Thursday, November 26, 2015

Walking  2 • 25 November 2015

I had to walk to the primary doctor, and thank GOD my numbers were terrific, and much better than I deserved.  It should have been a six mile trek.   I got a ride TO the place at the last minute.  Then, when I was 1 mile from home, a neighbor saw me in the rain and offered me a ride.   Everyone was so nice to me.   I better play the lottery.  So, I walked 2 miles yesterday and thought I ought to log it.

I will post a little something on PRJ soon.   Something very short, silly and nonsensical.   And, the shade is thrown at myself, not the contestants.  Promise.

Happy Thanksgiving to all celebrating it, and, God have mercy on anyone brave or stupid enough to be outside of their homes on Friday.  =op


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