve & Neville.





Walter wanted to separate the wings from the hands.  Glenn is impressed with the face sculpt.  He gives painting advice, though.  He also wanted him to push himself farther.  Ve picks on the paint job, and the wings (they should be lower and drawn in.)  Neville praises the forehead and eye area, both sculpt and paint.

Mel wanted to evolve her insect to a biped.   Ve likes the idea.   From far away it is muddy, but up close is nice.  Neville wanted an even better paint job.  Glenn detests the mouth, it doesn't allow for much possibility for the model to manipulate.

Rob braces himself for a poor critique.  When Neville says "You're so damn good at sculpting!" Rob is immediately relieved.   The judges do pick on him for the poor paint job, but again, they praise the great detail of the sculpt.  He should have used the wardrobe to cover the worst areas of the painting.

Melissa thinks her creature is a smarter scavenger.  Glenn thinks she sculpted and painted exactly right.  He wants the front feelers moved, that's it.  Ve especially likes the paint scheme.   Neville admires the chest piece.  The work is all complete and interesting.

Melissa is the winner!  She gets a trip to Universal Orlando.  Walter is also in.

Bottom two are Mel & Rob.

Rob moves forward to the finale.

Mel had been praised for doing her best work yet, but it wasn't detailed enough with either the sculpt or the paint.

"Gone!  To hell with ‘em!
Who needs ‘em?  The world loves me!"

Did the Winner's & Loser's Edits at the top of the show ruin it for you?   Or were you thinking Rob was gonna go home for not finishing his painting?

McKenzie warns them to get sleep.  What could possibly happen next?  (Besides a video call from home, I mean.)

Tune in next week for part one of the final challenge.  More mini-films, right?


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