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Project Runway All Stars s5e01
What Makes An All Star?  11 February 2016

Bear with me, I'm a tad under the weather, but I do want something posted, even if it's a bit late.

We open with 13 prior PR contestants meeting up with host Alyssa Milano in NYC, which is fairly typical.   There are three contestants from before season 10, and ten from 10-13, including Under The Gunn (12.5 if you will) and none from s14.  Normal still.

The challenge?  Create a look inspired by the moment when you realized fashion was your 'thing.'   Yeah, they could make up anything and sell it.  As they have done in the past, they sketch at Mood and shop there.   However, they got to hit the work room to do the actual work.

It's barely 8 a.m. and Mr. Franco cuts off his hand.  Or a couple of skin cells from the tippy top of his finger.  You know, throughout the entire show, all I could think of was Chloe on one shoulder and Kara on the other, each advising/harassing him to get a move on.   He could have used the help, huh?

Zanna time!

Asha is inspired by her ethnicity, and declares her work harkens to tribal rhythms.

Stella has to be told to make her work more rock & roll.  What, is she forgetting her aesthetic?

Mitchell has two different fabrics that aren't playing well together.  He doesn't have any other fabric to use, either.  He later interview that he likes his work.   Is that 'salesman' Mitchell, or is that 'delusional' Mitchell?  I don't know.

Zanna wants to see graffiti on Fade's work.  Isn't that going to literal, employing graffiti as it was on the Berlin Wall?

Zanna is sold on Kini's back story.   There's no mention of the actual work.  Safe middle, huh?   His hair is bothering me.  I wanna see white blond, not golden yellow blond.

Zanna tells Daniel not to even mention cutting his finger.   She questions his use of lame, since it isn't in his typical wheelhouse.

Emily is inspired by trash can/dumpster diving?

Sam was inspired by being harassed for being gay boy?  I'm not worried about him, but the inspiration is dubious, huh?

Zanna highly approves of Ken's brocade.  She calls him out for the dated peplum.  Watch it not change.

Alexander was inspired by new wave / goth music.   Therefore he created a matronly, MOB look.

"I didn't think it was so matronly."

"But, who has the money besides the older ladies, eh?"

Zanna is worried about Layana's flimsy top material, and a nekked boob moment.

Dom wanted to make a cooconn shaped coat.  She did.

Valerie is encouraged to go with her jacket idea.

Zanna chides them all for not showing their inspiration in their garments.

Let's cut right to the runway, okay?   Joining host Alyssa Milano are regular judges Georgina Chapman and Isaac Mizrahi, and PRAS4 winner (and s10 PR winner) Dimitry Sholokhov.

Ken Laurence

Emily Payne

Fade Zu Grau

Asha Daniels

Daniel Franco

Sam Donovan

Kini Zamora

Dom Streater

Valerie Mayen

Stella Zotis

Mitchell Perry

Layana Aguilar

Alexander Pope

Alyssa compliments everyone, and then calls out Dom, Sam, Stella, Kini, Alexander, Emily and Fade as the seven safe middle group.

Layana was inspired by the transformative process her mom went through when she dressed up.  Georgina doesn't like the top print, but admires the great construction.  The other judges are much more complimentary.

Ken was inspired by the powerful women in his family.   Georgina loves his expensive looking brocade.  The silhouette is dated, but the are all HIGHLY complimentary.  Isaac says he is the one to beat.

"Beat up?   I can do that."

Which reminds me:  What is with the oversized scissors?

It reminds me of Dead Again.

Geez, all the violence this season
and we barely got started.

Oh, yeah, I guess we always had violence on the set.

"Damn straight!"

Isaac sees 'off the rack' with Asha's work.  Georgina sees some nice detail work, but the judges want leather not pleather.

Daniel has a long, drawn out story about his wife, and he does share the great scissor tragedy of 2015 (when it was filmed.)   Oy.  Alyssa has to shut him up.  Ha!   Isaac calls it NOTHING.   "If purity is your thing, we better see that from you."  Georgina thinks the fabric selection was wrong for the design.  He set himself up for failure.

Valerie was practicing lines and shapes on her sewing machine when she realized she could be a fabric magician.  Isaac doesn't like the jacket, neither does Dimitry, although he does like the jacket, just not with the dress.   The judges admire the dress workmanship.

Mitchell grew up drawing new costumes for his beloved video game characters.   The inspiration isn't in the clothes is it?  Georgina picks on all the different execution problems.    The 'girls' aren't locked and loaded up front, but are going in different directions.   It's like they are trying to get away from each other.  Alyssa is laughing about it.  Dimitry just sees way too many items.  "Quality is your issue" proclaims Isaac.

Layana is safe, placing third out of thirteen.

Valerie is the winner of the challenge!  Ken places a strong second.

Asha places 11th out of 13, and is in.

Bottom two are Mitchell and Daniel.  I was certain that both would be eliminated.  So were a few of the safe middle contestants.

But, for some inexplicable reason, both Mitchell and Daniel are kept over, to design and poorly construct another day.      Let me get this straight:  Because they failed to show who they were as designers, an offense worthy of elimination, ya kept them on?   Shame on you, judges!

Okay, yes, I have seen their work outside of PR, and they are indeed great, but for the crap they put on the runway, I don't think they deserved to stay.   But, ya know what, prove me wrong, boys.  Kick ass next time and all is forgiven.

"Can I still beat up Ken?"

Go for it.   Make sure you hurry up, though, looks like he is going to have a meltdown and leave the set, all Sandro Masmanidi like.

Will that happen first, or will Valerie and Stella go at it first?  Or will Alyssa wear a target dress while the contestants' family members decide to join a nudist colony?


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