Saturday, January 16, 2016

Project Runway Junior s1e7  #OOTD  14 January 2016

Last time on PR Jr. the contestants created
special personal outfits for the Knicks City Dancers.

Zach won the challenge, while Bridget was eliminated.

Host Hannah Davis meets up with the final six contestants on the runway.  She sends them off to Mood to meet mentor Tim Gunn.   Hmmm.  Did she forget something?

Over at Mood they meet Mr. G. and Aya Kanai, fashion director of both Cosmo and Seventeen magazines.   “It’s the Seventeen magazine challenge!”  Yeah, he says it like it has been a ‘thing’ for years.   This is the very first one.

They are to create an editorial look inspired by a NYer’s #OOTD (outfit of the day.)

As they spend 30 minutes out on the streets seeking inspiration, Peytie & Jaxson get edits of being invisible, or persona non grata.

Samantha goes for a construction worker’s pants.    Everyone eventually gets a picture and a bit of an explanation as to why they wear what they wear.

They get $200 at Mood.   Zach mocks Jaxson’s fabric choice.   It’s mostly beige.

Tim nixes it and sends him back for different fabric.   So, right then and there I decide I want a guardian angel like Tim, so that every time I make a mistake, I can get vehemently course corrected immediately.  Perhaps I could use several of them.

The young designers seem to be throwing more shade in the interview segments.   Perhaps they are just being more edited in?   Maybe they’ve been this way all along?   Je ne sais pas.

During the Tim-thru, Zach admits he isn’t committed to everything he is making.   Tim tells him to work on the shorts in muslin.

Samantha explains her construction worker inspiration.  He says she is on a great trajectory.

Zacharay admits that his is more mature.  Tim tells him to go with a shorter sleeve.

Peytie’s top is a hit, but her light rinse jeans are a miss.  (He calls it cheap and hospital gown.)   He doesn’t mind the design, but the fabric.

Jaxson thrills Tim when he tells him he has ditched the fur.   

"I liked the fur."

However, Mr. Gunn thinks what remains is so basic.

Tim finds Maya’s skirt innovative, youthful and sophisticated.  

Tim declares to everyone that Mini-Mood is open so that Peytie and Jaxson can get a new fabric.   They only have 15 minutes, so each brings half of the room back to their work stations.   Well, not that bad, just *some* new bolts.

Zach has fit trouble during model fitting.  He is starting over with the top?   The whole thing?   We will see.  Jaxson is redesigning his top completely.

Let’s see how they did on the runway.  As always, the judges are Hannah, Christian, Kelly and Aya.  Tim is a peeping Tim, but he’s not scoring.







Zachary was inspired by menswear fabrics.  Aya loves the skirt with the stripes going in different directions.  Kelly seems impressed, too.  Hannah and Kelly see the casino worker jackets.  Aya loves it, but Christian does not.   He sees Dynasty.

Jaxson wanted to go bright and young.  Hannah things the pieces do not go together.  Christian says dressed in the dark.  Kelly likes the colors together, but not the design.  Aya thinks the dress is too basic and current, not fashion forward.

Peytie wanted to create a pleated denim pant.  Hannah thinks the top is from a different designer.  Peytie says she doesn’t want to be the hippie girl.  Christian corrects her, she is bohemian.  Kelly wants a double pleat so the pant lies flatter.  Aya thinks this is a miss for Seventeen.

Samantha explains her carpenter’s pants inspiration.  The judges love the color blocking.  

“Of course they did.”

Christian has seen the wide leg gaucho too much.  Kelly is thrilled that Samantha feminized cargo pants.  Aya sees her vision and finds it editorial.

Zach wanted to go more casual.  Christian rips on the proportions and fit.  Hannah wanted pockets.  Kelly thinks he is overwhelmed.   The judges sense that he is being shy.   Aya reminds him going young doesn’t mean going casual.  He didn’t have to stray from his aesthetic.

Maya was inspired by layering.  Kelly loves it from every angle.  Hannah likes that there are so many pieces, easily incorporated as separates into someone’s wardrobe.  Aya calls it dynamic.

Both Samantha & Maya win the challenge and get their work shown in Seventeen.   They, Peytie & Zachary are all safe.

Bottom two are Jaxson & Zach, and, in a surprise turn, but earned, move, they are both eliminated.


Tune in next week when the contestants are their own muses.   Whys is that extra lady on the runway with Hannah, then?  No red carpet challenge?  Curious.


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