Friday, November 13, 2015

Project Runway s14e15 • Reunion • 12 November 2015

Thursday night the reunion for season 14 aired.   There were few surprises, which is sad, because I did want a couple of things fully addressed.   Oh, they were mentioned, but not elaborated on.

0.  Booze was served.

“Personally, Arian (who believes in
what is true) I can’t personally give a crap.”

1.  This was Tim’s least favorite season, if you believe the Internet.  This was barely addressed.  

2. Candice thought just the fact that Ashley created plus size finale garments gave her an edge for the win.  Mostly, however, she was complimentary.   Swapnil thought it translated to all sizes.  I did wonder if they all thought Kelly should have won like most of the PR fans across the country seemed to, except yours truly et mon posse.  (It's all about fabric choices, per Tim & Nina, ouais?)

3. Kelly’s eventual winning over of Nina throughout the season was mentioned.  But, other than her being the first, not much else was said.

4. Edmond & his secrecy got a montage

5. Merline and her work room exuberance got a montage.

6.  Tim admits that he & Swapnil had their ups & downs.   He wasn’t the only one that didn’t think that SS wasn’t working up to his potential, but Tim’s gushing about it to the judges was never discussed.   Tim’s sabotage of Swapnil’s supposedly horrendous attitude, well, it shouldn’t have happened.  Yes.  I’m pissed off Mr. Shinde did not try his hardest all the time.  However, that’s none of the judges’ concern.  All they need to know is how to use a pen on their score post cards, and some basic math for tallying up the scores.    

7. Joseph thinks he got a bad edit, that he was really a blessing to Merline when they were in pairs for challenge #3.  Yes.  He didn’t even see the manipulation and back & front stabbing.  What was putting her on lock down seconds after the pairing?

8.  Blake’s racism was mentioned.  (During challenge #2) When he & Swapnil had a short exchange.   Swapnil got it later in the day, so there wasn’t an issue there, on set, like there was an issue throughout the country after that bit aired.

9.  The paintball 2-team challenge, where many bullied Ashley, well, it wasn’t all talked through by the time the reunion came around.   It turns out, when the girls’ team was having difficulty, she went over to the fabric dye and started working, dying the fabric, and most of the girls saw that as dissing the group.  I don’t, necessarily, although I do see it as not going down with the ship.  Ashley saw it as living quarter cliques (she was in one sleeping area, the ‘mean girls’ were all in another.)

Laurie sensed that everyone was going to through Ashley under the bus.  She told Ashley, correctly, that they were indeed going to do that, but it was just an assumption at the time.  

Jake recognized Blake thinking that Ashley was indeed being thrown under the bus.  Candice thinks Blake (everyone?) thinks it was *just* her, but it was really several of the girls being 'mean' to Ashley.

We don’t know what happened any further than that.   Ugh.  So, no definite understanding.   Note to self:  When they run out of talent and you get cast on PR428, bring a gun and a knife and a taser.  You’ll never be able to deal with unresolved backbiting and fighting.  It's every man for himself.  

“Life is so much easier when there is no competition.”

10.  Hanmiao and Edmond seem to have worked things out (team challenge, episode #3.)   Jake & Lindsey were not mentioned, although Jake thought it might be.

11.  They barely acknowledged that most of the designers thought Duncan (eliminated first) and David (eliminated 2nd) were going to go very far, and that when they were eliminated, it was jarring for them.

12.  Hanmiao and Blake got drunk enough to make a ‘love’ connection.   

“Well, no one will ever be as drunk as I was.”

13.  They show all the crying.

“Finally, it ain’t just me!”

14.  Mary Kay awarded Kelly $25,000, since she won the most challenges.   Nice, eh?   Cash! not $25,000 in makeup.

15. Something is airing next week?  Betcha Zulema's model walk off or Chris & Christian's avant garde look are completely ignored.   Hell, bet that any Bravo era moments are shunned, right?  Shoegate, Andre's runway meltdown, Santino singing, Jeffrey making Angela's mom cry, Korto's seatbelt coat and Kenley, oh, Kenley, Jerry Tam's slasher look and Blayne's pooping fabric.  Maybe they will show something from PRAS?


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