Thursday, December 31, 2015

Walking  13 • 31 December 2015

I had to run a bunch of errands today.  I didn't get them all done, but I did put a dent in the list, so to speak.  I did walk 13 miles this morning.  Yes, I got up at 5:30a for it.  LOL

Happy New Year!


Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Walking  3 • 30 December 2015

I had a minor errand to take care of this morning, and I ended up walking 3 miles.  Tomorrow I will be running (walking) many errands.  I bet I do more than 10 tomorrow.   But, we'll see how it goes then.


Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Project Runway Junior s1e5  Race To The Red Carpet  17 December 2015

Due to severe illness, this is a rather belated post. 
My regrets in not getting this out any sooner. 
No fear, this illness will pass.
Although, it hasn't yet.

Last time on PR Jr. the contestants created looks for the woman on the go.  

Maya and Zachary were in the top three.

but Peytie edged them out for the win.

Jaxson was in the bottom three,

but it was Jesse and Victoria who got the axe.

The eight remaining contestants meet up with host Hannah Davis at the runway.  They have theatre seats and they can see red curtain.  Finding Neverland's Laura Michelle Kelly is introduced.  

Zach:  You’re not Matthew Morrison, I’m not interested.  You can drop dead, old person.

"Everybody is old to me.  It's such a burden."

The challenge is to create an extra special evening look fit for a Broadway opening night.  It’s a team challenge!    

Hannah (or the button bag) pairs up:
           Maya & Peytie  (Peytie has the last immunity)
           Bridget & Jaxson
           Zach & Samantha
           Zachary & Matt

Back in the work room Tim tells them that they are making one look in five hours.  Mini Mood is all they get.  He does state that it is available during the entire five hours.  *That* is interesting.    Tim brings in reinforcements:

s11 Samantha, s11&s13 Amanda, s10 Fabio & s10 Sonja

Zach evidently likes *these* old people.

They sketch, design and get to work.

Two hours in, Tim shows up!

Samantha, Zach & Samantha didn’t want to go with a red dress on the red carpet.   Tim states he is a little dubious.  He is worried the jumpsuit underneath will underwhelm the judges.

Matt, Zachary & Amanda have a lot done already.  Zachary is worried about the two disconnected red fabrics.   They all muse about what to do, without coming up with a bona fide idea.  

Fabio, Peytie & Maya want to go elegant, but still stand out.  Tim is annoyed at the overlay.  Tim steers them back to Mini Mood to re-conceptualize the bottom.

Tim tells Jaxson, Bridget & Sonjia’s work is on the bottom.   He thinks the fabric is the culprit.

They go back to Mini Mood, and Sonjia helps Bridget focus as she breaks down.   It looks bad, but they are back to working on an idea soon enough.

3 hours in, they have model fitting.  They all seem happy except for Maya.

I’m not sure that they *should* all seem happy (besides Maya.)

Let’s see how they did.   It’s the regular judges as always, host Hannah Davis, s4 winner, designer Christian Siriano, designer & critic Kelly Osbourne, and Cosmo & Seventeen fashion director Aya Kanai.

Zachary & Matt

Samantha & Zach

Maya & Peytie

Bridget & Jaxson

Maya & Peytie made a jumper/romper with a train, and a belt.  Kelly thinks the shorts are *too* short, but otherwise the judges al adore the work.  Christian thinks they had the right attitude, the ‘make it work’ attitude, he sees their effort.

Zachary & Matt’s execution is noticed by all of the judges.  Each has something they wish to change.  Some do like their ideas, none the construction.

Jaxson & Bridget wanted to make something edgy, but flowing & beautiful.   Christian likes the pleating.  Aya finds it interesting, editorial, something she hasn’t seen before.  Kelly loves the fabric choice.  She reminds them that it is a big deal that they haven’t seen it before.  Christian later calls it a “Seaworld pleather onesie thing.”

“There’s nothing wrong with that.”

Samantha made the pants & top, Zach did the cape.   The judges all rave about the fabric choice, and design direction.  Hannah likes the shoulders of the cape.  Christian likes the mix of B&W and navy.   Aya notes that all four looks had innovation.   

Peytie & Maya both win the challenge.

Samantha & Zach were a close 2nd, and are safe,

Bridget & Jaxson are both safe and in.

Bottom two are Zachary & Matt.

Matt is axed, Zachary is kept on.   Did you think it would go any other way?  Hannah reminds Matt they she stuck up for him before, and that they all believe in his talent.

Tune in next time for janky, cheap, ho-hum dance wear!

“It’s the most wonderful direction they could ever go, right?


Monday, December 28, 2015

Walking  6 • 28 December 2015

I had an errand to run, so I walked six miles this morning.   Now, shower time!


Sunday, December 27, 2015

Walking  7 • 27 December 2015

I had a crisis pop up, and had to walk an additional 7 miles this evening.   I seem okay, and the crisis was averted, so all is well, I think.

Shower time!