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Project Runway Junior s1e2  Welcome To New York  12 November 2015

Last time on Project Runway Junior we met 12 new contestants, ranging from 13 to 17 years old.   Their first challenge was to use NYC as inspiration for a garment of their choice.   

"They got to shop at Mood, first thing."

Jaxson & Maya placed top three.

Samantha won the challenge.

Victoria & Zach placed bottom three.

Sami was eliminated.

I struggled this week with pic quality, again, as you can tell.
Read on an empty stomach, I guess.
I'm also fighting with formatting,  and losing.
God, I'm a mess, huh?

At least I'm in good company.  Hannah still doesn't have the hand formation for summoning one's super powers like Tim does, you know, the fingers pressed together when he really is emphatic about making something happen, and it's gonna take ALL of his strength to get through and make it so.

Tim & the 11 remaining contestants meet up
with host Hanna Davis at a car wash.
It's an unconventional materials challenge. 
Note how the items were all lined up
for them to conveniently grab in 3 minutes.  

It's a one day challenge, and Tim makes sure
they know to make their outfits look like
*real* fashion, *real* clothes.

On the Tim-thru:  Tim raves about Jesse’s key chain shoulders.

He is worried that Bridget is so far behind, so far in to the challenge.  (She kept changing her design.)  He steers her in a specific direction (breast plate armor top) and kicks her forward.

Peytie impresses Tim with her mop top.

Not that Mop Top.

“Everyone loves a good mop.”

The air freshener skirt is not so respected, if only for time constraints

Tim seems to approve of Matt’s top.  Matt explains he doesn’t want to add volume with the thick tubing.  Tim advises him to cut it in half.

Zachary’s top is bits of (mostly underside) of pin wheels.  Tim urges him to commit to the skirt mats that he is ambivalent about.

Tim approves of Samantha’s bright color blocking.

Jaxson is told to keep an eye on his shorts.

Ysabel made a top with ripped up sponge pieces.  The skirt is out of flag pieces.  Tim calls it “Gilligan’s Island.”

“That’s a compliment, no?”


During model fitting, Jesse shows his sketch book to his model.   
Are you thinking what I'm thinking?


Did you notice that there was no hair or makeup product placement?   Some bad blood must have transpired, since Parsons is no longer even mentioned.  (Yes, Parsons moved, but PR didn't move WITH them.)  I guess they have to mention FIDM in CA, since they are offering free tuition as a prize.   But, then, why not film IN California?   So many questions, so little time.

Maybe Tim is over Parsons?   Maybe I'm on crack, too.

Never mind, let's get to the runway, sans any guest judge. 












Hannah calls out Bridget, Jaxson, Maya, Zach & Victoria as the middle safe, and sends them out back.  Oh, and Hannah complimented them all, they could only find two low scores (meaning there are also four high scores, like the first unconventional challenge of s14.  New pattern, eh?)

Peytie’s mops are a hit.  Most of the judges find nothing wrong with it.

Samantha used car wash gloves for her color blocked look.  The judges rave about her being a great designer.  Interesting.   Hannah doesn’t like the actual colors, but still likes the blocking.

Matt gushes that his skirt is god-awful.  Kelly reminds him it is the execution (only) that is poor.  Christian liked that he wasn’t afraid of a difficult material.  The judges like that Matt understood what the problems were.

Jesse’s work was Hannah’s favorite look.  The judges admire the fit and finish.  Kelly can’t find anything bad to say.

Ysabel’s attitude is a hit with the judges, but the design and construction, not so.  Kelly points out the white portion of the top, being incongruous with the other fabrics, and calls it all trashy.  Hannah deems it inexpensive.

Christian likes that Zachary’s bodice is so well put together.  The judges all rave about the entire outfit.   However, with the shiny, Christian does title it “J-Lo on a budget.”  Ha!

Zachary is the winner!
Strong #2 Jesse, plus Peytie and Samantha are all safe.

Bottom two are Ysabel and Matt.

Ysabel is out.  Matt is still in it.  Thank GOD for Matt’s levity, eh?

Tune in next week for … teams!

“I think I’m going to pass on that.”


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