Friday, February 5, 2016

Project Runway Junior s1e10  Finale Part 2  4 February 2016

Last time on PR Junior the final four had four weeks
and $4,000 to create a six look collection.

After three weeks, they returned to NYC
for the last week of prep,
and a Tim-thru, bien sur.

The contestants showed 2 looks to the judges, so
they could have feedback to improve their work.

Not everybody's work was finished.

So, there was another Tim-thru, and then they showed at Fashion Week.   Okay if we just hit their 6-look collections?





They were highly complimentary to every single designer.  They also had something small but negative to say about each.   But, it was clear to me, and the country, that Maya was the winner.  I thought it was gonna be an alphabetical placement, with Maya first and Zachary fourth, but the middle two were switched.  So, I still can't call 'em.

Don't ya think that the other three finalists will be able to nab a full scholarship with PR Jr. on their resume, and showing at Fashion Week?

It's been argued that these four were miles above the PR14 finale four.   It's hard to argue with that.  But, I'm thrilled to pieces that I saw Kelly's and Ashley's finale collections.  I am highly looking forward to PRAS5 and PR15.  Yes, I do not know if the PR franchise has been sold, but I'm scouring the Internet till I know what's going on.  I am NOT liking how PRAS5 is being promoted as a return to drama.  Ugh.  Stop the fighting already, Stella!

Hey, there's no reunion special for Jr. next week, right?   That's for when there are drama 'stories' that need to be sewn up, eh?   That's what I'm going with, there was no need to have a reunion, or they were too cheap, so there won't be one.  But, I honestly have no idea at this juncture.

In the meantime, we have ♥ Ru ♥ to look forward to in early March.

Congratulations, Maya.  You had stiff competition, and you earned the win.


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