Thursday, January 21, 2016

Face Off s10e02  Child's Play  20 January 2016

Last time on Face Off the new crop of contestants created alien bounty hunters.

At the top were Melissa & Anna, and Kaleb & Walter,

with Melissa taking top honors.

Bottom dwellers were Ant & Johnny, and Yvonne & Greg,

with Greg being the first to go.

The contestants meet up with host McKenzie Westmore and judge Ve Neill at Culver Studios, and some giant toys.  

This week’s challenge is to bring to life, or, animate, an inanimate object, say, like “Chairy” from Pee-Wee’s Playhouse.

Ve pairs them up, with last challenge’s winner, Melissa, getting to choose which team she wants to be on.   Ve reminds them not to go to ‘the dark place.’  They pick inspirations, design and sketch.

Everybody rushes to grab their inspiration except one, huh?  Does this mean that Njoroge isn’t into the task?   Or just that he hasn’t had any coffee yet?

Soon enough the Westmores arrive.

Mr. Westmore informs Ant & Walter that they have a nice cowl on a makeup challenge.   Ha!  Ant comes back with the idea of a strong beauty makeup.  Michael Westmore approves.

Mr. W. tells Jennifer & Njoroge that they have a person with a hat, not an inanimate object brought to life.

Anna & Mel get paint advice for their human-like face.

Melissa, Johnny & Rob are given advice for the eye placement on their lollipop person.

Yvonne & Robert need to move their nose to cover the top lip, to help it not look so human.

Katie & Kaleb are beaming about their skeleton key filagree.   Mr. Westmore doesn’t see the key inspiration.   Uh-oh!

Rob seems to be the first to mold.  Just like last time, eh?   Impressive, Rob, good on you.   Or is that just an edit?

On day two Ant & Walter struggle with holes in their molds.   Later they are struggling with whether their work is symmetrical or not.

Man down!

On reveal day Walter interviews he & Ant have a lot of work.  Well, we saw that coming with their big edit, huh?

Yvonne & Robert seem to be at odds with each other.   She wants him to put the cowl on the model already.

And, yeah, I saw this, but it wasn't a disrespectful response to a judge, it was just towards the work he was doing at the moment, yes/  Or maybe to the accompanying stress?  (Over on PR the contestants frequently stick their tongue out at the judges and I pick on 'em all for their tongue work.)

During last looks Jennifer & Njoroge are bummed about their work.   Isn’t everybody usually on edge at that point?

Joining host McKenzie Westmore on the reveal stage are Glenn Hetrick, Ve Neill, guest judge Paul Ruebens and Neville Page.

I’m over focusing on why Mr. Pee-Wee isn’t on the end like most guest judges are.   He wants to be next to his buddy Ve, that’s it.  (They’ve worked together through the years.)  Did she invent Chairy or Globey?

Ant & Walter

Jennifer & Njoroge

Katie & Kaleb

Yvonne & Robert

Anna & Mel

Melissa, Johnny & Rob

McKenzie calls out Walter & Ant,

and Katie & Kaleb as the middle safe, and
sends them out back to await the judges verdicts.

Glenn finds the lollipop leader highly successful and appropriate.  Ve admires the head piece.  Paul wants a happy smile on the guy.  Neville thinks it is both child-like and sophisticated.

Yellow crayon man is a let down for Ve.  The neck piece is suffering, but she’s more upset about the lack of highlight and shadowing, especially on the face.   Paul wants more yellow.   Wait, what?  I think he means that the finger crayons should paint only yellow, not a variety of colors.  Glenn agrees with Ve, going only one color without any depth has handicapped them.

Paul fully approves of the watch man.  Glenn praises the face paint work.  Ve calls it a gorgeous paint job.

The board game man has a creepy, weird vibe.  Neville sees horror versus whimsy.   Glenn deems it underdeveloped.

Paul finds it scary.  He’s also obsessing with the nipples.  

Top team is Anna & Mel.

Mel wins the challenge!

Bottom team is Jennifer & Njoroge.

Jennifer is let go for her disproportionate cowl.  

Or the messed up front of it.

Did you see it coming?   They edited in so much of her in the interview mode that it was inevitable.

Tune in next week for great music memories:

♪ ♫ ♬  And they whirl, and they twirl, and they tango 

... and for members of a long lost race.

Mmmmm, Rayce.


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