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Project Runway Junior s1e3  Teamwork Is Hard  3 December 2015

Last time on PR Junior the contestants created fashion from various items found at a car wash.   After the scoring was done, there was a top four and a bottom two, with five safe middlers.

Zachary beat out Jesse, Peytie and Samantha for the win.

Matt was bottom two, but Ysabel was the one eliminated.

The remaining ten contestants meet up with Hannah Davis on the runway.  She looks like she's flying a kite back there, but, honest, it's just the button bag.  She creates two teams of five each, so no one selects anyone, it's all random.  Or, "random," take your pick.

Matt, Peytie, Jesse, Samantha & Maya are one team, and Victoria, Zachary, Zach, Jaxson & Bridget are the other.   

They them meet up with Tim Gunn and Mimi Goodwin (DIY blogger) to introduce the Simplicity challenge:   Create a 5 look cohesive collection inspired by the 1940s, 1950s or 1960s.   MPJSM choose 1960s, and VZZJB take 1940s.   The individual winner will get a Simplicity pattern of his or her garment available for purchase.   Wait, if they made it, they don't a pattern for it.  I mean, the pattern will be available for sale to the general public.

Not *that* general public.

Two members per team shop at Mood, $400 for each five member team.  There's a mini Mood with extra fabric in a nearby room, so, is there really a need to shop wisely?  Not sure what mini Mood has, fabric-wise, but it does look like a variety of solids.

During sketch time they seem to be alright, 

"What are you looking at ME for?"

but, while at Mood Peytie & Samantha
seem to veer off course with fabric selection.

On the Tim-thru, he doesn't like Zachary's zippers to go at the hem of the pants.    Tim tells Bridget he's ambivalent about her red dress, but I'm not sure if he means execution or design & execution.    Jaxson gets the 'church lady' sound byte that was promoted.   His white shirt ain't gonna fly.  Wait, that's it?

Tim is quick to nix Maya's Peter Pan collar on her 1960s dress.  Samantha has a coat and she is going to make a dress for underneath.  Tim is underwhelmed.   Matt is aiming for Twiggy, but coming up short.  Only Maya's (sans the collar) passes for 1960s.   Tim is aghast at the taupe that they are using.  It looks more peanut butter than taupe to me.

Team 1960s goes back to the drawing board.

"Well, not ALL of us."

Bridget is celebrating in the sewing room.

Team 1960s doesn't have model fitting for the most part.   That's rough!

Aaah, let's jump right to the runway. 
It's the same ol' judges, Hannah Davis,
Christian Siriano, Kelly Osbourne and Aya Kanai.











Team 1940s is the winning team.  Jaxson is the only one who heard anything negative (execution of his top.)  Zach and Bridget hear the most praise.  Or, it's edited that way, I mean.  The judges praise them for achieving cohesion.  Zach's construction is applauded, Bridget's vision is what makes her garment, well, that and fabric choice.

Team 1960s is the losing team.  Hannah stressed that the 1960s team wasn't terrible.   Christian found the collection flat, boring & cheap.  Kelly wanted them to embrace the vibrant colors of the period.  Matt's look is more 1950s than 1960s, and they keep seeing the same pieces from him.  Samantha's coat is a hit, but the dress underneath is a miss.   Aya believes that Samantha's dress was made at the last hour.   It seems like Kelly wants Samantha to go and Christian wants Matt to go.

Bridget beats out Zach for the win.

Bottom two are Matt and Samantha. 
Hannah keeps them both in. 
The judges want to see more from each.   

Hannah announces that there will be a double elimination next time.     Funny, I agree with Samantha, I thought that they would have eliminated both of them this episode.   

Next time:  Michelle Obama on a monitor and 'the girl on the go."

Not *that* go.


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