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Project Runway Junior s1e8  Make A Statement  21 January 2016

Last time on PR Jr. the contestants created outfits inspired by NY-ers #OOTD. 

Maya & Samantha both won.
Each also earned a blurb in Seventeen magazine.

Bottom 2 were Zach & Jaxson,
and both were eliminated.

The four remaining contestants meet up with host Hannah Davis on the runway to learn of their last challenge:  They are to make something that shows their aesthetic.   The finalists get to show at fashion week?  Wow, that’s great, I didn’t think that bit would occur.  I thought it would be like PR All Stars.  

Also, I thought there would be more to the last regular challenge than “be your own muse, do whatever the hell you please” instruction.   Hope they don’t surprise them by saying a particular supermodel has to wear it, like in season 2, after they are half way through construction.

Hannah brings out Internet sensation Kyemah Mcentyre, the girl who made her own prom dress in Spring 2015.   The 18 year old fashion success explains her look, and admonishes them to make sure they show the world what they are about.

But, what I'm really focusing in on is:  Why did she have to show her undies?   Maybe they are boy shorts?  Looks funny to this old geezer.

In the work room the final four meet up with not only mentor Tim Gunn, but also Rowenta’s Scott Pollard.

They are to add on iron-on-transfers.  So, they will be creating a custom textile, in essence, sweet, right?   They get $400 at real Mood.  It’s a one day challenge (of course.  They filmed the whole show in, what 2 weeks?  Seems like it.)

After Mood Zachary seems to struggle with committing to his concept.  Maya laments that it their last normal challenge work day.  She is getting a ton of interview shots edited in, hope it is a winner edit and not a loser edit.

Tim time!

Maya wows Tim with her vision and work.  Tim advises her to have perfect execution and fit.

But, if it was such a success, why is his face saying something different?  Actually, to be fair, he seems to stick his tongue out at the youngsters when they go through their spiel about their life and motivation. 

Tim redesigns the back of Peytie’s garment.   Well, at least he is consistent, week to week, huh?

And, to be consistent, Peytie gets some tongue, too.

Samantha feels like she is pushing her boundaries.  Tim questions the length of the coat over her dress.

Zachary looks very pensive to Tim.  I’m waiting for a RuPaul moment where he volleys back with “No, I was just thinking.”

“It never happens organically like that."

Well, maybe for YOU, dear.

Tim deftly steers Zachary back on course.  He seems happier during Interview time.

Tim gushes about their talent and leaves so the models can come in.  The fittings seem to go alright.  Later Peytie manages to cut her belt in half.   It’s salvaged, though, no worries.

Joining host Hannah Davis are regular judges Christian Siriano, Kelly Osbourne, Aya Kanai and a non-scoring Tim Gunn.

Now, before we get into it, what did you think of Kelly's blue lips?   A friend called her a clown, and now I can't unsee it.   For me, the emphasis is to strong on the lips.   Let's have that color over her eye and a nude lip and I'd be much happier.  So, it's not the color itself, per se.

And what's with the poor red la vache qui rit that can't wear any clothes?   If they are going to humanize the animal, I want her in clothes.  Maybe I'm just too much of a prude.   Anyway, back to the point:





Maya wanted to create a strong warrior princess look.  Kelly is impressed with the back.   Aya loves the hard & soft play, and the emphasis on the backbone.  Hannah thinks the contrasting fabrics make it special.  Christian admires the details, but not the underdress so much.

Zachary shares how everyone calls him an old soul, and channels his inner Edna Mode.  Aya likes the use of the iron on onto the organza.  She and Kelly have trouble seeing all the detail with so much black on black.   Hannah thinks the skirt is too heavy.  Christian wants the two fabrics for the skirt flipped or switched.  He wants Zachary to use an editing eye.

Samantha created a coat and a dress, under the guise of being a leader, not a follower.  Christian teases her, asking if the hidden dress is finished.  Ha!  He notices that this look is more wearable as opposed to fashion.  Uh-oh!  Aya gets that it is fully ‘her.’  Kelly likes the iron on work.  Kelly finally picks on the wonky dress hem.  Hannah wanted the dress to be MORE feminine, to better contrast with the masculine jacket.

Peytie used a bright print and a dull print to express her becoming less shy.  Christian notes that her aesthetic is the most different of the four of them.  Aya loves the her point of view is so happy and full of spirit.  She sees it in her work, for sure.   Hannah likes the romper shorts and the entire outfit.  Kelly learns that Peytie made her own belt.

Maya wins the challenge!
Well, she’s told she is moving forward first.
Close enough?

Peyties is also moving forward.

Bottom two are Samantha and Zachary.

The judges elect to bring Samantha forward.

The judges eliminate Zachary.  There are tears all the way around.  Christian offers Zachary a hand, should he need any help in getting going in the world of fashion.   The judges are ALL complimentary to him.

But, you saw it comin' a mile away, yes?  Tim uses his Tim Gunn Save and so all four head to Fashion Week.   It's earned, yes?   I mean, don't you want to see a collection from Zachary, too, in addition to the other three?

Tune in next week for deathmatch ping pong?


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