Thursday, January 14, 2016

Face Off s10e01  Wanted: Dead Or Alive  13 January 2016

Ready for season 10?

It's been hard waiting, even though it has only been 2.5 months.

Do you have any favorites yet?

Me, neither.   The bios on SyFy are always all over the place.
Typically, the one with the most stellar resume leaves first.
But, what I really think is that they fill some of those bios pages fully,
and some of them are left ... well, less than fully completed

Last night we saw host McKenzie Westmore welcome 14 new contestants at the Los Angeles Theatre on S. Broadway in downtown L.A., CA.   Is the fake red hair era over?   No Floridians in the cast either.  It’s a new day, or evening.    McKenzie quickly introduces the Spotlight Challenge:  Create an alien bounty hunter inspired by its transportation, viewed in a “wanted” poster. 

“There’s just something about bounty hunters that we all seem to love.”


Um, no.

She's using Hannah Davis's hand gesture better than Hannah does,

but it still falls flat to Tim's power summation.

McKenzie pairs them all up, without the service of a PR-type button bag, they choose their ship inspiration, get to sketching in the theatre.  Next day they get to hit the work room.  Soon enough the Westmores are in.

Katie & Robert are told to have more overlap between the cowl and face bits.

Kaleb & Walter are accused of sculpting a Jay Leno chin.

“I always wanted to be a bounty hunter.”

Yvonne & Greg went too Simeon.  Mr. Westmore wants the nose and jaw changed

Anna & Melissa aren’t sure if they want their cowl split?  Mr. W. steers them in the right direction.

Njoroge & Rob didn’t go thick enough with their avian alien.   Ruh-roh!

Ant & Johnny’s extra eyes are a no go.  The guys switch working on the cowl and the face.   Hmmmm.

Rob is excited that he is the first to be molding, later in the day.

On day two Greg is worried that his work isn’t matching up to Yvonne’s.   Yvonne says she will do over his nose, but then HE is cutting it down.  Curious.

Rob is working on feathers right before time is called on day two.

On reveal day Yvonne & Greg are shown complaining about their foam edges off of their mold work.   Mel seems to have a sewing crisis, but Jennifer picks up the slack right away.

During ‘last looks’ Katie & Robert seem to be at odds with each other, but it seems resolved rather quickly.   Fake edit, indeed.

Joining host McKenzie Westmore on the reveal stage are our regular judges Glenn Hetrick, Ve Neill and Neville Page.   McKenzie notes that the judges have the Tim Gunn Save.   Shouldn’t it be called the Michelle Save, since she’s the one that instigated all of the saving shenanigans?

"Please, get it right.
Tim saved me with his belligerence.
I did NOT save mySELF."

Kaleb & Walter

Njoroge & Rob

Anna & Melissa

Ant & Johnny

Katie & Robert

Yvonne & Greg

Jennifer & Mel

McKenzie calls out Jennifer & Mel,

Njoroge & Rob,

and Katie & Robert as middle safe and sends them out back.

Kaleb & Walter’s planet was warm & dry.  They used the Texas horn lizard as a bit of inspiration.  Glenn approves of the warm tones, as does Ve.  Neville likes the eye sculpt.

Ant & Johnny are in the bottom.  Ve doesn’t like the paint job at all.  Neville calls out the sculpt of the chin.  Glenn likes the ears, but thinks it is a shame that they couldn’t work well together.

Anna & Melissa present a cohesive character to Neville.  Glenn gives the “I have seen this before” kudo.   Ve admires the profile.

Yvonne & Greg can’t convince Glenn that they know what is organic and what is synthetic.  Ve can’t over the lack of blending of edges.  Everyone can see what is painted skin, and what is painted foam.  Greg did the face (Glenn calls it criminally uninspired, Ve calls it a clown nose.)  Yvonne did the cowl.

Did you catch during the rehash of the critique when Neville said:  “The strong chin conveyed that this was a bounty hunter.”

“I was a blessing all along!”

Top team is Anna & Melissa.

Melissa wins for her cowl work.

Bottom team is Yvonne & Greg, and I bet you can already tell, Greg is the first to be eliminated, for the face work.  

As usual on Face Off, Greg has a respectful attitude.   Good on you, Greg.

Tune in next week for Pee-Wee!  I wonder who gets to make Pterri?


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