Saturday, October 10, 2015

Project Runway s14e10 • Crew's All In • 08 October 2015

Last time on Project Runway the designers created Just Fab ready-to-wear.  

Edmond won the challenge

Laurie beat out Merline for the auf.

The designers are waiting at the runway for Heidi to come out, and, when I see the hem of her dress behind the screen, all I can think of is, it’s a Stevie Nicks challenge!  I mean, look at that hem!

“What’s a ‘Steve E. Nick?’”

When hinting at revealing the challenge, Heidi references a collective everybody in the room, but she’s obtuse enough to not let the cat out of the bag.

Back in the work room, the designers learn that they are making over members of the PR crew.

But not the guys.   =o(

Tim designates who gets whom, but we don’t learn how the pairings were chosen.  Each gets a regular girl, so it’s even & fair in that way.

This is Ashley Nell Tipton’s challenge, n’est-ce pas?  I mean, she does plus size and real women in real life, right?

And, no dearie, go with the curly hair, not the straight, s’il vous plait.  (Hmmm, on the other hand, she's crying in the curly haired one, and I want her to be happy.)  Okay, if straight hair makes you happy, go for it.

We don’t have anyone who would trash the models, or silently hate them, do we?   Yes, I’m thinking of Ven, maybe even Jeffrey, but they’re not the only culprits in past seasons when it comes to the real woman challenges.

Merline seems to be listening to Hanmiao more than her client.

Kelly wants to make an upscale coverall.   A sophisticated pair of overalls?

“It could happen.”

Edmond will make a rain coat, because he has never done one before.  What, is he from Arizona or something?   What designer never gets around to designing outerwear?  Maybe I’m off.


I meant off on that one particular point.

They get $200 at Mood and TWO DAYS.
That's the first 2-day challenge of the season, huh?

Why the hell did Ashley purchase that horrid fabric?   Does she typically take tragic choices and make them wonderful?  Or does she take great textiles, to make great outfits?

Never mind.  How quickly I forget.

“I can’t find the blue.”

I can't find Swatch, either.   =o(

Why did Candice choose black & blue,
after it sent both Joe and Laurie home?
One should never copy the eliminated looks, eh?

Merline makes an oversized coat.

“I kinda like it.”

After a consultation with Hair Boy Gregory, it’s near the end of day one, and Swapnil hasn’t even finished a shirt yet.   Kelly and Candice interview that he doesn’t have his head in the game.

“The judges love it when you don’t use
all the available time to actually work.”

On day two, during the 11 o’clock hour, Tim comes through with the clients.

Kelly wanted to make a more professional version of her client's overalls.   Tim wants another piece, and not embellishment on the two pieces.   The client thinks she has a huge vagina and diaper butt.

Candice wants to make a blue overcoat.  Tim calls her (typically) exuberant & edgy, but is underwhelmed by her output.   He calls it "Candice Lite."   Yeouch!   TG calls it spice-less oatmeal.

"Where are *you* in this?"

Merline explains her concept, and her client detests the jacket.  To be fair, she had already told Merline she didn't want any of her boxy big shoulders.   Merline didn't listen at all to her!

Candice interviews that Merline made a big Bugs Bunny coat.

Did she mean "Leopold" tails?

While Ashley is about to fit her client, Tim picks on Swapnil for not working hard enough.   Candice has already interviewed that Swapnil hasn't been applying himself.

Edmond has created camel toe for his client.  She likes the rain coat, but wonders if it is runway worthy.

Tim goes off on a tirade at this point.  He wants Edmond & his client's points of view to both be represented, fully.

And, the production sure has edited in a bunch of side peeks from Swapnil.   What’s with the edit?

Ya know, there is an outfit on Seapnil’s mannequin, but Tim refers to it as too simple to even put on the model.   Yes, it’s not to your liking, Tim, but, geez, let the model try it on.   Or is it truly not ready to be taken off and put on the client?

Tim swears at Swapnil like he is no longer a contestant on the show, but merely a worthless piece of crap.   That’s probably being generous.

“Why are you even here?”

“On Project Runway?

“Oh, puh-leeze.  On the planet!   I'm repulsed that you even exist!”

I get that Swapnil wasted too much time, but isn't it the mentor's job to steer him back on track,  even when he's irked by him?   I don't know.  Mr. Gunn is still a treasure, and a wealth of information.    I'm mad at Swapnil for squandering the opportunity.  Did he waste more than HALF of his available time?  Or did production have him in chains for the first day?

“I love you, I do!
Just not enough to stay near such belligerence.”

What would I give to see Alex Perry (PR Australia's s3 & s4 mentor) go off on Swapnil.  And, you know he *would.*   Swapnil would be dead for sure.  And Alex would yell at the dead body, "Clean it up or you'll get more!"  Then he'd go out to the clubs for random ... well ... ... never mind.

Joining Heidi, Zac & Neener are guest judges ‘the fashionable’ Shiri Appleby and Constance Zimmer, who I guess isn’t fashionable.    Too bad.   I didn't think she was UNfashionable.   Well, not till Heidi corrected me.




 ♪ ♫ ♬  All the men come in these places ...  ♬ ♫ 



Heidi thanks the clients for rocking the runway.

Kelly’s Ashley likes her typical overalls, but wanted something she could wear out for drinks after work.  Nina rejoices that Kelly edited down her ideas.  Heidi is blown away.  Zac is beaming, he loves the elevated Ashley.   Shiri likes the outfit without the vest.   Constance is glad she looked feminine in pants.

Candice’s Monique wanted to wear blue, and to have something fun & sexy.   The judges saw the red light district.  Nina thinks the clothes are wearing Monique.  Constance & Zac see her at the alley behind Comic-Con.

Edmond’s Desiree wanted a rain coat.  The judges see that the coat doesn’t go with the outfit underneath.  Shiri sees way too many ideas.   Nina laments that it isn’t effortless.

Merline’s Katie needed a leather skirt to go with her rock soul.   Heidi loves the whole thing.  Shiri likes that the vest is fashion forward.

Swapnil’s Jen is wearing work that took two hours.  He explains that their aesthetics clashed.   Jen is so unhappy, and makes sure the judges know it.     But why did Swapnil say he had nothing for fittings?     Nina is mad that the outfit isn’t for Jen.   Zac is bored.   Swapnil is questioning his talent, and Zac ain’t havin’ any of it.

Ashley’s Nicole wanted something she could wear to a wedding, and to special events.  Zac admonishes Ashley since she didn’t honor Nicole’s figure.   Heidi & Zac find the pattern lacking.  Constance, praise God, calls her out on the peplum use.   Nina wisely says if it had been all one pattern, or all one color, she wouldn’t have been so disproportionate, or underserved.

Kelly wins again!

She, Merline and Edmond are all safe.

Swapnil is out.

Candice & Ashley remain on the stage and are subject to a verbal beating.
But, they are both in.  Only Swapnil left.

Mistah G., what’s with Swapnil being unworthy of a hug.  Why couldn’t you look him straight in the eye?   Forgive him for squandering the opportunity.

“Will the shunning never end?”

Earlier in the episode Ashley (NT, not the client) interviewed that Swapnil had mentally checked out.  Wasn't it Tim's job to inquire as to why Swapnil had done so?   Or maybe I'm just a nosy viewer that wants to know why people give up when they are on the edge of success.

"I won't give up."   But you *did.*

My God, I just wanna take a damp rag to his eyes, the poor guy.
Doesn't it look like Tim beat him up?

The more I think about it, my beloved Ashley might have earned the auf over Swapnil.   Look at them ... who do you think earned elimination?   (I like to think Tim would have used the save on Ashley, though.   Wait, he could save Swapnil at the beginning of the NEXT episode, like he did with Char Glover in s13, couldn't he?)   (Just teasing, of course Tim won't.)

I'm so on the fence on all of it.   Swapnil didn't give 100% and it showed.  Fear of failure?  Fear of success?   Isn't he a major success back home?   Ah, Casanova was, and he had crises on season 8.  Every time I get mad at Tim for disrespecting Swapnil, I remember I couldn't do any better.   Alex Perry would have beaten him to death.  That's all I know for sure.  Good luck & best wishes to you Swapnil.  I'm rooting for you.



  1. Snaps for raising the spectre of Alex Perry in comparison!

  2. Snaps for raising the spectre of Alex Perry in comparison!

  3. Although Kelly's client looked good and liked the outfit, where is a "makeover?" All she did was replicate the clothing she wore. Granted she used different fabrics but where is the design?

  4. Although Kelly's client looked good and liked the outfit, where is a "makeover?" All she did was replicate the clothing she wore. Granted she used different fabrics but where is the design?