Friday, March 11, 2016

Face Off s10e09  Bottled Up  9 March 2016

Last week on Face Off the contestants took
beautiful, evil sorceresses as inspiration
to create their true ugly appearances.

Rob won the challenge, Yvonne placed 2nd

Middle safe were Mel, Melissa & Walter.

Robert was in the bottom two, but Anna was the artist eliminated.

It’s a new day in L.A!  The remaining six special effects makeup artists meet up with host McKenzie Westmore in the work room lab.  Wait, what’s going on here?  It’s a bonafide Foundation (mini) Challenge!   About time, eh?   

The contestants have two hours to create a Norse Valkyrie look.  The winner will receive immunity in the next Spotlight Challenge.

Guest judge is Thor’s Douglas Noe.

No, not Val Hallen, Thor.

And, not *that* Thor.

Noe reminds the artists that shapes and colors are important, and that they should tell a story without uttering a word.   Oh, thank GOD for that deep golden nugget of truth, huh?

“Oh, and don’t forget to breathe.”

We see the final works of Mel, Yvonne,

Melissa, Walter

and Robert.

No Rob?

“Aaaaaah!, the injustice!”

Yvonne & Melissa are top 2.

Melissa wins the Foundation Challenge, and nabs immunity for the upcoming Spotlight Challenge.

The next day they’re back n the work room lab for genies!  The task?  Create the genie that comes out of the bottle they select.  No one drops their vessel.

“That would be a catastrophe!”

“Look at me!  I just gotta win a challenge!”

Yeah, there was such a strong edit, there was no doubt that Walter was getting the Winner’s Edit.

Before long the Westmores arrive.

Mel is steered away from her gazelle concept, and to just incorporating the main design of her container.

Walter was going to go full tilt reptile, but Michael has him dial it back a bit to merely reptile inspired.

Robert made a cat genie.

No, not THAT cat genie.

Michael asks for less literal cat, and for more fantasy.

Rob is encouraged to make his nose bigger, more Inca-like.

C’est tout?  No Yvonne, Mel or Melissa?

“They definitely need more of the Mels!”

“Maybe they were too scared of the Mels?”

Yeah, enough.

On day two Walter needs help getting his mold fully cleaned out.  He interviews it won’t work, but, lo & behold, on the morning of day three, he has a terrific prosthetic.

Robert’s appliance comes off during last looks, but he gets it back on again.

Rob interviews that he didn’t finish painting during last looks.  Ruh-roh!

Bill Corso joins the regular judges on the reveal stage.







McKenzie calls out Melissa & Yvonne as middle safe and banishes them out back to the side makeup last looks room.

Rob’s vessel was found by a primitive culture.  Glenn full on praises the sculpt (the steps) and paint.  Ve wants the face paint tweaked, broken up a bit, but is a fan.  Neville likes the ‘ears.’  Bill loves the hair in the middle (at the top of the stairs) and that it is so culturally representative.

Mel’s genie broke a genie law and started turning into a lamp.  Ve finds it wonky, bizarre.  She sees alien with a hat, not genie, not lamp.  Neville laments that it isn’t attractive or pretty.  Mel fan gushes over meeting Bill.  Bill doesn’t like the sculpt, and the way it is put together, he doesn’t seem alive.

Robert’s girl is the genie of excessive celebration.   Neville states it does NOT fulfill the challenge.  Bill finds the eye socket ears strange.   The paint is muddy, too.  Glenn thinks it is one of his best sculpting work, and yet so inappropriate for the actual challenge.  Ve couldn’t find anything that made sense.

Walter explains his going reptile because of the dragons on his lamp.  Bill thinks it is a great job all around, especially the sculpting.  Glenn gets the story without anything said.  He saw all the demonic, mischievousness right away.

Top two are Walter and Rob.

You saw it coming a mile away, Walter wins!

Bottom two are Mel & Robert.

Robert is let go for not meeting the brief.
Glenn does NOT use his Tim Gunn save. 
So, we’re down to five contestants for next time.

"Give me love!" 
Aw, we're gonna miss him, huh?

Tune in next week for Cyclops!


“It’s about time!”


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