Thursday, February 4, 2016

Face Off s10e04  Covert Characters  3 February 2016

Last time on Face Off the remaining 12 contestants,
in teams of two, created extinct humanoid 
creatures based on an artifact and audio clues.

Top teams were Mel & Kaleb, and Yvonne & Anna,

with Yvonne winning the challenge.

Bottom teams were Robert & Johnny, and Njoroge & Ant,  

with Ant being let go.

Host McKenzie Westmore welcomes the remaining contestants to ‘Command Central,’ which is just the old work room lit dramatically, and a giant screen.  Inspired by the new TV show “Hunters,”  the Focus Challenge is to render their models as unrecognizable as possible.   As they started adding into the mix last season, Focus Challenge means that they work on the face/head only.  It’s a two day challenge.

Michael Westmore comes in and shares about making Michael Jackson unrecognizable, among many others.  The contestants then learn that their models are designated by the chairs they chose to sit on, so it is truly random.

They sketch and get to work.  Melissa interviews that she has made herself unrecognizable often.  Robert thinks if everything is changed too much it will look fake.   Mel is just thrilled she got a female, meaning, she wanted to work on smaller features.  

When Michael comes through he calls Walter’s jaw work ‘cartoony.’  Yeouch!

Walter does NOT like hearing it.

Katie needs to change up her ski jump nose.

Rob is told he doesn’t want the neck to look like glass.   What?   Does he mean that it needs to have wrinkles just like the face will look?   I can’t tell for sure.  (And now I want to see a creature with a glass neck.)

Johnny is changing ethnicity.  He is told that his sculpt is a little thin in the cheek area.   Johnny has the model with the big eyes, I wonder how that will play out.

Njoroge has to reconfigure the eyes.

Robert is the first in the molding room.

Melissa explains that attitude was the
important thing in trying to pass as a man.
Anna asks, "You mean like 'adjusting' yourself?"
Walter seems put off, sarcastically saying all guys
do is pick their nose and 'adjust' themselves.

Mel is worrying that she is doing too much, going old age AND changing gender.

Rob is one of the last to be molding, which is odd, they have always pointed out that he is in their first.

On application day Njoroge worries about his hair, but when he takes in the sights of his peers, he thinks he is fine.

Kaleb is worried that his model is orange.  He interviews, “Nobody is orange.”

“Helloooo!   I'm right here!”

Joining host McKenzie Westmore on the reveal stage are regular judges Glenn Hetrick, Ve Neill and Neville Page, and returning guest judge Gale Anne Hurd (“Walking Dead.”)












McKenzie calls out Njoroge, Robert, Kaleb, Rob, Melissa and Katie as the best & worst.  The rest are safe and head off stage.

Njoroge likes his work, but Glenn doesn’t agree.  He has too many pieces, too many edges.  Neville finds the hair too fake.  Gale sees a girl.

Ve loves Robert’s work.  She likes it better without the glasses.  Neville can’t tell what is real and what is prosthetic.  Gale is a believer (it isn’t someone in disguise.)

Kaleb’s paint work is poor per Neville.  He also hates the sculpt.  Glenn wonders why he did the entire face sculpt when a few small pieces would have sufficed.

Neville thinks Rob’s work has zero interest (meaning nothing wrong is visible, like messed up edges.)   He becomes invisible, achieving his mission.  Gale and Glenn approve.  Glenn also shares that he would never be caught dead camping.  Ha!

Melissa shares that she altered everything she could.  Glenn likes from the nose down, but hates the eyes.  Ve hates the placement of the eyebrows.  

Katie’s work is a huge miss for Ve.  It’s way too shiny.  Neville can’t believe that someone could have that much hair.  Glenn pipes up that he is sitting right there.   Ha, again!

Robert and Rob are the top two, and Rob wins the challenge.  They & Melissa are safe and leave.

Bottom three are Njoroge, Kaleb and Katie.  

Nojorge is let go for trying to do too much, and failing creatively and technically.

Tune in next week when parasitic creatures burst out of everyone.  Or maybe a Minion is gonna burst out of that torse.

Oh, and, slime.


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