Friday, February 12, 2016

Face Off s10e05  Foreign Bodies  10 February 2016

Last time on Face Off the contestants' Focus Challenge
(all head, no body fabrication) was to disguise their models.

Top three were Robert, Anna & Rob
(even though the judges hated the top half of Anna's look)

with Rob winning the challenge.

Bottom three were Njoroge, Katie & Kaleb,

with Njoroge being eliminated. 

The remaining contestants meet up with host McKenzie Westmore in the work room, where she is standing in front of a table filled with various chemicals.  The Spotlight Challenge is to create an alien, based on a micro-organism, that would burst out of its human host.  Yes, think 1986’s Aliens.

They pair up into five teams of two, and choose their inspirations.  Then McKenzie bring out Aliens' “Bishop” Lance Henriksen.  He tells them that to create genuine fear, it has to come from life experience.   Wait, he wants them to be infected and live through the parasite bursting out of them?  It’s a bit OTT if you ask me.

The contestants design, sketch, and get to work, but soon into the challenge, McKenzie & Lance come back to the work room with a genuine twist, if only because it has never happened before.

It’s a Foundation Challenge coming out of a Spotlight Challenge!   They have two hours to create the slime that their parasite might exude and employ.

“I need my apron.”

Top teams are Johnny & Walter, and Mel & Melissa, with M&M winning.  The team gets immunity for the Spotlight Challenge.

Once that is over and they are back to work on their sculpts, mentor Michael Westmore makes an appearance.

Mel doesn’t like her face work.  Michael tells her not to make it so symmetrical and centered on the face.

Katie & Robert don’t need to show so much slime or creature, some of it can be ‘hidden’ under the skin, so to speak.

Michael wants the skin on Rob & Kaleb’s work to be stretched a bit at the edges.

Johnny & Walter get advice for their drill motor boring parasite in the chest.

Anna is told that she has a mountain range on her guy, not a parasite bursting forth.

Mel trashes her face sculpt three times!  How’s *that* gonna work?

 ♪ ♫ ♬ Hans, the brain worm  

Um, yeah.

"I liked it!"

On day two Johnny & Walter don’t like their appliance edges.  They do their molds over again, and they are fine on day three.

Let’s cut to the chase.  Joining host McKenzie Westmore on the reveal stage are regulars Glenn Hetrick, Ve Neill and Neville Page.

Mel & Melissa

Johnny & Walter

Katie & Robert

Anna & Yvonne

Kaleb & Rob

Glenn likes the concept but not the execution of Johnny & Walter’s guy.  Ve sees a sloppy beret on the head.  Neville is thrown by the parasite breaking out in two distinctly different ways.

Ve admires Mel & Melissa’s sculpting.  Neville likes the human teeth in the parasite.   Glenn praises the paint job.

Katie & Robert’s head cap edge is horrid, it looks like a bathing suit cap.  Robert made Hans the worm, and Katie did the head sculpt.  Neville calls the work a ‘missed opportunity.’

Glenn calls Kaleb & Robs work ‘pretty damn good.’  Ve loves that all the back work, Neville likes it better than the front work.

Anna & Yvonne are accused of having a transformative sculpt, not a parasite bursting out of the host human.

Top teams are Mel & Melissa,

and Kaleb & Rob.   

Rob is the individual winner.
Two in a row!
When was the last time *that* happened?

Season 7, Dina won the last two of 'em.

Johnny & Walter are middle safe.

Bottom two teams are Robert & Katie, and Anna & Yvonne.

Katie is let go for her cap edge, the lumpy cowl, and overall poor paint job.

Neville commends her for her great attitude.  Considering they all usually are grateful for the opportunity (as opposed to Project Runway, perhaps, eh?) this must really mean something.

Next time, the newspaper challenge?



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