Sunday, January 31, 2016

Walking  4 • 31 January 2016

I walked 4 miles when I woke up this morning.   Now I'm ready for a nap.   Quelle surprise, ouais?    I saw a dead turtle on the sidewalk over on Goldenrod.   I assume it was hit by a car.   =o(


Saturday, January 30, 2016

Project Runway Junior s1e9  Finale Part 1  28 January 2016

Last time on PR Jr. the remaining four contestants made whatever the hell they wanted.

Maya, Peytie & Samantha moved forward to compete at fashion week.

Zachary was saved by Tim Gunn and moved forward as well.

Before we get into this episode, let's take a look at the prior work of each of the final four over the course of the season:





What to say?   I guess I see stronger, truly honed points of view from Peytie & Samantha, and then Maya, than with Zachary.  I like them all, but I want to see more from Maya & Peytie.   I feel like I can predict too easily what will come from Samantha & Zachary.     I do wonder if Tim saying all last year that PR Jr. was better than PR14 was in relation to the weekly challenges, or to the finale collections.   If it's the latter, we're in for a great finale, huh?

Now I know why they called it Project Runway Junior:  Instead of a 10-look, $8,000, $9,000 or $10,000 collection, they are to create a six (6) look collection for $4,000.   They filmed in July, so they end up having 4 weeks before Fashion Week.   Tim didn’t visit with them at their homes, but he did visit for mere moments during the last few days before they showed.

With VisionWorks as a sponsor, and beloved Amanda Valentine as a spokesperson, they are to pick specs for one of their models to wear.   I don't know, Amanda, you look beautiful from the shoulders up, but, I'm not buying the ... looseness of it all.

As soon as Peytie put on the glasses, well, all I could see was WW as Diana, Miss Tickle, and that boy from that 1983 movie.   Now I want to hear early Rick Springfield.

"Everybody does."

After three weeks the designers return to NYC and show where they are with their work to Tim.  I can't see this without thinking he is going to tell me about a car named Brad.

Meanwhile, back at 1407, Peytie wanted her collection to look like her girl bought each piece from a different country.

She employed her younger sister to freehand gold painting that Tim calls beautiful.  Peytie used the same textile from episode 4, the girl-on-the-go challenge, in three spots.  Tim makes sure she knows to manipulate it somehow so it isn’t so obvious.  There are construction problems, but there is time enough to fix it all, yes?

Then Tim had an unfortunate run in with a ping pong ball.  Or something.

Okay, Peytie was a little nervous meeting Tim, but Maya was a bundle of nerves, which stresses Tim.  Maya interviews that she lost her vision when she got home.  Uh-oh!

Her ‘springtime warrior’ point of view is a hit with Tim, but he thinks she needs to dial it back, there are too many textiles, and the finishing isn’t perfect.

Then Tim meets the rest of the family on a nearby couch.   Maya & Tim seem to bond over a fear of soccer balls. 

Samantha is told that her collection is too repetitive, some looks are almost a carbon copy of another.   Mr. G. steers her away from using neoprene on a pair of pants.  At the end he says there’s not a lot of items in the collection.  The take away from this entire episode, besides being cheaper all the way around, is that Samantha has a lot of work to do.   Will she address everything?  Will she finish on time?

Tim meets her parents at a park picnic table.  I tell ya, next season of PR they are going to film outside  so they don’t have to pay for a work room.  They’ll have them walk a sidewalk, and *maybe* they will give out sleeping bags for them to sleep in on that same sidewalk.   Or cardboard boxes.

Zachary interviews that he is really nervous, but he sounds calm and focused enough.   So, Samantha with the heavy editing of not being ready is NOT as nervous as the other three?   Got it, Bunim/Murray.  Zachary is told by TG that he went overboard with the number of textiles.  And, we learned that Chanel Straw is a thing.   Zachary’s finale look is called “prom,” and he has to beat it back.  

Meeting up with Zachary’s mom, we learn that Zachary was modeling blankets at the age of two.  Very nice to see that he was supported from the start, good on her.

As they get closer to Fashion Week, Tim tells the final four that they are to bring two looks before the judges, so they can steer them in the right direction.    They get two hours notice, and not everyone is ready for it.   Hmmm.





Hannah tells the designers she is sure they have a great show ahead of them.

The judges prefer Peytie’s first look when it is more asymmetrical.   They see all the finishing issues.   For the orange gown, they think it is unflattering, as opposed to most of her work in general.  When we get a close up of the beading, it doesn’t look finished, too.  Kelly and Christian fight over how ‘ethnic’ she should go with the styling.

Kelly tells Zachary that it needs to be more youthful.  Aya thinks it is alright for him to create for an older client.  The judges have trouble with the finale skirt, they are redesigning right out of the gate.  Christian thinks that the looks don’t go together.  The judges don’t like the lapel of the first.   Kelly gets him to make it lie flat(ter) and that pleases them.  Christian wants pockets for the first piece.   

Maya explains her ‘warrior in a field of yellow flowers.’  Hannah and Aya are quite complimentary.   Christian wants a bolder yellow.  Kelly wants better finishing.      She likes the mature pattern, Christian does not.  Aya likes the American Sportswear vibe.  She wants more day looks in addition to these.  Maya assures them she does have such work to show.

Samantha was inspired by tactical military uniforms.   She admits that she has to finish everything.   Christian is laughing, “You got a lotta work, girl!” before even getting to the critique.    He wants more color(s) used.  Kelly is fearful of the raw finishing.  Aya wants an evening look from her, even a black tie event.   Samantha isn’t worried about getting all of her work done.   

Tim reconvenes with the designers with his notepad of all the judges’ concerns.   Zachary needs two more weeks.  Peytie wants $5,000 more.   When Tim comes in he asks them all to take risks.   They have two more days before showing.   “You do very well under pressure.   I know you can do this, so let’s make it work.  You’re almost there.”

Do you have a favorite?   I know, all of them are our favorites, but, who do you think will win?   I think if everyone can finish their garments well, it might be a photo-finish.    I do get the idea that alphabetically might be the way to bet on this, though.

Walking  3 30 January 2016

I walked 3 miles round trip to pick up a few items.  Now it's nap time.


Thursday, January 28, 2016

Face Off s10e03  Lost Languages  27 January 2016

Last time on Face Off the contestants,
in teams of two, created whimsical
creatures inspired by inanimate objects.

"It was the best episode EVER !!!"

Top team was Anna & Mel, with Mel winning the challenge.

Bottom team was Njoroge & Jennifer, with Jennifer being let go.

The 12 remaining contestants meet up with host McKenzie Westmore & Game Of Thrones professional language creator David Peterson in some desert ruins.   The guise is that they have ‘uncovered’ six different dead races in a cave.

But, no metal, no robots. 

The challenge is to create a member of a long lost race inspired by whatever artifact they pick from the ‘cave.’  They pair up on their own, choose their languages,  and sketch.  It’s a typical three day challenge.  It’s similar to the challenge from season 8 where there was an audio piece to match their creation to.

Soon enough the Westmores arrive.

Michael wants Robert & Johnny to not go too “bird.”

Mel is outvoted by Kaleb, Michael & McKenzie regarding her ears.  Michael is very complimentary to the entire look.

Then there are Njoroge and Ant, their work is way too cartoony.  “You ought to rethink it a little bit.”  (That means, start over!)  Soon enough they both redesign and resculpt.

Yvonne & Anna need to be careful that their guy doesn’t turn into a caricature of an old man.   Michael likes that they will go with cracked skin.

Walter & Rob have a feline/human creature.  Michael gives them cowl sculpt advice.  McKenzie cracks that Glenn will approve of the cat direction.  What, did he do the work on Cats or something?   I better go look that up.

Michael likes that Katie & Melissa’s work is unique and interesting.

Towards the end of day one Yvonne uses a cut popsicle stick to create diamond shapes in the headdress.  She finishes it up on day two.

Also on day two Njoroge changes his eye shape.  Walter casts mold of his feet to create his guy’s feet.   Robert sings “Octoman” to “Spiderman.”   I guess that’s better than Octomom.

During molding of Johnny’s cowl, the ultra cowl starts to weigh down their work.  More popsicle sticks to the rescue.  Crisis averted.

Johnny can’t get his tentacles to work out right.   He and Robert will try again on day three (reveal day.)

On day three Johnny ditches the tentacles.   That’s rough!

Joining host McKenzie Westmore on the reveal stage are not only regular judges Glenn Hetrick, Ve Neill and Neville Page, but also GOT’s lingual creator David Peterson.

Walter & Rob

Yvonne & Anna

Melissa & Katie

Mel & Kaleb

Njoroge & Ant

Robert & Johnny

McKenzie calls out Walter & Rob, and Melissa & Katie as middle safe, and they head out back to await the others’ fate.

Glenn thinks Robert & Johnny’s work did not gel together.  He likes the paint job on the cowl, but not how disparate the cowl and face look.  David rips on the beak, it couldn’t create the sound they had heard and needed to incorporate.

Glenn is impressed by Yvonne & Anna’s work, especially that he could see what it was supposed to be before they explained any of their work.  David is happy that nothing got in the way of the mouth work.

But, what's with the tongue to Neville?   I thought it was always from a point of disapproval that the tongue came out?  Maybe she doesn't know how to place success in her head after being in the bottom the last two times.

The judges loathe the paint work on Njoroge & Ant’s guy.   Neville critiques the sculpt work, too.  

Mel & Kaleb wanted to incorporate a bladder so that the creature could create verbiage whether breathing in or out.   Ve loves the paint job.  Glenn believes it, it’s a real success.

Yvonne & Anna beat out Mel & Kaleb for top team.  A surprised Yvonne wins the entire challenge.

Bottom dwellers are Njoroge, Ant, Robert & Johnny.  Ant is let go for his cowl sculpt that didn’t go far enough into detail.

Tune in next week for a challenge inspired by the new series "Hunters."

Not *that* "Hunter.”