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Project Runway s14e11 • The Runway's In 3D! • 15 October 2015

Last time on Project Runway the 6 remaining contestants
made over some production crew members.

Kelly won the challenge, 

while Swapnil got the auf.

However, he did not get a hug from Tim.

"I can't begin to tell you how empty it made *me* feel."

The contestants meet up with Heidi on the runway.

But not before Candice eyes Kelly’s urine sample, huh?
Let's hope that that is apple juice.

Back on the runway, Heidi
proclaims they will work in 3D!

“I see 3D when I walk.”

“We ALL see that way ALL the time.”

“Well, not *all* of us.”

They meet Tim Gunn near the Queensboro Bridge.   They are to construct an avant garde outfit inspired by one of three bridges.   Kelly picks the Brooklyn Bridge, and then the others are assigned either the Queensboro or the Manhattan Bridge.

Tim explains that they will be using 3D printing for the first time in Project Runway history.

Because this certainly never happened.

Well, at least it wasn’t presented as a part of a challenge before.


Nothing bad on Annie, but didn’t you want Justin LeBlanc to present that bit of the challenge?

“I ain't comin' back for you.  Get over it.”

While they design & sketch, 3D consultants are standing by to assist.

They get $200 and two days.  Wow, two 2-day challenges in ONE season?  Amazing.

When Kelly gets her fabric,

all I can think of is Jesus Estrada.

At the end of the first day, one of the 3D consultants comes back to show proofs on the computer, and then they start printing (overnight, so they have their plastic bits with mesh on the morning of day two.)

Early on day two Tim comes around.

“Oh, merciful God in Heaven, what
*crap* do I have to endure *this* time around?”

Candice is heavily into the triangles.    She made six different designs.  Tim likes that the silhouette is clean.    He tells her to keep an eye on it, and he moves on.

Tim advises Ashley that the top (with the 3D printing) and the pants are not looking cohesive.  She does have more fabric, she’s not too worried.

Neither is she worried about her egg slicer appliques.

I guess it could go with Kelly Mantle's bacon blouse.

Edmond was drawn to the X’s on the bridge, so he put his name on it.

“Rightly so.”

Tim is on board until he sees the nude mesh.   Tim pushes Edmond back to the black.   He sees potential for a knock-out.

“I didn’t want to interrupt you while you were holding a pair of scissors.”

Wait, was she holding or using them, and on fabric or on people?   Does Tim think she should be using only rounded edges?    Is she that uncoordinated that he has reason to worry?  Or did he have a bad experience running with the scissors in kindergarten? 

Merline excitedly gushes about her design.  

“—do you have a plan for how you’ll do that?"  (meaning, to put everything together.)   Oh, Tim, do you think she’s just goofing around at this point?

Tim points out her execution of the bottom, it is not perfectly symmetrical or even.

“I’m getting an Amber Alert on my brain.  Evidently I am missing.”

Tim does say that he likes the top, but the bottom is a big hot mess if she doesn’t construct it correctly.

Kelly is told not to over-design her dress, I’m assuming he means with the 3D pieces.  He calls it fun, and it does make him smile, so there is that.

Merline interviews that she is indeed being very mindful of her construction.

Ashley tells Candice & Edmond during dinner that Tim wasn’t 100% impressed with what he saw during the mentor-thru.     Soon she is adding a poncho.

Edmond takes a moment, looks around, and suddenly realizes that everyone else really pushed themselves far, and soon he is worrying he didn’t push far enough at all.

At the end of day two Ashley *still* doesn’t know how she will use the 3D bits.

Let’s get to the runway.  Joining Heidi, Zac & Neener is Mel B (as in Scary Spice, or not Mrs. Eddie Murphy.)






Heidi beams that they all did a great job.
I don't know if I like shoelaces reinvented as breastlaces.

Edmond was drawn to the “X’s” in the bridge.     Heidi & Mel B each want to wear his gown.   Zac likes that he stayed with all black.   He doesn’t think the 3D was incorporated in the most ideal manner.   Nina was expecting more innovation, it isn’t really all that avant garde.  She does like the veil, though.

Kelly wanted to take a literal, playful approach.     Mel B warmed up to it eventually, but does like that she embraced the challenge.   Heidi sees the inspiration.  She wants more of the 3D besides the belt.  Nina commends her fabric choice and in truly going avant garde.   Zac likes the hip peaks.

Merline was inspired by the triangles.    Heidi likes it but it reminds him of Kini’s work from last season.

 “—and ours, don’t forget ours!”

Zac gets her vision, but thinks the less than perfect execution made it go old.   Mel B likes it as is.   Nina likes that it is elegant, and calls it perfectly nice, but doesn’t see anything avant garde, she sees “too safe.”

Heidi sees the drama with Ashley’s work.  She doesn’t like the haphazard use of the white 3D pieces.  Mel B loves the cape, but not what is underneath.   She thinks they need to be separated, it’s too outfit.     Nina and Heidi like what is underneath.  Nina loves it WITH the cape.    She sees NO bridge reference, but she still likes it very much.   Zac is enjoying it completely, even the humor of the polka-dots.   He says she really stepped it up.

Candice was intrigued with the shapes within the shapes.      Heidi calls it stunning from head to toe, and she loves the way the 3D appliqués were applied.  Nina sees the Spanish motif, but she doesn’t mind, but she DOES mind that it isn’t avant garde, and it isn’t inspired by a bridge.  Zac agrees, she could do much more, but he loves the use of the 3D printing best of them all.   It is Mel B’s favorite.

Kelly wins the challenge. 
That’s three, and two in a row, eh?
She's tied with Edmond for 3 wins.
Ashley & Candice each have 2 wins.

Mel B wants to wear Candice’s dress for an upcoming event.  Kelly, Edmond & Candice are all in.

Bottom two are Ashley (Mel B’s worst, yes?) and Merline (Nina & Zac’s worst, right?)

Ashley is in.   That means Merline's a goner.

Merline is gracious, which is very nice (and expected from *her*) to see.     She interviews that she is thrilled she got all the way to fifth place.

Tim gives her a hug, but not before telling her to work on her sewing.  Yeeouch, huh?

Tune in next time when Heidi gets a migraine from one of the designer’s output.    

Edmond goes on a scissors rampage.
Or, maybe he just holds a pair.

Oh, and Tim sticks his tongue out at yet another poor contestant.
As long as he hugs them.


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