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Project Runway Junior s1e1  Welcome To New York  12 November 2015

Okay, here’s the deal.  I could only find two sources with decent resolution. (Usually I have 4 or 5.)  So, this means, hardly any pic work.  So, this recap will be sadly lacking.

“Aren’t they all sadly lacking?
Surely you mean that this is the one time you
have someone other than yourself to blame.”

Yeouch and point taken.

Why wasn’t there a guest judge?  I guess there doesn’t have to be.   But, it was host Hannah Davis, designer & former PR winner Christian Siriano, adorable offspring of a celebrity Kelly Osbourne, and fashion editor for both Cosmopolitan and Seventeen, Aya Kanai.  Tim watched so he didn't feel left out, as he does of late.

Safe middle.  Not sure if the top front needs to fit better.   I do like how it feels like a different garment from the back.

Safe middle.  I generally hate the 'handkerchief' bottom hem, but for some reason I don't mind it here.   Is there enough NY in it?   I am not sure.

Bottom three.  The judges were unimpressed with the design.  I get that he was planning on a mermaid dress in the work room, so maybe he doesn't course correct easily?   Hmmmm.   Hate the treatment of the girls, the rain-catchers.   I guess they are lying too flat to call them that.  They look more like bunny ears.  Or Ickis ears.  Completely agree with the judges that this was looking backward, not forward.

Bottom three.   The judges mentioned the car wash skirt, but only called her out for the execution, not the initial idea!   I didn't mind the proportion on the top, if it had been more like fringe than thick seatbelt car wash pieces, maybe.


Safe middle.   I love the 'strappy' details on the top.   The asymmetry bothers me, but I think the judges will accept it.

Safe middle.  On the Tim-thru Matt was complimented for using velvet so well.  I see the NY inspiration, but since it is a first challenge, maybe they aren't going to be caring so much about the inspiration?

Winner!   Kelly called out the construction.  Samantha didn't even spend all of her money?   Ha!  She nabbed immunity for the next challenge.   Aya noted that this hinted at avant garde.  That can only be a good thing.

Safe middle.  I like the top bit, but keep thinking it is too safe and plain.  But, man, I like it.  Hope we see more design, more substance, on the next challenge, then I'll know whether he reverenced the challenge or played it safe.

#12 of 12, eliminated.   Construction and execution were mentioned.  Christian did like the back.  The volume killed it for me.  I did like the initial fabric and color.   Geez, now I sound like I'm trying to be Nina (it's all about the fabric.)

We're still having a fight chez moi, with Tim's pronunciation of mauve.  Maybe it's growing up on Long Island, but I want to hear it rhyming with tawk and cawfee.   And don't get me started on Tim saying 'dossier.'   Ah, the point.   Top three.   Her use of negative space for the back reminded me of a few PR designs where that bit was alarmingly close to the vaginal area.  Yeah, all I can think of is Blayne's first look for PR5, but I know it happened and worse for someone in the Lifetime era.

Top three.  Jaxson's day front, night back look was a hit with the judges.  I worried he might be taken to task for such a simple, literal inspiration, but, I did like it just as much as the judges did.  Christian saw construction issues.  I thought it fit well.

Safe middle.  I did think that the flounce was well made, and friends reminded me that I have always picked on designers for doing so, and then doing so badly.  So, good on you, Zachary, competent construction makes all the difference.    I wanted the judges to rank this in the top just so I could hear about the cut outs, and the fit, and whether this was fashion forward enough or not.  

And, there ya have it.   I couldn't really tell from my recording off of cable how good or bad the execution was on some garments.   But, just as talented a group as any regular PR, don't you think?  Hoping the unconventional materials challenge is next.

Do you think Tim is onto something or that he will eat his words, comparing Junior much more favorably than PR14?


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