Saturday, December 12, 2015

Project Runway Junior s1e4  OMG!  That's Michelle Obama!  10 December 2015

Last time on PR Jr. the contestants worked in two teams of five to create mini-collections, inspired by either the 1940s, 1950s or 1960s.

Team 1940s won the challenge. 

Bridget was the individual winner. 

Zach was a close second.

Team 1960s was the losing team. 

Bottom two were Matt

& Samantha, but the judges kept them both. 

"They're treating them all with kid gloves."

Well, they *are* kids, aren't they?

The contestants meet up with Hannah & Tim on the runway to see Michelle Obama on a monitor explaining the challenge & opportunity for the winner:  Create a look for the 'woman on the go.'

Not that kind of 'go.'

They give the spinner a whirl to learn where each's girl is going (school, party, BLM protest.)

Why our beloved FLOTUS had to present the challenge, instead of someone from Land's End is beyond me.  The winner gets to design a Land's End back pack.

They have $200 at Mood, and we get a Swatch sighting!   Il vit!

Soon Tim brings in a real Peace Corps worker, Ms. Natalie Mundy.  Now, why is she here as opposed to Land's End and Let Girls Learn people?

Jesse gets such an edit, it can only be the Loser's Edit. 
I mean, we saw his life history.

On the Tim-thru, he steers Peytie away from grommets.


Tim is impressed with how much work Zachary had already done.

Maya gets Tim's approval on her look.

Jaxson says his girl is going on a date.  Tim is let down.  He questions it being a dress.   He inspires Jaxson to go romper.

Jesse needs to switch skirt fabrics.  He has a back up.  He can.

Victoria gets the 'one-note' slap on the hand.    He has a heavy hand in pointing her in the right direction.  Zachary notices and says as much.

Aaaah, let's cut to the runway.   It's the same judges as always, Hannah, Christian, Kelly and Aia.











Hannah calls out the top & bottom, and sends safe middle Samantha, Zach, Matt and Bridget out back.

Zachary's girl is a party animal, going to a high end red carpet after-party.  Christian is sold and interested.   Kelly likes the sophistication.  Aia compliments his thinking.

Jaxson's take on sporty was confusing for Christian.  Kelly wants to see a drawstring, she is 'correcting' it immediately.  Hannah doesn't mind his vision, but doesn't think he arrived at the final product.

Aia gives a real Nina critique to Jesse, that he would come on here and make *that.*   Hannah insists he is way cooler than his output.   The judges admit to liking the execution of the skirt.

Kelly is enjoying Peytie's work.  Aia loves the design and construction.  Christian gets the vision quickly.

Victoria's school look doesn't qualify as a school look.  Kelly wishes the details weren't hidden by using all black.

Maya's sporty jacket is a hit.  Kelly admires that the construction is perfect.   Christian is over athletic wear, but likes this.  Aia finds it editorial.

Peytie wins, and gets to design a backpack for Land's End.
Zachary and Maya are safe.

Jesse is eliminated.

Jaxson is in, 

so Victoria is out.

The heavy Jesse/Loser edit earlier made it so easy to see it all coming.  Had it NOT been there, I might have thought they could keep Jesse and let Jaxson go, for not honoring the brief.   At least Jesse's was indeed for school.

Tune in next week for more teams!

Hooo Boy!


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