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Project Runway s14e12 • Roll Out The Red Carpet • 22 October 2015

Last time on Project Runway the five remaining contestants
were inspired by bridges to make avant garde looks.
They even printed 3D bits to incorporate into the designs.

Kelly nabbed her third win.

Guest judge Mel B requested to wear Candice's creation.

Candice & Kelly found the whole thing distasteful, evidently.

Merline was eliminated, placing 5th for the season.
Funny, she happy danced her way out.

Before we jump into the episode,
how about remembering those that went on before, eh?

What did you think when a couple of designers
mentioned that they saw Duncan and/or David
making it to the finale?   How odd it
must feel for those remaining, huh?

The contestants are waiting at the runway, which has a red carpet & ropes.

When Heidi walks out … well, wow, NICE, it’s not a tight dress.   Doesn’t she look especially well?

"Not really, it's just *you* are sick of STS (short, tight, shiny.)"

Tim comes out waving plane tickets.   They are going to “the land of glam, where the lights shine bright and the stars shine brighter.” 


They are going to L.A. to make red carpet looks at FIDM.  It’s a two day challenge!

They get $400, and we get an Oscar sighting.   (Still missing Swatch.)   But, I'm ahead of myself.

At some Best Western the designers meet up with Tim and BW’s Tammy Lucas.  The winner of the challenge will get 100 free hotel nights.  Muy bueno, eh?

"I have a surprise, I'm already tipsy."

"I'm gonna dive in the pool!"

"Tim got all bent out of shape when I pushed him in the pool.
What's up with *that?*"

Ah, but Tim is dry in mere moments.  “Just look at all this smog! …  I thought that this incredible vantage point would serve as a wonderful source of inspiration for this, the gray fabric challenge.”

Tim then introduces Keltie Knight (The Insider, dancer, spokesperson, nudist for PETA) who's been hiding in her home.   Or, someone else's home?  Chris Knight's?  Not Christopher Knight's.  Is she ashamed of her home?  They dance around the subject without admitting anything.  And then KK directs them in an impromptu song for Tim.

♪ ♫ ♬ "Now sing we all, it's Halloween!  The nigh---t of frigh---t has co---me!" ♬ ♪ 

“All of my favorite big red carpet moments always have the same three things in common:  Drama, Color and Fit.  Remember this is not a time to play it safe.  You *have* to take a risk.” 

"I'm ready to take a risk and push Tim in the pool again."

"You do and I'll NEVER rescue anybody ever again."

Wanna bet someone does all black?   Or maybe they’ll go all gray, being inspired by the L.A. air.  They sketch and head off to Mood West.

Meanwhile, back at Mood, Kelly wants to revisit the triangle idea from the Hallmark Card challenge (s14e02.)  All four designers find fabric they are passionate about.

“I need you to start talking!”

You mean, like a few challenges back when the bath mat talked to Kelly?

Edmond was so drawn to the cyan & magenta sequins at Mood, but when he hits FIDM the thrill is gone?     This is a time to just plow through, right?  Surely they all showed up with ideas already in their brain, but he goes over to a different fabric.  I don’t get it.   

On day two Tim comes around.   He steers Candice away from the gold trim, and she goes all black.  It does look nice, but didn't Keltie ask for color?  Wait, is she a judge or just a 30 second mouth piece while Tim rested his larynx?  That would be good to know at this point.

Ashley has a fun gold fabric that easily creates patterns with a wipe of the hand.  Or, to be more precise, the sequins are gold on one side with a silver underside.   The more I think about it, the more I think this is not for wearing out in public.   All the wearer's friends would be touching it all night long, huh? Tim tells her to stick with the fabric, and not her ‘plan b’ fabric.  Mr. G. thinks she is over-designing.     He also finds the second fabric on the mannequin discordant.  “There are only four of you, and I don’t want *you* to be the person who doesn’t go to NY fashion week.”  Does he say that to everyone?

Kelly is using mesh to tone down the triangles.  Tim moves her away from the long gown to her original idea:  A jumpsuit.  Tim thinks it is a slam dunk.

Edmond doesn’t know what to do with the cyan & pink fabric.    He thinks his plan b look is too safe.   So now he is back to trying to figure out what to do with the sequin fun.

Soon we get the bit that was promoted all week, where Edmond runs with the scissors and goes all Uli with it.

Nina sure liked it back in 2006, right?

Back in NY during model fitting Kelly struggles with the zipper, but eventually gets it to work.

Ashley has to add a strap at the last minute.   Will the design be compromised?

Edmond cuts his dress even more once the model has it on.

“Shorter ????”

When Edmond is looking at the dress, right before they leave for the runway, all I can think is:  The fabric is doing all the work.   There’s no “design.”   But, that’s just me.

Joining Heidi, Zac & Neener is Project Runway Junior judge and PRs4 winner Christian Siriano.  Is Nina wearing an arm-constricting Helen Castillo garment?





Heidi does NOT compliment them on a good job.  Interesting.

Candice wanted to prove that she could do sophisticated, sexy and elegant.  Heidi loves it.   She wants the front to be longer, to reach the floor.  Zac finds it safe, and Nancy Kerrigan in the back, but likes it, and calls it red carpet  ready.  Nina doesn’t think it will pop on the runway, but is still complimentary.  Christian sees old Hollywood, but not dated.   He likes the underarm area.  I know that there's a joke there, but I'm leaving her armpits alone.

Kelly’s girl is Katy Perry at the VMAs.    She wanted sleek, modern and fun.  Heidi is surprised, the jumpsuit is so sophisticated.   Christian thinks it is cool and believable.  He admires the fit, and sees that others had fit troubles.  Zac thinks her work is much more refined.  Nina admits she was skeptical that Kelly would make it this far, but praises her blossoming through the season.

Edmond wanted to go more modern with the red carpet challenge.  Heidi laments that she has worn that kind of dress SO many times.  Nina praises his past look, but finds this the biggest disappointment of all of his work.  She says the fabric took over, and it’s all about the fabric, and not about him.   Christian finds it cheap and dated.  He likes that at least he bothered to use color.  Zac thinks it is not fashion forward, and is surprised that it is from him.

Ashley wanted to have fun, and explains that the fabric spoke to her, and it inspired her to go asymmetrical.  Christian likes it, and approves of the fabric selection.  He sees the fit issues, but he likes that it is one piece.  Nina thinks she looks good from any angle.   Zac likes the fabric for the runway, but not the red carpet.   He doesn’t like how the touching of the fabric changes the look.  Heidi thinks they’re all on crack, she thinks it is smokin' hot and incredible what Ashley pulled off.

The dreaded “why should you move forward and who should go with you” question does not bring about any horrific behavior.

“It’s not always like that.”

Candice moves forward, she will go to fashion week.   Heidi accuses her of playing it safe.   

Kelly wins the challenge, and all of those free nights at Best Western.  She’ll show at fashion week.

Ashley is chided for having a roller coaster season, winning challenges, yet being in the bottom a lot.  However, she is in, she’ll show at fashion week, too.

Edmond is indeed eliminated.  Heidi mourns that they are all disappointed.  He joins the others out back.

But that’s it?  No Tim?  No, 'we need you to clean up your work space' speech?  He must be offset apologizing to Swapnil, that’s it.

Maybe he's singing show tunes for the camera crew.  At any rate, I call shenanigans for not showing Tim either saving Edmond or showing him the door.  I mean, of course that is what happened, eh?  Don’t you think Tim saved him, putting him in the finale?

“Maybe he’ll save me?”

“No, he’ll bring *me* back!”

“I don’t think he’s gonna bring me back.” 

Tune in next week when Keltie Knight stages a PETA protest outside Kelly's Deli.  Or maybe they just share some cold cuts.


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  1. You are cracking me up this week, Gianni. I can't wait to see Keltie protesting Kelly's Deli! Maybe also shots of Tim skinny dipping at the Best Western with Edmond, too!