Thursday, March 17, 2016

Face Off s10e10  Keep One Eye Open  16 March 2016

Last time on Face off the contestants
created their own genies.

Walter beat out Rob for his first win.

Bottom two were Mel & Robert,
with beloved Robert being eliminated—

for making a cat for the genie challenge.

The five remaining contestants meet up with host McKenzie Westmore in the work room lab to learn they have a Focus Challenge:   Create a cyclops.   They choose eyes, sketch, and get to work.   It's a 2-day challenge, with the emphasis on the face, and their paint work.  McKenzie informs them that their new models are all quite tall, 6'4'' to 7'.

Rob puts the eye where the mouth would go, and then moves it back a few hours later..   

After that the Westmores arrive

Yvonne is creating Satan's blacksmith.  Michael Westmore wants greater emphasis on the wrinkles around the eye, so it doesn't look like she just plopped on the forehead.

Walter's guy is the son of Hades, a demi-god.  He was drawn to the purple color of the eye.   Mr. W. steers him towards using pale lavender for skin color.

Rob thought his eye read reptile/aquatic.  Mr. Westmore wants a wider mouth, and the eye area to be wider, too.

Mel has a Husky dog & human hybrid.   Michael guides her away from going too cartoony with a black nose.

Melissa wants to go dark, and this worries Mr. Westmore.   How many times have we heard that contestants have gone too dark? MANY! and how often have we heard they were too light?  NONE.  Well, not YET.

Rob & Yvonne each struggle with their sculpting work.

Walter is thrilled he is first in the mold room, especially since he struggled to the last minute on the last challenge.

On reveal day Yvonne doesn't think her eye pops enough.  Mel thinks hers pops TOO much.

Joining host McKenzie Westmore and regular judges Glenn Hetrick, Ve Neill and Neville Page is Douglas Smith, Tyson from Percy Jackson: Sea Of Monsters.






Yvonne thought the red eye meant demonic.   Glenn likes her approach, but dislikes the horns, and finds the paint work sub par.  Ve likes it, except that the eye is not the focal point, which Neville is annoyed by the fact that the mouth looks better than the eye on a cyclops challenge.  Douglas likes that the model could move his mouth (and emote.)

Rob thought his eye was reptilian/aquatic.  Ve likes the color choices and the sculpting.   Why he gives Ve the tongue, I can't say.  Neville is impressed, as is Douglas.

Walter thought his guy would be the son of Hades, part of the underworld.   Neville hates the sculpt.  Glenn says the decision making suffered.  Ve sees too much lavender in the body, as opposed to the face.  The judges notice the bald cap mess in the back, too. 

Melissa has a fully fleshed out story for her guy.  Douglas admired that the actor had so many places to see out, without showing the viewer that.  Glenn is blown away.  Ve thinks the complexity is amazing.

Mel used a dog as a reference, which Glenn has trouble with.  

He gives it the tongue.  

Neville laughs at how the eye looks silly, surprised.  Douglas likes the idea she had.  

Top two are Melissa and Rob.

Melissa wins her 2nd challenge, not counting Foundation Challenges (mini challenges.)  Rob still has the most main challenge wins with three.   Only Melissa and Rob have never been in the bottom.  At any rate, they and Yvonne are all safe.  Bottom two are Mel & Walter.

Mel is eliminated, and then saved right away by Glenn. 

He thinks she has much more to show.
He & Ve demand that she must make the save count.
Ve still thinks Mel is a boy, she calls her "dude."

So, no one left, we still have five contestants left.  Did you think Glenn would use it on Mel?  I thought he was going to save it for a time when Rob was having trouble, but he hasn't HAD bona fide trouble yet, eh?

Tune in next week for World Of Warcraft!

No, not *that* W.O.W.


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