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Project Runway s14e13 • Finale, Part 1 • 29 October 2015

Last time on Project Runway the four
remaining designers flew to L.A. & back

in order to showcase runway looks.

Kelly won the challenge, and she
moved forward to show at Fashion Week.

But first, Candice was told she was moving forward, 
though she was scolded for playing it safe.

"So much for starting with the winner.
Guess there's a favorite designer this year."

"*This* year???"

Ashley's extra strap was called into question
by Nina, but she moved forward, nevertheless.

Edmond was cut.
Get this: Tim never came back stage to
tell him to clear out from the work room.
Neither did he use his "Tim Gunn Save."

"What was he thinking?
Oh, maybe he's saving it for season 15,
so he can have two of them."

I predict that the episode opens with him resurrecting poor Edmond.
Betcha the judges forbid him use of the cyan &
magenta sequined fabric for his finale collection.

Can you imagine?  The judges telling Candice to not use any black or red,
Ashley must not use any questionable patterns,
or Kelly can't .... hmmm ... Kelly can't what?

"I can't use any deli meats."

Okay, fine.

We open with Edmond being saved.    How anti-climactic is *that?*

Well, it is the beginning of the episode, I guess there is that.

So, they get $9,000 (hadn’t it been upped to $10,000 for a few seasons?) and seven weeks to create their 10 looks.

“We only got five weeks.”

Heidi asks Ashley to create a plus-size line.   That’s weird, to me.  I fully expected Ashley to do so, so why was she *asked?*

Five weeks later Tim visits Ashley.   That’s ... that’s not too late?   Ashley was inspired by a modern take on 1950’s Mexico City.   She dyed her own fabrics, including lotsa lace.

Say it, you know you wanna.
Maybe while licking lollipops in Lillehammer.

She has matronly head pieces, but Tim doesn’t leave it there, he says it’s okay because she’s not playing it safe?  If I didn’t know better, I’d say that he was setting her up to fail, by telling her it was okay to play with something matronly, eh? 

“Maybe she likes to design for 40 to death?”

Candice has the undercarriage of a garment outside because it doesn’t  fit in her studio?   Amazing.

Candice has some spectacular shapes going on, eh?  

There’s a look that is so heavy Tim can’t lift it!
Two words:  Planet Fitness.
Or maybe: Personal Assistant.

Tim doesn’t like the fabric that would go on/around the cage (that can’t fit in the place.)   Tim calls it too drag queen and cheap, and she needs to tone it down.  He gives her plenty of ideas.  But will she take the advice?   She wants to go extravagant.  I don’t blame her on that.

Kelly is FINISHED.   Good on you, girl.   That’s the only way to play this, be prepared, and focused.

She went with the triangles, still.  Is that bad?  I still kind of like it.  (And, before I forget, why aren't the others finished?   It's fool-hardy to not be on point or ahead of the game, but also a bit disrespectful of Tim, eh?)

"How *dare* anyone be disrespectful to Tim!"

Tim likes the wood?  Not what I was expecting.  Now if only I could remember exactly which episode, or even season, when he told a contestant: "It looks like faux bois."

“I did all the zipper detail.“

“I don’t know if I like her stealing that idea from me.

Tim is *thrilled* that she made fanny packs for all of the looks.

When the camera pans to the headphones, all I can think of is Jay McCarroll’s finale collection.   Would the judges knock her down a few pegs for that?

Tim tells her she has a real show.  Whew! 

And, don’t forget the sub!   Not sure if I
want the hero or the one carrying it more.

When Edmond reaches for this, all I can think of is:

“When you don’t know what to do, put some ruffles on it.”

Edmond wanted to incorporate the glamorous, luxurious side of fashion.  He didn’t know whether he wanted to do all gowns/cocktail dresses, or if he should do swimwear, business attire, etc.


Tim steers him away from some of his looks, and towards others.   Now he has to produce one look a day till he ships the garments up to NYC.   Yeouch!

Soon they are back in NYC, and Tim is giving them a twist:  They must show three looks to the judges for feedback, not elimination.  One of the three will be brand new.   They get $250 at Mood and one day to produce.   Tim does say that the $250 can be used for ANYTHING for the collection.  Does that mean that they don’t have to spend the entire $250 on the new garment?   Sweet, right?

You know what surprises me?  They didn’t offer up any eliminated contestants to help them out.   Maybe they haven’t done that in a while, huh?

Tim does come through later in the day.   He’s complimentary to Kelly.   She has minor fixes.

Tim enjoys one of Edmond’s pieces, and is frowning with the second.

“More ruffles?  They make me sick!”

Edmond doesn’t have the new look done yet!   Tim doesn’t even think he can do it in time.  Yeouch again!

“Start cutting!”

Uh-oh, no more scissors drama.

Candice has color and print in her collection, so she’s showing solid black to Tim?   Tim tells her to switch one out with a red & white number.

Comme ca.

Tim likes the new look.   So, that was mostly good, yes?

Tim questions the proportions of the bottom of one of Ashley’s looks. 

There is still the issue of whether she should use all of her headpieces.   Well, not all ten on three girls, but you get the idea.

Let’s see how it went:





When Tim said, “And I’m staying because you are suffering from fatigue, stress, anxiety, so I’m taking notes for you” did you crack up?  This matches all the fans across the country who have been underwhelmed with this season’s work, huh?  AND, this makes sense with Tim whining that this was the worst season ever.  At least now I believe HE thinks so, if he thought he had to take notes for them!
Edmond states that a B&W collection would be a challenge to make cohesive.   Well, considering that that was his only criteria, maybe he's right.   Zac sees ruffle costumes.   He wants Edmond’s normal attitude in it.   Heidi sees no cohesion whatsoever.   She likes the middle, and not the other two.  She wants a collection built around the middle one.   Zac sighs at the thought of all dresses and gowns.   Edmond states that he wanted to show them three very cohesive looks, but they ain’t!  Nina misses his sexiness, and the sweetness of the three just isn’t him.  The judges all want the first look dropped.

Edmond interviews that he is SURPRISED at their reaction.   Wow.  

Kelly wanted to create Studio 54 meets New Wave era street-wear.  Zac gets it immediately and he is smiling.  Heidi thinks all of them look like they were each made in a day, and the fabric looks cheap.   She thinks it is quite like what is available for cheap in stores right now.    She does throw out ‘snoozefest.’


Nina doesn’t see any sense of luxury anywhere.  She finds the shorts ill-fitting.  She sees it all as throw-away, why would these pieces ever be in a show?  Zac and Heidi do think it can be fixed, though, and Kelly does react positively, that’s she’s up for the challenge ahead of her.

Ashley thanks them for letting her make a plus-size collection.   Zac picks on the fit immediately.    He does like the cohesion, the lace and the hand-dying.  Nina likes the consistent message.  Nina is smiling, and calls it adorable.  She’s over the head pieces, though, and misses the attention to detail and her normal play with color.   She does throw out “mother of the bride.”     Nina wants the flower bits only on a few.  Heidi thinks they could be in different sizes, at least.

Nina interrupts:  “Do you really want everybody to talk about your flowers or do you want everybody to talk about your clothing?  Okay.  Case rested.”

“Case closed.”

Ashley interviews that she’s thrilled they saw cohesion.   And, yes, we need the chyron at *this* point, LOL.

Candice explains her asian inspired line, and that she is showing the first few pieces.    Zac labels it costumey right away.  Nina wants to axe the hat immediately.  Heidi sees many different runway shows.  She does like some individual pieces.   She sees cliche after cliche.   Nina accuses her of copying McQueen, but she does want the black jacket saved and reworked to be more hers.

Heidi gives them a pep-talk.  They have two days, but I think that she means they will show in 2 days, and they will really have only one full day to work.   Nina tells them not to panic.  Edmond must set it up and be himself.  Kelly must commit, go for it and amp it up.  Ashley must focus on detail and fit, which is so important to her.  Candice needs to tone it down, especially the styling.   Wait, isn't "be you" diametrically opposed to her toning it down?

And that’s the end?

Tune in next week when someone wins season 14.  I'm almost more eager to see the reunion.

And some apologies, eh?

And PR Junior, of course!


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