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Face Off s10e03  Lost Languages  27 January 2016

Last time on Face Off the contestants,
in teams of two, created whimsical
creatures inspired by inanimate objects.

"It was the best episode EVER !!!"

Top team was Anna & Mel, with Mel winning the challenge.

Bottom team was Njoroge & Jennifer, with Jennifer being let go.

The 12 remaining contestants meet up with host McKenzie Westmore & Game Of Thrones professional language creator David Peterson in some desert ruins.   The guise is that they have ‘uncovered’ six different dead races in a cave.

But, no metal, no robots. 

The challenge is to create a member of a long lost race inspired by whatever artifact they pick from the ‘cave.’  They pair up on their own, choose their languages,  and sketch.  It’s a typical three day challenge.  It’s similar to the challenge from season 8 where there was an audio piece to match their creation to.

Soon enough the Westmores arrive.

Michael wants Robert & Johnny to not go too “bird.”

Mel is outvoted by Kaleb, Michael & McKenzie regarding her ears.  Michael is very complimentary to the entire look.

Then there are Njoroge and Ant, their work is way too cartoony.  “You ought to rethink it a little bit.”  (That means, start over!)  Soon enough they both redesign and resculpt.

Yvonne & Anna need to be careful that their guy doesn’t turn into a caricature of an old man.   Michael likes that they will go with cracked skin.

Walter & Rob have a feline/human creature.  Michael gives them cowl sculpt advice.  McKenzie cracks that Glenn will approve of the cat direction.  What, did he do the work on Cats or something?   I better go look that up.

Michael likes that Katie & Melissa’s work is unique and interesting.

Towards the end of day one Yvonne uses a cut popsicle stick to create diamond shapes in the headdress.  She finishes it up on day two.

Also on day two Njoroge changes his eye shape.  Walter casts mold of his feet to create his guy’s feet.   Robert sings “Octoman” to “Spiderman.”   I guess that’s better than Octomom.

During molding of Johnny’s cowl, the ultra cowl starts to weigh down their work.  More popsicle sticks to the rescue.  Crisis averted.

Johnny can’t get his tentacles to work out right.   He and Robert will try again on day three (reveal day.)

On day three Johnny ditches the tentacles.   That’s rough!

Joining host McKenzie Westmore on the reveal stage are not only regular judges Glenn Hetrick, Ve Neill and Neville Page, but also GOT’s lingual creator David Peterson.

Walter & Rob

Yvonne & Anna

Melissa & Katie

Mel & Kaleb

Njoroge & Ant

Robert & Johnny

McKenzie calls out Walter & Rob, and Melissa & Katie as middle safe, and they head out back to await the others’ fate.

Glenn thinks Robert & Johnny’s work did not gel together.  He likes the paint job on the cowl, but not how disparate the cowl and face look.  David rips on the beak, it couldn’t create the sound they had heard and needed to incorporate.

Glenn is impressed by Yvonne & Anna’s work, especially that he could see what it was supposed to be before they explained any of their work.  David is happy that nothing got in the way of the mouth work.

But, what's with the tongue to Neville?   I thought it was always from a point of disapproval that the tongue came out?  Maybe she doesn't know how to place success in her head after being in the bottom the last two times.

The judges loathe the paint work on Njoroge & Ant’s guy.   Neville critiques the sculpt work, too.  

Mel & Kaleb wanted to incorporate a bladder so that the creature could create verbiage whether breathing in or out.   Ve loves the paint job.  Glenn believes it, it’s a real success.

Yvonne & Anna beat out Mel & Kaleb for top team.  A surprised Yvonne wins the entire challenge.

Bottom dwellers are Njoroge, Ant, Robert & Johnny.  Ant is let go for his cowl sculpt that didn’t go far enough into detail.

Tune in next week for a challenge inspired by the new series "Hunters."

Not *that* "Hunter.”


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  1. I don't think an exposed tongue always represents disapproval, even disregarding the extreme examples of Miss Cyrus and Mister Lambert. I think it can also mean intense concentration, like when a little kid is working hard on a project.