Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Walking  20 • 14 December 2015

I had to run TWO errands on Monday.   It should have been 15 miles, but I ended up walking 20 miles.   After the end of it, I thought about how furious my podiatrist was going to be.   Funny thing, though, my feet are FINE.    But I acquired a severe sort throat (no other symptoms, the nose is quite clear.)   I slept it off, though, I think.   At any rate, sleeping it off is my excuse for not posting this till two days later.

Later, I got to thinking .... that's probably the most I've walked in one day since 1980.   It's definitely the most I have walked since moving to Orlando in 2012.  Oh, when did I walk more?   Hiking up & down Mount Washington a few times, the last being 1980.  I don't even think I really reached 20 miles in 1980, but I know I did in 1976 or 1977.

Throughout my life I have walked.   It's the exercise that doesn't *feel* like exercise to me.    And, God knows I need to exercise.   I'm also reminded of a professor at Hartt music camp who was in his 80s and walked 3 miles every day, regardless of the weather, at the same time every single morning.   Ah, inspiration.   I still want to live forever, and be as healthy as possible.  Never mind I'm handicapped in several ways.  Never mind I have horrid health care (although I do adore podiatrist #1, and I am grateful for HIM.)    Foot surgery in February or March is still likely.   Probably March.   We'll see.   I do want to be able to jog daily for exercise.   Keep me in prayer, if you are so inclined.  Or send money, if you have too much.   =op   (That's an attempt at humor, do NOT send money!)


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