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Project Runway s14e14 • Finale, Part 2 • 5 November 2015

Last time on Project Runway
Tim visited the four remaining contestants, as
they each prepared a 10-look collection with $9,000.

Upon returning to NYC, Tim informed them they would be showing three looks to the judges for guidance, as, more than any other season, there was quite the chatter that they NEEDED to hear from the judges before hand.  Oh, and one of the three would be a new look, after $250 at Mood.  (Still no Swatch, fearing the worst.)

No one went through the critiques unscathed.

Instead of the usual too-long play by play, let's just look at the collections and do a brief summary. There's a reason for this.  Most of the people I post for, the people I know in real life, they have already shared their thoughts with me, and we were mostly in agreement.   Also, Thursday night feels like years ago, already.    When you're *this* old, time zooms by quickly. 

Candice placed 4th


I'm with the judges, in that the level of cohesion I'd want isn't there.    Nina called out the first one as fully edgy, and yet fully feminine.   What would a collection be like if that was a strict and sole inspiration?   I love her stuff, but I think I end up giving too much of a pass on the costumey front, because it is so fun to see.   But, only when it is not referential.  Heidi labeled it cliche, and I did even think 'studenty,'  but I loved so many pieces, just the same.

Edmond placed 3rd


Like Candice's, the cohesion is lacking, I get that.  Look #6 troubles me, and I cannot tell if it is merely my poor eyesight, or if it is a genuine construction issue, but the wide black trim seems misplaced.   Still not sure, since I can't see it too well.

"I liked the toilet paper dress."

I'm in Heidi's camp, the simple sexy dresses come off complete and exciting.  When he goes exuberant, he can lose the taste and sexiness.

Kelly placed 2nd


Cohesion!   Hallelujah!  I do see that Kelly upped the sophistication throughout the season.   Because it is so focused, it's easy to get who her girl is, her point of view.   I wish I could replace either the faux bois or the metal diamond plate pattern, even though they are in Kelly's elevated aesthetic, I'd want them to be even more upscale.  Even as I'm typing this, I'm not sure I am correct.  But, it is what I'm thinking.

Ashley won PR14


Such cohesion with the focused fabrics and colors.  Tim was right about grounding it all with the plum.   I see that most, but not all of them, are wearing the hats.   I'm not sure if I see mumsy anymore.   Maybe I'm just overlooking it because I like Ashley so much?   I don't know.  I hope I'm being objective, but after she was chosen last on that 2-team challenge, I've felt bad for her.

Ready for the reunion?     How about PR Jr?   I will definitely watch.  Not sure if I will blog on it, but I think I should, just to keep my brain going.  (I know, too late.)   =op

I'm still torn as to whether Tim needs to apologize to Swapnil or vice versa.   I mean, to me, he sure does, but I wasn't there, and who knows what was edited out of all that footage?

Congratulations, Ashley.   You earned the win.


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