Friday, February 19, 2016

Face Off s10e06  Death's Doorstep  17 February 2016

Last time on Face Off the contestants made parasitic aliens that burst out of human hosts.

On day one of the 3-day challenge there was a
Foundation Challenge thrown in for good measure:
In 2 hours, come up with some cool slime.

Not egg drop & won ton soup.

Mel & Melissa won the Foundation Challenge, earning immunity in the Spotlight Challenge.

Rob & Kalen beat out 

Mel & Melissa for the win.

Rob was the individual winner, twice in a row now.

Walter & Johnny were in the safe middle.

Bottom dwellers were Robert & Katie, 

and Anna & Yvonne.  

Katie was eliminated for her poor edges, sculpt & paint.

Robert created the beloved "Hans" the worm.  

He'll will be on Nickelodeon soon, right?

The contestants meet up with host McKenzie Westmore at some printing location.  The L.A. Times, right?   They are afraid to mention it, though.  What's up with that?

They are to be inspired by obits to create a whimsical, freshly minted ghost that fits into the waiting room in Beetlejuice aesthetic, and shows how they passed.

They sketch and then head to the work room for their 3 day challenge.  It’s a typical Spotlight Challenge, I take it.

Michael time!

Melissa begs for help.  Ha!  Michael likes the idea of her pins/needles.  He advices her to make her sculpt deeper so she can through some in in a more creative manner.

Michael wants to see a more obvious body twist from Mel.

Kaleb has a big fish on his guy’s head.   Michael wants to see more gills on the side of the fish, to keep it from looking like a fish hat.

My Lord & Savior, it's a real thing!

Yvonne needs to correct her face swirls.

Walter has a guy juggling too many items.  Michael tells him to just use knives.

Before the commercial he says he won’t follow the advice.  After the commercial he says he will.  I see what you did there, Face Off!

And, I'm already sick of the commercial.

Wait, that’s it?  Wow, they edited out Michael big time, huh?

Or maybe Rob, Johnny, Anna and Robert are mad at Michael and they don’t want to chat with him?   Curious.

“I think it’s a conspiracy.

Yeah, of course you do.
And, why are you looking like an old Artie Abrams?

Mel is laughing at how behind she feels on day one.  That’s the way to psych yourself out, eh?  Mel is bugging’ about her sculpt for a bit, but it seems to come out well enough.

Robert is proud that he made a duck.   


Aaah, let’s cut to the reveal stage.  It’s the regulars, host McKenzie Westmore and judges Glenn Hetrick, Ve Neill and Neville Page.










McKenzie calls out Melissa, Anna, Robert and Walter as the middle safe and banishes them to the last looks room.

Mel’s girl died swimming.  Glenn deems it unsuccessful, spending to much time on the body and not enough time on the face.  Ve thinks the dark nose reads canine.  Neville doesn’t see enough work, period.

Johnny’s girl got trampled by animals while on safari.  Ve says from a distance there is ‘no read’ in it at all.  Neville thinks the porcupine quills are bad design, and shouldn’t have been included.  Glenn doesn’t see whimsy, and doesn’t see a ghost.

Yvonne’s guy fell on his drill.  The judges find it creepy, yet a big success.    Glenn loves that she spent the most time in the right places.

Rob’s girl was a magician’s assistant who was killed by her magician.   Neville wants a bigger cut or separation, he thinks it is excellent but too subtle.  Ve loves the B&W aspect.

"Of course she does."

Kaleb’s guy looks like he is wearing an orange elf fish hat worn by a member of the blue man’s group, per Ve.   Neville says that part of the angler fish is missing.  Glenn thinks the beginning of the idea is the best of all of them, but the finishing of the idea and the execution were horrid.

Top two are Yvonne & Rob, and Yvonne wins!
Now she has two wins, too, in addition to Rob.

Bottom three are Johnny, Kaleb & Mel.

Johnny is let go for aiming too low and not presenting an inspired, finished look.

Tune in next week for the return of The Gauntlet!

And ... a magi reenactment?


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