Saturday, February 27, 2016

Project Runway All Stars s5e03
A Little Bit Country, A Little Bit Rock & Roll  25 February 2016

Last time on PRAS5 we all watched in horror as the wrong person went home.
Or so the fans & viewers across the country would have you believe.
Okay, me, too, I think the wrong person went home.

Sorry, last time the designers were
inspired by dancers to create looks to
blow in the air from a wind machine.

Sam won the challenge,

beating out Valerie & Kini for the win.

Alexander & Emily were in the bottom,

but our beloved Fade was killed by a copper collar.

Host Alyssa Milano introduces the remaining 12 contestants to Little Big Town.  The challenge?  To create “opposites attract” red carpet looks for Annifrid & Agnetha, Kate & Cindy, Jenny & Linn, Karen & Kimberly, which they will wear to the ACMAs. 

“What, no mention of me?”

Sam, last challenge’s winner, pairs up everyone.  There’s some interviewing of potential drama, but I’m dubious.

They sketch and shop at Mood.  It’s a one day challenge, they have 10 hours in the work room.

Soon after getting to work Stella is a rock or a quite distressed Mitchell.   Last challenge he was buggin’ with Sam over his ol' blog (disclaimer:  LOVED it) and now with Daniel.  Is this a pattern, a theme, a thing?

What's bothering me is that he's still doing the jazz hands.

You know, like before.
Way before HD, evidently.

We get an edit about Sam needing Kini’s help.   To be fair, Kini is an uber seamster, so I understand anyone feeling ‘less than’ in comparison, but to get onto PRAS, one would assume they all can sew.  I’m mistaken?

Zanna time!   Asha & Alexander are enjoying the team challenge.  Zanna tells them they are playing with tricky fabrics.   And … that’s it?   Wow, kind of short there.

Zanna calls Daniel’s bondage look tacky, she wants uniformity (a lining) underneath.  Mitchell needs to edit.

Zanna advises Dom & Ken to keep their light and looks “cool.”

She shares that Layana & Emily’s looks do not gel together, they are jarring.

Sam & Kini are doing East vs. West, or Boston vs. Hawaii, or Bitch vs. Beach.   Zanna thinks they are too different in a bad way.  She also finds Kini’s work too 1990s.  

Naughty & nice are Stella & Valerie’s duo.  Zana sees bridal & S&M.  That ain’t good.  So, all in all, Zrr seems a bit quick through it all, but that’s the editing, I’m certain.

During model fitting Stella seems to be struggling with her fabric selection.    Daniel is trying to design for Mitchell.  He ain’t havin’ any.  Kini is sewing for Sam.   What?  Kini interviews his frustrations.   Not sure which way to take this.  He even creates another piece to go on top of the look?  Wow.

Valerie & Stella are fighting on the morning of the runway show.   Dang, my favorites, too.  =o(

Joining judges Alyssa Milano, Georgina Chapman, and Isaac Mizrahi are Little Big Town’s Kimberly Schlapman and Karen Fairchild.













Now, now, A&A, there's no need for tongue, I bet.

Alyssa calls out Ken & Dom and Layana & Emily as middle safe, and out they go.

Asha & Alexander went with a light & dark theme.  Isaac congratulates them on a solid team concept.   He doesn’t like Asha’s handling of the cut out.  Otherwise, both looks are a hit.  Georgina loves the fabric choice, but doesn’t like the back of Alexander’s.

Sam & Kini went East vs. West.  Isaac doesn’t see it meeting the challenge (opposites.)  Alyssa loves both, but thinks Kini’s is not red carpet.  Georgina doesn’t like the proportion of the check that Sam picked.  Isaac thinks that Kini’s look ONLY looks good standing.  Kimberly agrees.  Georgina doesn’t even like Kini’s print.   Yes, they are in the top 2 teams, but they are trashed!

Mitchell & Daniel went with pleasure & pain.  Kimberly loves Mitchell’s top, as does Isaac.  Kimberly thinks the bottom is unfinished, same with Georgina, but Isaac thinks he just finished it badly.   Daniel’s shows way too much skin all over.  Georgina wants a lining, and then it will be great.  The rest of the judges are not on board, it’s not salvageable.

Stella & Valerie had naughty and nice.   Valerie’s is a hit except for the placement of the tie/belt thing.  Valerie offers to move the bits to the back and all the judges rave the new way to wear it.  Isaac hates Stella’s fabric, he calls it garbage bag!

If he only knew.

Georgina is dying that she can see the model’s underwear.   

Top team is Asha & Alexander, they both win, both their looks are worn by the girls of LBT. 

We don't know if Sam mentioned that Kini helped him make his look.   Do you think the judges knew?

Bottom team is Mitchell & Daniel.  Daniel is eliminated.  It sounded like he wasn’t expecting it to go that way at all, but he is respectful.

And Mitchell is scolded by Isaac.
Next time it's corporal punishment?

I wonder if Mitchell Perry will do a Mitchell Hall, you know, three strikes (three times in the bottom) and yerr out.   Or a Jesus Estrada, if you will.   I just want him to have a look that appears FULLY finished, then he can go.  Oh, so I guess it can't be a Jesus Estrada, Jesus' execution was always fantastic, right?   Even the chocolate bar afterthought, eh?

"That's entirely correct."

And, well, they need to bring Fade back.  If only.

 So, did you notice something?
Daniel placed 12th out of 12 on PR1.

Daniel placed 12th out of 16 n PR2.

And, now, Daniel has placed 12th out of 13 on PRAS5.
Don't feel bad, Daniel.  It's just the power of 12.

Next week it's an unconventional materials challenge!   Will Mitchell create a catheter chic look?