Thursday, March 24, 2016

Face Off s10e11  The Art Of Warcraft  23 March 2016

Last time on Face Off the top 5 created cyclops,
inspired by eyeballs with which they chose to work.

Melissa edged out Rob for the win.

Yvonne was safe middle, and Walter was bottom two.

Glenn used his Tim Gunn Save to keep Mel in the competition.

The contestants meet up with host McKenzie Westmore in the lab work room to find a World Of Warcraft (roleplaying computer game) shrine.  The Spotlight Challenge is to adapt a character from the World Of Warcraft to a more realistic, bad-ass character fit for a feature film.

Yeah, when they say W.O.W., all I can think of is ...

South Park.

Rob: "Now I wish I'd played Warcraft."
Mel: "I know."

McKenzie brings in Chris Robinson, senior art director for the game.  

Wait, not *him.*

Don’t even try.

There are six beings for the five of them to chose from.

Chris meet ups with them to make sure their work is on the right track.   Mel asks a bunch of questions.  Chris helps her focus.

Melissa seems to know what she is doing.  Chris inspires her to spend more time on the claws than she was going to.

Walter is told not to focus on the tentacles so much, but on the forehead instead.

Rob needs to pay attention to the back hump.  

Yvonne has “goblin.”   She wants to do an androgynous look, but Chris gets her back on track to just female (her model is female.)

It’s a typical 3 day challenge.  Yvonne interviews that she is indeed going to add some masculine aspects into her work.  Yeah, right after being told NOT to.

Walter is already working on the tentacles.   Curious.  He doesn’t seem to spend an inordinate amount of time on them, though.

A few hours in, Rob is buggin’ over his sculpt.  He mentions being lost.   He sets it aside switching over from the cowl to the face.

It’s Mentor Time!

Yvonne explains that she is trying to make her cute goblin NOT cute.  Mr. Westmore steers her back on track.

Michael wants to see more muzzle on Melissa’s sculpt.

Rob’s direction with the snout is affirmed.

Walter gets sculpting advice so his tentacles come off more believably.

Mel’s design is nice, but she needs more of a frown in her sculpt.

Well, that was quick.  At least they showed him with every contestant.

Rob doesn’t like his face sculpt either, so he switches over to fingers.  And, thus endeth day one of the challenge.

On day two Rob has it all figured out, he will make the mouth wider, and scrap the cowl so that he can focus on the face work.

Melissa struggles at the end of the second day with her hand bits.  Walter bangs out a tail on day 2.    At the last minute Rob realizes he doesn’t have enough silicone in order to make his horns.  Argh!

Yvonne gets an edit about her boyfriend, and you know what that means:  She’s either winning or losing.  No one else gets an edit.  Or, no one else has a loved one to miss.   Yvonne has been all over the place this season, so it could be a Winner’s Edit or a Loser’s Edit.

On day three Rob gets one good horn and then messes up.  He keeps at it, though.

Melissa hates her poly foam paws that she is making.

Everyone gets to painting the models before that last hour, so maybe there’s no need to worry?  Or maybe there is.  Yvonne interviews that she isn’t feeling good about her paint job.  Mel & Walter are happy with their work.

Joining McKenzie, Glenn, Ve & Neville is Rob Kazinsky.






Rob starts to blurt out that this is his worst case scenario, but Glenn nips it in the bud.  He thinks his Tauren is beautifully sculpted.  Ve likes the muzzle.  Neville thinks it is incredible. Rob K. calls him out for not creating a Tauren, he only made a bipedal cow.  Even a nose ring would have steered it in the right direction.  

Yvonne’s paint job is pea soup per Ve.    It’s a safe, muddy make up.   Neville calls it synthetic, Rob K. doesn’t find it dirty enough to be a goblin.  The ears are way too big.

Neville is impressed with Mel’s work, especially the profile.  Rob K. is pleased that it reads ‘troll.’   It’s like it stepped out of the game.  Glenn approves, Mel is incredulous.

Walter wanted to make a scary death-knight.    Rob K. thinks it is beyond what anyone could expect.   Ve praises the paint job and the sculpt.  Neville thinks it is elegant.  

Melissa’s work is rough, per Glenn.  The ears are in the wrong place.  Ve says it looks like she didn’t finish.  Rob K. hates the snout, but isn’t too mean to her, otherwise.

Vying for the top are Rob, Mel & Walter.

Walter wins the challenge, it’s his second win.

Bottom two are Yvonne & Melissa.  Yvonne is let go for her lack of believability, so Melissa is safe.  Ve compliments Yvonne, and Yvonne is professional and gracious.

“She’s doing it wrong.  You’re supposed to throw a tantrum when leaving.”

So, we have a final four.  Did you think it was gonna go this way before the episode started?

Tune in next week for … skulls?


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