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Project Runway All Stars s5e02
Let It Flow  18 February 2016

Last time on PRAS the new season premiered with 
the contestants creating looks inspired by
themselves, the moment that they realized
fashion was their 'thing.'

Layana placed third.

Ken placed second.

Valerie won her first PR challenge ever!

Asha placed 11th out of 13.

Bottom two were Mitchell

and Daniel,

and, in a surprise turn, neither was eliminated.

The reason?  The judges stated that they couldn't see their aesthetics in their work, you know, they have no idea who they are as designers.  In past seasons that got them eliminated.   Now it keeps them in?  Oy and vey!

The contestants meet up with Alyssa Milano at the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater to learn of their next challenge:  Create an outfit that celebrates movement, as the runway will have a wind machine.  I wonder if it will be one of those ya see on the news every so often where they really blow over the person.  That would be amusing.

The dancers perform and the designers sketch.  Or drool.   Is that Sade in front of Vanessa A. Williams?

“I want the judges to be … blown away … I’m sorry.”

First, ouch.  Second, I get the idea that they are all going to put a cape on whatever the hell they would normally do.   I’m getting nervous.

Not Nervous.

What’s with Emily?  She sounds sick, the poor girl.  I miss her real voice.

They get $300 at Mood.  It’s a one day challenge.

They have fans in the work room, which cracks me up.  Because, you know these youngsters have NEVER seen wind before.  Wait, you know what I mean, the EFFECTS of wind.

“I’m still mad at him for being so mean to me!”

“Nobody else cares about me picking on you.  You’re the only one.”

Well, yeah.  It’s rough blogging about real live humans as if they are merely TV characters.  It’s even worse when the behavior overshadows the talent.  All I can say is that there are indeed a few people I am worthy of being beaten to a pulp by, should I actually meet them in real life.   Well, maybe next life, if not this one.

Zanna time!

Valerie is inspired by salsa dance.  Zanna doesn’t like the sleeve.  

Sam’s look is modern, but Zanna wants him to go further.

Daniel’s work is not dramatic, elegant or sexy.  Ruh-roh!

Layana has a dramatic color, but it is looking too ‘dance  costume.’

Zanna wants Mitchell to edit, it looks too Barney meets Tinkerbell.  Yeouch!

Zanna thinks Emily’s is Georgina Chapman-lite.   Ce n’est pas bon!

Kini’s bodice is elegant, but he needs to ‘keep pushing that.’

Dom has to amp up her boring black in a sea of rainbow.

Asha is offering elegance but no drama.

"Well, *I* liked it."

Alexander will have a huge black chiffon cape.  Or, his model wil.  Zanna fears it will go wicked witch of the runway.

Ken is serving marvel comic realness?  His hat is scaring me.   Did Alexander hit him on the head off camera, and now he is covering a huge bump?

Stella’s fringe isn’t elegant enough.  "Is too!"   Yeah, that'll change the judges mind, Stella.  Just correct them.

Zanna brings Fade to the wind machine in the next room.   She says it looks like a dress in the way of a wind machine, not a dress designed to be hit by the wind.

She sums it all up:  Everyone is playing it waaaaay too safe.  They are to be bold, brave and dramatic.

With less than an hour to go, Kini starts dip dying his yellow dress orange.  No fear, on runway day Kini loves his dying.

It’s at this point that I realize that the bottom two last time, Daniel & Mitchell, the guys who both earned elimination, but stayed, are hardly getting any air time.  You know what that means, they'll be middle safe.  But, who will be the first to leave PRAS5?   Is it sick Emily?   They’re showing a hell of a lot of her in Interview, whispering.

My, my.

Joining Alyssa Milano, Georgina Chapman and Isaac Mizrahi is Vanessa Hudgens.










Fade Zu Grau




Alyssa calls out the top & bottom and sends the rest away.

Kini was inspired by a Hawaiin beach sunset.  Georgina thinks the dying makes the dress stand out.  Isaac thinks the lace cheapens the look.  Vanessa loves the color.  Alyssa is thrown by the belt, but overall likes it.

Fade wanted a solid center and butterfly wings, as if coming out of the cocoon.  Isaac calls the hammered satin collar ‘shooting yourself in the foot.’  Alyssa doesn’t like the silhouette.

Valerie wanted to make something passionate and bold.   Alyssa likes that the dress didn’t need the wind machine to be bold.  Georgina  likes that she saw Valerie’s point of view in it immediately.  Isaac notices that the skirt caught the air, not a cape.

Georgina likes the idea of Alexander’s work.  She doesn’t like that it is so costumey.  Isaac wonders what woman is going to wear that dress, and calls the cuffs “Wonder Woman.”

Georgina loves Emily’s caftan, but not the shorts, she sees gym shorts.  Isaac doesn’t like the nude strapless bra under the caftan.  Vanessa sees too many braids.

Sam’s girl is driving along the cliffs of Italy.  Georgina saw Great Gatsby.  Isaac thinks it is great still, or with wind.

Kini is safe.

Top 2 are Valerie and Sam, and Sam wins!

Alexander is 11th out of 13, and is safe.

Bottom two are Emily and Fade.
Man, I never saw that coming,
before the episode started, I mean.

Fade is eliminated, so Emily is safe.

Did you EVER think Fade would be the first to go?   Wow.  Mind blowing.

Tune in next time for red carpet looks for the ACMAs.   Members of ABBA  Avalon  Little Big Town will guest judge.


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