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Face Off s10e07  The Gauntlet  24 February 2016

So far this season,
we've had six individual winners.
Or four, with two winning twice.

And, we've seen six bottom dwellers get eliminated.

Last week we saw Yvonne win the
whimsical ghost character (a la Beetlejuice,)

while Johnny was sent packing.

The remaining eight special effects makeup artists meet up with McKenzie Westmore in the work room to find the next task is the second ever Gauntlet Challenge.

“I won the first one ever.”

Yeah, we know that.   The first two rounds are glorified Foundation Challenges (2 hours each) and the third and last might be a little bit longer and encompass the entire look.  Maybe.

This year, those that win the 1st leg won’t have to compete in the 2nd & 3rd, and those that win the 2nd won’t have to participate in the 3rd.  THAT is nice, as it sure seems more stressful than a typical stressful challenge.

“Oh, they’re all a breeze, what a bunch of babies!”

For the first leg they are to create a pirate (with a *magnificent* beard) inspired by a particular ship.

   Marjet Barge • Egyptian Sun God Of Ra
   Naglfar • Viking Ship
   Flying Dutchman • Crewed by Souled Dead Pirates
   Natilus • Jules Vernes’ Solar Powered Ship from 10,000 Leagues Under The Sea

Regular judges Glenn Hetrick, Ve Neill and Neville Page judge their work.  They show them interview five of them:

Rob, Melissa, Robert, Walter, and Yvonne.  Mel, Kaleb & Anna didn't get any interview time.

Oh, and Robert got the wonderful
“You are a strange, strange man” quip from Glenn,

The top looks are by Walter and Melissa.   Both are considered winners and no longer have to compete. 

McKenzie shares some good news with Walter & Melissa, they get to leave set and enjoy ‘a night on the town’ and it is bona fide!

So, now we only have six competing for the second leg of The Gauntlet.    This stage is inspired by Pandora’s Box.


No, not by *you.*   They are to use the prosthetics given to them in a makeup, but, not as they were originally intended to be.  Meaning, if they have a chin prosthetic, they can’t just throw it on the forehead and have a chin on the forehead.

They show the judges interviewing:  Kaleb, Rob, Robert, Anna, and Mel.  Or, everybody but Yvonne.

The top looks from stage 2 are Rob and Robert.   They no longer need to compete.  Rob is beyond relieved.

Anna, Kaleb, Mel and Yvonne are now competing in a longer leg of The Gauntlet, and one of them will be eliminated.  The challenge?

Create a horror trio that embody by the See/Hear/Speak No Evil Japanese Macaques (monkeys) concept.     I didn’t realize that is was of Japanese origin before this episode.    I must have been home sick on that day, huh?

These monkeys, not those Monkees.

The models are already designated as to which character they will portray, but I don’t think that really has much of an impact for any of them.   They have four hours at the lab/work room, and another hour at last looks, meaning they will hit the reveal stage.   They do choose their own costumes, so it’s not just a Focus Challenge.

Kaleb had to come up with a different concept, as he didn’t like the attire available.  Anna and Mel seem to nail down a concept quickly and hit the ground running.   Yvonne interviews that she is the last to come up with her idea.

Kaleb later interviews that he comes up with a concept, and it is quite different from anyone else’s.  Three demons come to earth to tempt people to see evil, speak evil and hear evil.  Um, I thought that the challenge was to embody the monkey's affliction with a horror bent?  Won’t this automatically disqualify him?    

All four contestants are working frantically through to the last minute.  Anna interviews that she is mortified she has to rely on air brushing more than she wishes to.





Yvonne’s trio are royal cohorts that are tortured by the townspeople with acid.  The judges rave over her work, her design, her makeup and the clothing.

Anna’s trio are undead.  The coloring is bizarre per Ve.  The 3rd one has a tan face and white hands.  Glenn wanted the prosthetics applied more skillfully.

Kaleb’s demons have come to earth to make others see/hear/speak evil.   Glenn doesn’t think ANY of them fit the challenge.  Ve finds it all too messy.

Mel’s trio each surrendered one of the senses, in a dramatic, horrific way, skin pulled away to cover the area.   The judges all praise her for the vision and execution.  

It’s clear there are 2 strong looks and 2 weak looks.   On top are Mel & Yvonne, and Mel wins the 3rd leg of The Gauntlet.

Up for elimination are Anna and Kaleb, and Kaleb is let go for his poor concept, and for ignoring the point of the challenge.  Glenn compliments him on his work in general, but does NOT use the 1-time immunity that he can for the season.  That was mean, I thought the compliment was going to lead into him being kept on.

So, Kaleb is gone, and Glenn still has a save to use later in the season.  

“There was no overall winner this year.”

Yeah, I noticed that, too.  I do wonder who Glenn might use the save on.   Does he *have* to use it, if he doesn't want to?

Tune in next week for …  mirror work?


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