Friday, March 4, 2016

Face Off s10e08  Smoke & Mirrors  2 March 2016

Last week on Face Off we saw
the final eight compete in The Gauntlet.
This time around there was no winner. 
Or, there were six winners, if you think of it *that* way.

Winning round one, the bearded pirate 2 hour
challenge and no longer having to compete
were Walter & Melissa.

Winning round two, the prosthetics challenge,
 and then no longer having to compete
were Rob & Robert.

Anna, Kaleb, Mel and Yvonne competed
in all three legs of The Gauntlet.

Mel & Yvonne were top two

Anna & Kaleb were bottom two.

Kaleb was let go.
Glenn complimented him highly,
but did NOT keep him using his Tim Gunn Save.

"That's the Glenn Hetrick Save."

"No, I named and copyrighted it long ago, young man."

Before we even know what is going on, Rob gets a monster strong edit.   Geez, not only is he either winning or losing, he's gonna cure cancer, and unify the Republican Party.

The seven remaining contestants meet up with host McKenzie Westmore at Lobo Castle, Agoura, CA. 

Not that Lobo.

Out come seven beautiful “evil sorceresses.”  “Sometimes exterior beauty is nothing more than a facade.”   The challenge is create “the monstrous or hideous evil sorceress that she truly is when all that magic wears off.”

They sketch there and then head over to the lab/work room.   It’s not too long before mentor Michael Westmore comes around.

He tells Melissa to paint a genuine wood texture, there’s a danger of her brown looking like boils.

Walter is advised to remove or lessen the big emeralds at the side of his girl’s head.

Robert’s nose is too perfect.  It should be bigger and smoother.

Anna was inspired by her girl’s pretty version head piece, she will use horns on the ‘evil’ version.   Michael wants to see a ridge in the back, and less ‘bald cap.”

Mel is sculpting flames.   She only needs to suggest, not actually fully sculpt every single flame.

Rob is told that his work looks like a normal old age.  More fantasy, and more dragon nostrils are needed.

C’est tout?  C’est ca!

Walter, Anna & Mel steer Rob in the right direction to make his sculpt less masculine.

Melissa seems to be the first to be molding. (Still day one!)

On day two Anna laments that her sculpting is taking forever.  Later, she interviews that she is not happy with her face sculpt. 

On day three Mel is using latex with coffee grounds to give the illusion of charred skin.   Ha!   Walter interviews that everyone seems unfinished with painting at the end of their allotted time.

No guest judges, just host McKenzie Westmore and regular judges Glenn Hetrick, Ve Neill and Neville Page.








McKenzie calls out Mel, Melissa and Walter as middle safe and sends them out back.  The judges didn’t necessarily like their work when they were inspecting up close.   Hmmmm.

Yvonne’s evil sorceress transforms into a corpse when she conjures up the seat.  Glenn calls it Gorgeous, Ve loves the paint work.  Neville likes that it looks like a skull and yet retained her beauty. 

Ve doesn’t like that Robert’s fish girl was only done on one side.  Neville wants gills instead of a fin.  Glenn admires the sculpt forms, he just wants it all over the face, not just the one side.

Neville calls Anna’s work too cliche, too on the nose.  Glenn finds the horns mediocre.  Ve likes it from a great distance, but up close it is a mess, and the proportions are off, too.

Glenn applauds Rob for doing just the right amount of work.  Ve wants more femininity, but does like the work.  Neville calls it spectacular.

Top two are Rob & Yvonne.  

Brad wins!

Well, no, Rob wins.  That’s his third, eh?

Bottom two are Anna & Robert.   Anna is let go.  As always on Face Off, the eliminated contestant is polite and professional.   Maybe Face Off should be mandatory viewing for anyone on Project Runway, huh?

“I will not stand for that!”

Tune in next week for genies!

“It’s about time!”


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