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Project Runway Junior s1e2  "While We're Waiting"  26 November 2015
So, we have had two episodes, and, for some weird reason, I don't have a favorite yet.   Most seasons I do by the first episode, if not already by the time I see the house tours.   So, I thought, let's look at each season's first episode and see what we can glean from the statistics.

Austin won the very first challenge
the Gristedes challenge.
He didn't win the season, he placed 4th.
None of the top three for the season
were in the top 3 for the first challenge.

Daniel was eliminated,
placing 12th out of 12 for season one.

Surprisingly, it was Starr (2nd worst on that challenge)
that inspired Nina to stick out her tongue in disgust.
Heidi was repulsed by Daniel's garbage bag look.

Santino won the first challenge of season two, 
the $20, some muslin and a week challenge.
He didn't win the season, he placed 3rd out of 16.
No one else was in the top for that challenge.
There were four in the bottom, and two stayed on..

Both John and Heidi were eliminated on that challenge,
and I am guessing that means he placed 16th and 

she placed 15th, but you can think of them
as tying for 15th, or for 16th.

Keith won the first challenge of season 3,
the apartment furnishings as fabric challenge.
He didn't win the season,
he was disqualified a few episodes later,
placing 12th out of 15.
One of the final four was in the top 3 for the 1st challenge,
our beloved Laura Bennett.

Stacey was thrown by the sewing machines,
and was eliminated, placing 15th out of 15.

Rami won the 1st challenge of s4.
He didn't win the season, he placed 2nd.
He & Christian were in the top 3 on the first challenge, 
and they were the top 2 for s4, when the dust settled.

Simone placed 15th our of 15.

Kelli won the repeat of the Gristedes challenge on s5,
She didn't win the season, she placed 12th out of 16.
Of the final 3, only Korto was in the top 3 the first challenge.

Poor Jerry was eliminated for his
slasher in the rain (or blood) look,
placing 16th for s5.

Christopher's VMA red carpet dress won him the 1st challenge of s6.
He didn't win the season, he placed 5th.
None of the final three were in the top three for the first challenge

Ari's 2080 VMA look got her the axe, she placed 16th out of 16.

She also inspired some judging tongue.

Emilio won the first challenge in s7.
He didn't win his season, he placed 2nd.
He & Seth Aaron were in the top 3 for the first challenge,
of the final three.

Chrstiane placed 16th out of 16.

Gretchen was the unanimous winer of s7e1,
the 5 hour use another's piece of clothing.
She WON s8. 
No one else was in the top with her for the 5 hour,
other-people's-clothing challenge.

Six were in the bottom, but only McKell was kicked off,
for questionable styling and revealing breasts.

Bert won the s9 sleepwear challenge.
He did not win his season, he placed 6th.
The season winner was in the top 3 (Anya,)
but none of the others from the final four were.

Four contestants were kicked off before the challenge started.

Rafael got the boot, and placed 16th.

Christopher won the Times Square Runway challenge,
and Melissa was with him in the top 3. 
Neither won s10. 
So, two of the four finale people were in the top 3 out of the door.

Beatrice placed 16th out of 16 in s10.

On the team season, Daniel won the first challenge,
and he placed 4th out of 16 for the entire season.
Only Patricia from the finale three made the top three that challenge.

Emily was first eliminated, 16th out of 16.

I guess only the judges are allowed to stick out their tongues, eh?

On the parachute challenge Bradon beat out the others for the win.
He was the only one of the final four to be in the first challenge's top 3.

Angela was the first to go, placing 16th out of 16.

Under The Gunn handled things differently,
and for the first two episodes, nobody was in the top,
but three contestants were eliminated,
before being paired with a mentor.

And, that would be Melissa, Amy & Rey.

For PR13, Sandhya won the first challenge.
Returnee Amanda was the only finalist to
make it to the top 3 on the first challenge.

Tim, Nzinga and Emmanuel were eliminated at the beginning,

and Jefferson was eliminated at the end of the challenge.

Finally, Ashley won the first challenge of s14, and
she won the entire season, too.

Duncan was the first of the 16 contestants to be kicked off.

So, if you are keeping up, only twice has the first
winner won the the entire season.  13% of the time.
More often than not, the winner of the season
wasn't even in the top three of the first challenge.

But, Christian, Seth Aaron, Gretchen, Anya & Ashley were in their first challenge's top 3.
33% of the time, the season winner places top 3 first time around.

In other words.  PR Jr. doesn't necessarily belong to Samantha.

Alright.   Maybe that was a little indulgent.    I didn't want to miss on a recap, just because Lifetime wanted to skip PRJ.  Still quite curious as to who will be on PRAS5.  Wishing I could see more Anthony Capon (PRA2.)   Or, that Russell Villafuerte would knock on my door (PRP2.)


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