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Project Runway Junior s1e6  Superstar Clients  7 January 2016

Before we get into this week's episode, perhaps a giant recap for the recap is in order, ouais?

On the first challenge they were to use NYC as inspiration to showcase their design aesthetic.
Samantha won the challenge, Sami was the first to go.

"I thought *I* was the first to go?"

On the 2nd challenge, they used items found at a car wash to create fashion.
Zachary won the challenge, Ysabel was eliminated.

On the 3rd challenge, in two teams of 5, they were inspired by
either the 1940s or the 1960s to create a mini-collection.
Bridget won the challenge, but no one was eliminated,
although Matt & Samantha were on the bottom.

On the 4th challenge they created fashion
for the woman on the go.
Peytie won the challenge, while both Jesse & Victoria were axed.

And, on the last challenge they created red carpet looks,
in teams, with help from a prior PR favorite, in only 5 hours.
Maya & Peytie shared top honors,
while Matt was told to vamoose.

The remaining seven contestants wait in the dark for a surprise:  Seven girls in what appears to me to be quite cheap & tacky dance outfits.  Host Hannah Davis schools me quickly:  The challenge is not to create new work outfits for the gals, but to create a fashionable look for a particular off-the-job need, like, say, attending a wedding.

Hannah matches up the designers and clients via the button bag.  They head over to the work room and scheme & sketch.  It’s a one day and an all day access to Mini-Mood challenge.

During their chat they all seem happy and coming up with something reasonable.

“That ain’t gonna last long.”

Tim removes the clients and they get to work.

Maya and Zachary soon are bugging about their tops.   Zachary seems to have an epiphany, but just realizing he could start over is all that his epiphany consists of.  Too early to be relieved, right?

Later, during Tim-time Jaxson’s execution is called into question.   He gets the “janky” and “This worries me.”

Tim drags him by the hair to Mini-mood and motivates Jaxson to get a different red fabric for the top.  Then he designs and fabricates it all right on the spot for him.

Tim picks up that Peytie is worried about her look.   Tim assures her she doesn’t have to reinvent the wheel.

Bridget wants to make a day to night bohemian look.  

“I don’t see it.   At all.”

Neither does Tim.   He likes the print, but not the white.

Samantha has a top, a jacket, and a denim skirt.   Tim likes the jacket.  He approves of the entire outfit, at least the vision.

Zachary wanted to make flowy pants for Paris.   Tim picks on him for his poor construction, which first reared its head last episode.  

Maya’s client wanted nice, fitted pants.  Tim approves of the pants, but Maya thinks it is all boring, and the top is poorly sewn and in the wrong color.

Zach’s client wanted an outfit for going out to brunch.   Tim insults him by saying it is (merely) fine, and quite basic.   The print is doing all the work, and he is underwhelmed.   Tim tells him to use an impactful black belt, and then steps back and tells him he won’t tell him what to do.


The clients come in, and those in trouble seem to get back on track.  They all seem to work till the last minute.  

Well, except for Zach & his model.  They decided to practice for Dancing With The Stars the morning of the runway.   I guess he’s gonna do the reality show circuit for life, eh?

Strange that they showed Hannah Davis asking Bridget and Maya specifically how they did before the runway.   Has she been doing that all along?  It’s allowed, it’s just weird to me.

Let’s see how they did.  You know that the judges are always Hannah, Christian, Kelly and Aya.








Hannah calls out Peytie as middle safe and sends her out back, safe.  Her hem reminded me too much of the dreaded handkerchief hems we’ve seen the past 11 years on PR.  No more, dear Lord.

Zach & his client dance for the judges.  Evidently they think they ARE on DWTS or SYTYCD.

Zach beams as his sells it to the judges.  That’s only fair, Kelly was beaming when it walked the runway.   Everyone is all smiles.  Aya likes the versatility (it’s reversible.)

“So it’s reversible.”

Maya let the judges down with her top execution, but the pants are great.  The judges all seem to be saying they are all fans and are sad she didn’t live up to her typical standards.   Her look is supposed to be for NYE, and Kelly thinks it is okay for a first date, but not NYE.

Kelly adores the choice of olive green and black.  (The olive green was chosen to match the clients eye color.)   Hannah wants the pants to reach closer to the floor.  Aya likes the tuxedo stripe on the pants, she deems is chic and refined, as does Christian, even though he hates the hem.  

Kelly & Christian have a moment where they laugh about Zachary staring at the weak point (the flood level pants hem) the entire time.

Bridget’s white cotton doesn’t cut it as bohemian.  Hannah finds it odd that it is chosen for exploring a city all day.  Aya terms it bargain basement.   Christian thinks Bridget aged her client.

Jaxson’s outfit is for going to Aruba.  The judges seem to like the top, even with all the construction issues, but they don’t like the bottom, since it seems too voluminous.  Or luminous I guess, it is bright.    Christian thinks he aged his model, too.

Aya praises Samantha for ticking all the client’s boxes and still making it look like her own aesthetic.   Hannah adores the Army green and orange.  Kelly doesn’t like the back of the denim pencil skirt.

Zach is the winner!

Zach, Samantha & Zachary are all in and safe.

Maya is safe.

Bottom two are Jaxson and Bridget.

Hannah informs Bridget that she is out.  That means Jaxson is in.

Did you agree?  Do you think Jaxson is circling the drain?   I was noting that Bridget had never been in the bottom before, most of the remaining contestants have been in the top, bottom and middle.

Do you have a top 3?  I think that through the editing of the episodes, we already know who the top 3 will be.  It’s not *my* top three, and I’m bummed for whom I think will place #4.  Let’s see how it goes, though, eh?

Tune in next week when Maya has a seizure.   Hmmm.  Maybe a bat flies in her hair?  At any rate, the contestants have to grab models off of the street.   Did Samantha’s model Dominique lead a revolt or something?  Will Kara Saun appear to show them all how it's done?  Or, maybe Morganza will guest judge?


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